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Dangerous Beauty

I drained her body of its lifeblood and tossed the useless creature to the side. She was all too easy to dazzle, bring her under my control. She offered her blood and body to me and I greedily accepted; now she was dead. Stupid, pathetic creature.

The humans would try and find the killer, pin it on some poor schmuck, probably a man of little wealth with a family. They would say he raped and murdered this poor girl and he'd get sentenced to the electric chair and end up going to the Volturi for blood, as a payment for whatever debt is owed or to keep us away from somebody's family, something of that sort. Other than for reasons of sustenance, I have little care for the day to day lives and troubles of humans.

I looked down and noticed I had been slightly messy with my meal; it now stained my white dress shirt, so I stripped it off and tossed it into the dumpster next to the body. Human laws had no bearing on me and even if they found the shirt, they would never be able to figure out who I was, so I felt little discord in leaving it.

I prefer being damn near naked anyway. The modest southern man in me liked to keep certain parts covered, but I loved the feel of the crisp winter air against my skin. The scent that accompanies it comforts me and reminds me of Christmastime during my human life, quite possibly my favorite time as a human as it is one of the few things I remember from back then.

The other things I remember: the bloody dissonance known as the Civil War, the politics and growing in popularity, the first time I laid with a woman. Although I remember these things, none of them are very clear. The only crystal clear memory I had was being changed, and the time just before.

Maria - her name was etched into every scar on my skin. I was proud of my scars. I gained them during battle and training, and I was rewarded for these things. But it was in battle that I found myself weary and, as much as I loved Maria, or thought I did, I knew she would never feel the same. The only things she loved were power and blood.

She would have killed me if I hadn't proven myself so many times; I was that dispensable to her, even if she did accept me regularly into her bed. I was no different to her than the hundreds of other faces in the crowd. So, once I figured out that not only could I never make her love me, but the only way I could escape the constant nagging pain that accompanies war was by leaving, I did. And I haven't looked back since.

Now I just meandered from place to place, always searching for something it seemed, but never knowing what. I escaped Maria and her domineering ways around the turn of the century and now I had been wandering for twenty years. I escaped my limitless existence from time to time by sleeping with the occasional mortal. They were warm and soft, much different from my immortal counterparts.

Peter, my close friend who left Maria five years before I had, said that I just needed to find a pet. I wasn't so sure that was a good idea; the thought of caring for something I intended to eat disturbed me. But seeing how well-behaved and obedient his pets were was intriguing to say the least.

I half wondered if they minded they state in which he kept them. He kept them housed and fed, of course, but their state of dress was usually naked or next to nothing at all, unless they were outdoors. Then they were dressed in simple clothing. That had to be uncomfortable for the manner in which women were taught politeness these days. Nudity was frowned upon and sex was a taboo outside of marriage.

I chuckled a little at my thoughts. They didn't seem to mind so much, and they tended to fight each other for a chance to please him. I just couldn't fully comprehend how he had two at once. They must be hard to take care of… and to keep them from fighting all the time must be even more difficult, but still I was curious and willing to try it. If it didn't work out, at least I would have a nice meal. Just then, the most delicious scent hit me and even though I was not one to gorge myself on blood, it was much too tempting to resist. Cinnamon, sugar, pine, sunlight and cayenne pepper - what an interesting, yet mouthwatering combination in a human.

I lurked along the streets, keeping out of the light, following the scent until I reached a large grey building. I sniffed again, letting the spicy sweet scent penetrate each of my senses, and found myself climbing the brick walls towards a high window.


I ran my fingertips gently up her leg. I expected her to scream out, but she didn't. I was curious, to say the least. This little human's scent had brought me here from two blocks away. And it was almost like whatever demons or gods ruled this world had set her up as a banquet for me, her hands and feet bound to the bed with leather harnesses. She was beautiful, small and exactly the type of human I usually went for.

She shivered a little under my delicate touch and I smiled at her. I knew she could see at least part of my face from the light that shone through the little misshapen window I had climbed in through. Her scent brought me here, and my curiosity was keeping her alive. What had she done to garner such restriction in movement?

"I know you," her voice, gentle and soft fluttered up to me. She sounded much like a girl, but I could tell by the silhouette that she was anything but a child.

"Do you?" I asked her, amused, pulling at the dirty cotton gown she was dressed in.

"You're Jasper."

I felt my lips twist into a half smile. "That I am. Am I really so terrible and fear-inducing that my name has spread like a curse?"

