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Chapter 8

Harry sighed as he finished the wards, Victoria wouldn't be able to get to the Swan's now. He relaxed and smiled as Jasper appeared at his side. "Is it done?"

"Yeah, they'll be safe there now." Harry assured him.

"I've never seen anything like it." Jasper murmured in amazement.

"Magic can be the most wonderful thing in the world….and the most terrible." Harry agreed as they moved away from the now warded property. Jasper just nodded, not needing to ask what he meant, not after Harry had mentioned being in a war. "If Victoria shows up, what will happen?"

"I'll kill her." Jasper snarled and Harry nodded.

"I'll help."


"Jasper I'm not made of glass. Wizard remember, we're taught how to kill vampires in school. She comes here I'll help defend the town." They walked quietly back to Harry's, neither minding the long walk. Harry flopped down on the couch and Jasper smirked slightly before sitting beside him. "How do you think it's going with Bella and Jacob?"

"Hopefully well, she deserves to be happy after what we've put her through." He whispered and Harry put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's Edwards fault, no one else's. He was the ass that left her." Harry assured him before turning into Blackie and curling up on Jasper's lap to offer comfort. Jasper smiled and stroked the soft fur.

Bella watched as Jacob talked to Sam, the Pack leader. She tensed when it appeared Sam was telling Jacob off, it wasn't Jacob's fault she knew! She ran over, pushing between them and Jacob yanked her close protectively. "Leave him alone! Jake didn't tell me I saw him! I was with Jasper Hale, one of the Cullen's and another friend when Jake showed up." Bella yelled at Sam who stared at her in surprise.

Jacob smiled proudly at her and hugged her tightly. "She's right Sam, I saw them in the woods and they saw me. There was a misunderstanding, I got hurt and shifted back. Bella's my Imprint Sam, there's no law broken." Bell blushed slightly at that. She wasn't sure what she felt about that and it was way too soon to start a new relationship but Jake understood that.

Bella and Harry laughed as Jacob blinked at Jasper who looked rather embarrassed. Over the last few weeks the four had become almost inseparable, Jacob and Jasper ignoring their instinctive reactions to each other. Harry's scent dulling spell had helped with that. Jasper ran a hand through his hair and then offered Jacob a hand up, the wolf accepting it. Jacob only ever went home to check on his Dad, the rest of the pack mad that he would dare hang around a vampire. He'd warned them of the threat of Victoria but as long as she stayed off their land they wouldn't get involved. So Jasper and Jacob trained together, Jasper teaching him how to take on vampires. Jacob was learning quickly and getting very good. Harry in the meantime was teaching Bella to fight while working on her clumsiness issues. Sure it would do no good against a vampire but they weren't the only dangers out there. Plus he had given her a goblin made knife that could actually cut a vampires skin just in case.


Very short but it's something.