Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by planet p

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Returning from the office, Christian tried to shake the sight of the four dead school children from his mind – he'd played the radio in the car for the ride – but nothing seemed to help. He still saw those poor, far-too-small bodies, dressed in their little uniforms, and unfortunate to have picked the wrong convenience store in which to buy sweets and a bag of potato chips. The robbery/homicide was what was going to take up his days, now, after the last case, and he dreaded the thought of sleep when he'd be assaulted by the little children's images, though he was so tired.

He tried not to think of the horror that had awaited the children's parents and siblings and extended families when they'd been brought in to identify the bodies, though he'd seen the look on Dr. Graf's face when he and Alex had dropped by afterward, and he imagined that it had been an awful experience for both the families and the medical examiner.

The radio had not helped, though, and now he felt sick and cold as well as traumatised. He should have been getting ready to make something for tea, or to go out for something to eat, but he couldn't think about eating, at all.

Instead, he went to check his mail. He had several bills – they always came when you least needed, or wanted them – and a nondescript envelope which felt light but also sturdy. Maybe a card, he thought, and imagined that it might be his younger sister writing to him from her holiday in the sun.

He opened the bills first and scribbled a note of the amounts to pay and due dates in his notepad so that he would be able to budget them and he would forget them, and then settled down to read his sister's card.

But, upon opening the envelope, he found that it was a Christmas card. The inside read: Frohe Weihnachten und ein fröhliches Neues Jahr. A Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wondering who the card could be from, his eyes moved down to the area underneath the greeting and he saw the name of the teenaged girl he'd gone undercover to rescue after her kidnapping only a couple of months before.

A small smile wanted to come onto his lips, so he let it, just a little way.


He would do his very best to seek justice for those four, small school children and their families, he knew then, and he would do this by eating something for tea and then going to bed, so that he'd be sharp in the morning when he went into work.

He would do his job.

(Translation provided by my father.)

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