"No? I've seen you…" She smiled widely at me. "I knew you were coming." Ah, she must have a gift. If the Volturi knew about her, they would snatch her up and make her one of us immediately. Instead, she was locked to this bed, smelling dangerously temping to me.

"And yet, you are not afraid of me." I tilted my head and studied her as she did the same.

"No. Why would I be?"

"Because, pet, I would like nothing better than to drink you dry. And it would be incredibly easy for me, seeing as I don't even have to restrain you."

"But you won't. Not yet at least." She sounded very sure of this fact.

"How are you so sure?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but seemed to decide against what she was going to say. "I just am," she said simply.

I leaned down, letting her sweet scent filter in through my nose. Her scent was absolutely mouthwatering to me. "Ahhh... What makes you so sure I won't sink my teeth into your," I ran my finger gently along the most prominent vein in her neck, her pulse beating steadily, "beautiful neck and take what I want?"

She turned her head to look at me, her eyes, the color of sea foam, locking with mine. "I told you already. I know you won't yet."

I straightened myself, scowling at her impatiently. "So, what do you see me doing until then?"

"It changes... Before, you would just come in and check on me... Other times I don't see you until it's time…"

She was truly a curious creature. "What do you see now?"

"That you haven't made up your mind," she gave me a rather alluring smile, "I think."

"And what, do you think, makes me so interested in a lowly little human?"

She was offended; I almost chuckled as she narrowed her eyes at me. "You tell me," she snapped.

I smirked at her, so feisty for such a small human. I looked her over; her body definitely had its pleasing attributes. I looked back to her face; she was still scowling at me. "It's very possible that the physical attraction may hold my fascination," I moved to run my fingertips under the hem of her gown, moving them gently up her thigh. She wiggled a little, clearly trying to get away from my touch. Her act was almost convincing. Too bad I could smell her arousal. "But with a mouth like that I may have my way with you and then drink you dry."

"Clearly you aren't a gentleman." Her high girlish voice was full of contempt; I chuckled a little at that.

"What made you assume I was, sugar?" I asked her, highly amused.

"Forget it," she looked away from me.

"Forget what?" I growled as I grabbed her thigh hard enough to make her body flinch and get her to look back at me.

"Why should I tell you? You're like every other person. You'll assume that I'm seeking attention or have the devil inside of me," she hissed through clenched teeth, wetness forming in the corners of her eyes. It was in this moment that I decided she was mine. She would be my pet; humans truly were foolish creatures, banishing her away because they were frightened of her gift. All the better for me.

"You seem to have misunderstood what I was. I am not human, pet, and I daresay I am above the idiosyncrasy of the human mind to block things out that scare them." I moved my hand away from her thigh to cup her cheek and I leaned close to her face, staring into her eyes once again. "I am the monster your mother warned you about, pet. I have nothing to fear, and am to be feared."

"You won't hurt me, Jasper. I know what you are. I've seen what you've done before you actually came in here to see me." Her voice was soft, and she felt sympathetic toward me. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What have I done?"

"I've seen the way you feed, the way you lure people to get what you want. And you're right, you are terrifying, but not to me." She was being completely honest.

I was now leaning and looking into her eyes closely, holding my weight on the table so I wouldn't accidentally fall on her, something I am fairly sure she wouldn't have appreciated. "Why aren't you afraid?"

She smiled at me warmly again, "Because you save me."

I pulled back quickly. "You are very... intriguing."

"Says the vampire," she shot back, raising her own curious eyebrow at me.

"You find me intriguing?"

"I do."

I turned my attention to her restraints; I wasn't sure how well I would be able to control my urges if I continued to look at her face. "How so?" I asked to keep her talking.

"Because you don't hunt me like you've done the others. Clearly, as you said, now would be perfect, since I wouldn't be able to fight you, yet I still don't see you doing it. There's something about you that keeps you from doing it... and I don't know why."

"It's too easy... and you smell so good…" I ran my nose along her inner arm, from the leather of the restraint to her elbow, feeling intoxicated from her scent. It was amazing. "I would want to savor you, not just make you a one time feast. I feel like after I have you, I may be sorely disappointed in every other lunch I have."

She seemed to be considering it for a bit before she shook her head. "I think it's more than that."

I smirked. "What do you think, pet?"

"I don't think you want me for just nourishment," she reiterated, a little more strongly this time.

