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Chapter 9

Jasper watched as Harry slept peacefully, happy that the wizard would accept his help to sleep. He hated feeling or even hearing Harry lost in nightmares of his past. It made him rather glad he couldn't sleep, with everything he had done and seen his nightmares would be a thousand times worse. Bella was safe on the Reservation for the night along with her Dad. Apparently he was taking Jacob's Dad fishing the next day so they had made a family thing of the weekend. Victoria seemed to know better than to cross too far onto the tribes land but that gave them the weekend to try and take her out. He hated bringing Harry in on this but the wizard had proved he could fight and that fire he made…Jasper knew it would take out one of his kind.

Jacob sat beside Bella, their arms brushing slightly as they sat around the camp fire with the other members of the Pack. He could feel her hands clenching into fists whenever one of the others would say something bad about the Cullen's and it was weird but after spending so much time with Jasper he agreed with her. Sure, vampires that hunted humans were one thing but the Cullen's weren't a threat. Jasper was even teaching him how to better fight his own kind after all. He was trusting Jake not to stab him in the back and Jacob respected him for that and the way he helped protect Bella from the red haired leech.

He was surprised they'd been invited to this bonfire at all. He'd been on the outs with the Pack since meeting up with Jasper, Harry and Bella in the forest after all. He mentally groaned as he realised why they had been invited as the Elders began to speak. His own Dad wasn't there since he was fishing with Charlie but seriously? He knew the legends and he also knew hearing them wouldn't change anything for him and Bella. He felt Bella stiffen beside him as the Elders told the story and he squeezed her hand. She glanced over at him and smiled slightly, leaning closer hesitantly. She was his imprint, he'd do or be anything for her so he always let her take the lead in things but he wished they could be more. If only Edward hadn't broken her heart the way he had. Now that was one vampire he'd like to sink his claws into.

Jasper ran through the trees, seeing the streak of red hair ahead, a small fox clinging easily to him for ease of travel. As Victoria began to turn the fox leapt off him, shifting back to human mid-air and taking off on his broom to cut her off. They finally got her cornered against the bottom of a cliff deep in the forest far from Forks. She crouched defensively. Looking for a way out even as Harry dropped off his broom and flanked Jasper as they moved towards her. Obviously believing Harry to be the lesser threat she lunged for him. A swirling mass of flames met her and she screeched as she backed off again.

"Give me the human!" She snarled.

"Bella is under my protection." Jasper answered.

"Cullen." Came the sneered response and Jasper smirked, letting his accent thicken.

"Whitlock actually."

If vampires could pale Victoria would have gone white. She knew that name and had honestly thought he was dead after so long without any rumours of his activities. Had he really been living with those pathetic 'vegetarians' all this time? And who was the dark haired human able to somehow wield fire?

"Swear on your life you will leave and never seek to harm Bella or us yourself or by sending or telling another in anyway and you can leave. Otherwise you die here." The dark haired mortal stated calmly.

Victoria laughed. She didn't believe him and besides it was a mate for a mate. That girl was going to die by her hand.

Jasper felt her emotions and shook his head before moving in for the kill. She tried to climb up the cliff but a flick of Harry's hand and she slipped back down, unable to get a grip. Harry watched as Jasper ripped her apart before piling the parts up and Harry set them on fire. Jasper watched her burn and then glanced a Harry, unsure how he would take what Jasper had done. Green eyes were locked on the fire and Jasper felt himself relax as he felt Harry's calm emotions, there would be no cries of monster for what he had done. Harry looked at him and smiled slightly. "Okay?" The mortal asked and Jasper nodded. "Well we better let Bella know she can sleep easy now." Harry held his hand out and Jasper took it. Like Bella, Harry never flinched from his cold skin. He felt Harry's magic gather and then they vanished.

Harry laughed as Jacob spun Bella around excitedly. They'd just given the two the good news and Bella's utter relief had been obvious. She'd surprised them both by giving them each a kiss on the cheek in thanks. Harry bit his lip to keep from laughing as Bella nearly fell over once Jacob let her go and then he smiled as she kissed the wolf. He glanced at Jasper and saw the blissful look on the empaths face as he picked up on the emotions in the room. Jasper caught him watching and smiled slightly. Harry moved closer and took his hand, squeezing softly. "Aren't the sweet?" He asked.

"Very. It's good to see her getting over Edward and Jacob will never hurt her." Jasper agreed. Harry nodded, feeling a flash of sadness as he watched them, wishing he could find someone like that. Jasper caught the change in emotion and cautiously hugged him.

Harry blinked in surprise but then smiled and hugged back. "Thanks." He whispered.