Ferb stole a glance at his brother as he worked. Phineas was bouncing around energetically on stage, singing his heart out. The song was catchy, and though the lyrics were utterly meaningless the song touched Ferb's heart in a way he knew it shouldn't. His brother's inexperienced voice sent shivers down his spine. Phineas thought they were so close, they could tell each other anything. But Ferb had one big secret he couldn't tell anyone - especially Phineas.

Phineas and Candace sure looked like they were having fun, he thought. He missed a note and tried to turn his full attention back to the keyboard, hoping no one had noticed.

Ferb wasn't just "a man of action". Every time he was around his brother, he choked up. Every time he opened his mouth, he was afraid he would slip up, it would all come spilling out and Phineas would hate him forever.

After all, a brother's a brother. But maybe Ferb wanted a bit more than that.

A/n First of a bunch of PhineasxFerb shorts I've written. I love this pairing, I don't even know why. 3 Please review~