"You think I'd like to keep you as a companion? A lover, perhaps?" I gave her a wry smile as the blood rushed to her face and she looked down, abashed, just as a wave of lust hit me. That was it then. "You are embarrassed... So you've seen it." That is a very interesting turn of events; I nodded to myself, as I looked her over again before finishing, "And you want it."

Her eyes fluttered as another rather powerful wave of lust hit me once again. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Why is she lying to me? "What is your name, pet?"

"Mary Alice Brandon…"

"Well, Miss Mary, have you ever known a man?" I used the voice I knew seemed to have a pleasing effect on women.

"No! That's something I intend to give my future husband." Her tone was very aristocratic. Ah, so she came from money.

I raised an eyebrow at her tone. "Your upbringing is still so ingrained in your mind." I cupped one of her firm breasts and pushed lightly with my palm against the hardened nub. "But your body says otherwise."

"Regardless of what you may think, Jasper, I am still a woman true to my upbringing, and thus true to the teachings of my mother and father," she informed me indignantly.

I smirked at her. "Virtuous?" I pushed a bit of lust onto her and she moved just the slightest amount against the restraints and bit her lip, her scent picking up a little. "Someday soon, I will have you begging me to lay with you." I'd make sure of that. I moved my hand from her and pursed my lips slightly. "But for now, I think I shall entertain myself."

"Unless you are to be my husband, I don't think that's possible," she smirked at me as if she had won some sort of argument. Did she really think it was up for debate?

"You've already seen us as lovers, pet. Do you doubt yourself?"

"I never confirmed your assumptions," her voice was haughty once again.

"I felt your lust when I said it. That was confirmation in itself."

"You felt it?" she asked, she was definitely intrigued.

"Like you, I have certain abilities." I placed my hand on her abdomen. "I can feel and manipulate emotions." I amplified her lust, her scent getting stronger until I finally heard her moan. I wanted her, wanted to taste her, to take her and make her mine. I pulled my hand away from her stomach quickly. "I may have gotten a little carried away just now. My apologies."

Her scent became even stronger. "Accepted."

"But I cannot manipulate what isn't already there. You were already feeling that way, I just...amplified it," I explained.

"Oh." Her scent became even stronger. I looked at her and saw the blood flooded her cheeks, turning her skin a delicious red shade that I could see even in this low light.

"I want you…" I groaned and she looked at me slightly worried, but strangely calm, serene. I leaned close to her restrained hand, listening to the rapid beat of her pulse and drew in a ragged breath. I held her arm and hand down and sank my teeth into her wrist, tasting her sweet nectar, her scent surrounding me. I moaned a little from the taste and pulled away, licking my lips for any residual traces of her blood. She looked at me, wide eyed. "You taste... better than I imagined."

She looked at me, confused. "I do?"

"You taste incredible."

"What is it like?" she asked as I began undoing her shackles, not looking at her face so I could collect my thoughts.

"What is what like?"

"The taste?" she asked me, her high voice so innocent sounding.

"Sweet... the best thing I have ever tasted. I guess I could compare it to chocolate for a human? Or maybe apple pie?" I told her in a low voice.

"I'm partial to cobbler," she added shyly. I was quite partial to that when I was human too.

"Cobbler then." I smiled as I removed one cuff from her wrist, then moved quickly to the other side and removed the other.

"Why are you doing that?" she looked at her wrist and rotated it. How long had they kept her in chains?

"I can't give you freedom for long, but you need to be walked. Your muscles will be useless to me in their current state." She scoffed. "Wait until I can assist you in getting up. If you fall and hurt yourself I don't know if I will be able to… resist the temptation," I explained.

"I'll be fine, Jasper," she argued.

"Your muscles are weakened. Do not argue with me, you insolent girl, or I will just lock you up again." She scowled and I could feel the bit of anger towards me. I ignored the feeling as I moved to her legs, inhaling deeply as I smelled the evidence of her lust. "You really did like that, didn't you?"

"You used your voodoo magic on me." She was embarrassed, so I just chuckled and continued releasing her from her confines, massaging her swollen ankles to get the blood flowing a little more freely. I looked up just as she was swinging her legs closed, just in time to notice two things. First, they didn't put any undergarments on her, and second, she had no hair down there. I looked away to give her a little bit of polite privacy. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I responded, helping her gingerly off the bed.

She wobbled when I let go of her and she reached back out and snatched my hand. I half expected her to recoil at the coolness of my skin, a physical sign to the human brain as to what we are, but she didn't. Instead she giggled. Interesting. "I guess it's been a while," she explained as I pulled her closer to my body, her shoulders resting against my bare torso. I wrapped an arm around her waist and laced my fingers through one of her hands in order to help guide her.

"Okay, let's just take a little walk around the room." She nodded in response and I wondered if she, too, felt the odd connection between us, how peaceful it seemed to have her in my arms, even more of a sign to me that she was to be my pet. I took a step, tapping the back of her foot with my toe to get her to move with me. "How long have they held you here?" I asked, trying to keep my attention away from the blood that was pulsing steadily in her neck and how aroused I suddenly was with this little human pressed against me.

"Depends on what you mean."

"Well, how long have you lived here and how long have you been in restraints?" I asked, smiling in spite of myself.

"Well, just after my fifteenth birthday I was sent here, and I've been in the restraints since after Sunday service." I was distracted slightly by the fact that her voice had a slight accent to it.

"Well, today is Sunday again," I informed her quietly.

"Oh…" she looked confused, furrowing her eyebrows. "Wonder why they didn't get me for the service today," she chewed her lip.

"Have you been bad, pet?" I asked her teasingly.

"No, I stopped talking about my visions…"

"So, what happened to make them tie you down?" I asked her curiously as we turned at the first corner.

"I don't remember," she told me softly. I felt badly for her. Humans were curious, punishing others for things they couldn't remember.

"I'm sorry." I felt her grow a little happier at my words. "This place hasn't affected you much. I half expect you to be broken, downtrodden, but you are not. It's curious."

"Believe it or not, you've helped me," she informed me, a wave of embarrassment hitting me.

"I've only known you for an hour or so now."

"True, but I feel like I've known you longer. Like I said, I knew you were coming for me." She turned her head to look up at me and smiled. A few feelings I had never known before hit me with force, confusing me once again.

I looked at her curious; she had obviously seen me in one of her visions. She had said as much before, but it was definitely a curious thing. "How long?"

"Christmas, I think. Time is kind of lost here," she shrugged, rather indifferent to the concept.

I nodded, understanding what she was meaning. "You're willing... and excited to join me?"

She nodded in kind. "Like I said, you save me. From what, I'm not sure."

I hummed as I walked her back to her bed. "Would you like to wait a bit before I put the cuffs back on?"

"Yes, please." She sat on the bed properly and smoothed out her gown before crossing her legs at her ankles. She was a very proper lady.

"Don't they bathe you?" I asked her, worried about the condition she was being kept in.

I felt her displeasure before she responded to my question. "Yes, but only when I'm not restrained. The most they do now is let me up to eat or use the powder room."

I scowled at the fact they hadn't bathed her or let her bathe herself in so long. "I will clean you tomorrow," I informed her, feeling her immense embarrassment at my words. "It's inhumane to keep you dirty," I explained.

She raised an eyebrow at me, "I thought I was a 'pet'?"

"We have rules on how we are to keep pets. We take care of you in return for what you provide us," I rationalized, running my finger along the healing wound. By tomorrow it would look like a lover's bruise.


There was a rather long pause, me looking at her, committing to memory every detail of her face, her eyes, her succulent lips, and she looked back. Although I was sure with her feeble human memory she would forget my looks by next week if I disappeared. I noticed some bruising on her legs and upper arms, making me extremely curious.

"Have you been mistreated?"

"Jasper, they're doctors. I think they know what they are doing." That wasn't an answer, nor was it the answer I wanted. I felt a growl escape just as she covered her mouth with her little hand to yawn. "Excuse me."

"You're tired?"

She gave me a polite smile. "Yes, but I don't want to go to sleep."

"Why not, pet? You need to sleep to keep up your strength." Sleep did truly remarkable things for humans. I wished I hadn't taken it for granted when I was like them.

She looked away from me, nervous about something. "Because I don't want you to leave. You're the first conversation I've had in a long time."

"I promise you, other than looking for suitable shelter and feeding, I'll be here."

She looked up and smiled at me, those emotions I wasn't sure of pouring out once again. "Okay."

"Do you have any… requests?"

She shook her head. "I do have a question, though." I nodded my head to let her know she was free to ask it. "What's your family name? Judging by your accent you're a Southern boy, yes?"

That wasn't a question; it was a few. I gave her a half smile. My pet was trying to get to know me. "Whitlock. My full name is General Jasper Lawson Whitlock. And yes, ma'am, I am a Southern man."

She pulled her leg up onto the bed and rested her cheek up against her knees, her eyes becoming hooded with sleepiness. It was quite a becoming look on her. "General Whitlock? You're a soldier?"

I gave her a crisp nod. "In the Confederate Army."

"Oh. How old were you when you became... you know? I mean if you don't mind me asking," she asked me, looking at me, suddenly wide eyed.

"Twenty," I responded quickly. Best not to give her too much information on me right now.

She smiled. "Well, it's nice to properly meet you, General Whitlock."

I delicately picked up her hand and left a polite kiss on the back. "Likewise," I affirmed, giving her a half smile. "Any other questions?"

She shook her head, rather uncomfortable once again. "I think I'm good for now."

"Are you sure?"

"You'll be back, right?" She suddenly sounded very unsure.

"Of course," I reassured her. Like I could stay away from something so delectable. Not only that, but she knew our secrets. I wasn't allowed to leave her.

"Then perhaps I'll have more questions for tomorrow. Do you have any questions?"

"Go to sleep," I commanded.

"Okay." She lay down. "Hey, Jasper?" I hummed in response. "Have you ever been in love before? Either as a human or now?"

"No." Sadly enough, it was true. That was an emotion that I seemed to be void of. I felt it from other people, but had never felt it directed at me, nor had I ever produced it. She seemed comforted by that fact. I began carefully reattaching her cuffs. "I hope you have pleasant dreams."

"I'm sure I will... Will I see you when I wake up?" She chewed on her lip, releasing a bit of fresh blood that I couldn't help but bend down and lick, making her shiver a little and a small wave of lust hit me. She probably saw that as an intimate move, I thought as I smirked.

"Unfortunately, no, but I will be hiding in the shadows," I assured her.

"How will I know you're here?" she asked.

"You'll feel me."

"None of those improper feelings though, okay? I don't want the nurses thinking something inappropriate about me."

I chuckled at that, how little she knew those were all her own improper feelings. "I'll save those for when it's just you and me."

"Jasper," she said in a warning voice.

"What, my pet?"

"You shouldn't be using that on me. It's not proper; we're not courting, nor are we betrothed." She gave me a pointed look that made me very angry.

I felt the growl rip from my chest as I moved quickly so that I was hovering above her, our faces a mere fraction of an inch apart. "You. Are. Mine." She raised an eyebrow in defiance; she needed to learn. "Stop being stupid, child," I growled.

I felt her anger at my words as she huffed impatiently, "I'm not a child."

I stared into her ocean-colored eyes as she glared at me in the darkness. Deciding not to argue my point that she was acting like a spoiled, pampered child, I got up and stood next to her bed once again. "Are you aware of your measurements?"

"I can bear children, Jasper. My size does not determine me to be a child," she snapped.

I couldn't believe she thought we were still discussing that topic. I sighed heavily and shook my head. "For clothing." I turned back to her to see that she was looking off in the distance. I grew impatient. "Are you going to answer me?"

"What was the question?"

"What are your measurements?" I reiterated.

"I don't know. I haven't been fitted since I came here," she finally replied. I nodded.

"Okay. Well, I will try to get you some things…" I told her, committing her figure to memory.

"Thank you."

"You are welcome. Partial to any colors?" I asked.

"No," she responded, indifferent.

"I'm sorry for offending you."

"No need to apologize, Jasper." I looked at her for a long moment. I could make out her outline under the raggedy dress; breasts, flat stomach, the curves of her hips and thighs, absolutely beautiful.

"Sleep," I commanded.

She nodded her agreement. "Be careful when you leave, please." She was concerned; I nodded to assure her. "Goodnight, Jasper," she told me once again before I decided to just push all her sleepiness. She was asleep a few minutes later.


Finding suitable shelter for my pet was easy. There are a lot of homes up for sale these days, especially the smaller ones in the rural areas, what with everyone moving closer together and all. The one I bought had two bedrooms, a living and dining area, and a full kitchen, complete with a large pantry.

I paid him fifteen hundred for it, knowing that I was overpaying by at least three hundred, and asked that he be off the property promptly. Apparently, with the money I had given him, he didn't find that a problem at all. I got to work, hiring few men to turn one of the bedrooms into a bathroom, paying almost five hundred for indoor plumbing and the fixtures, sure my pet would appreciate such things.

Then I went to town, shopping around various dressmaker shops and buying her dresses and shoes suitable for the human role she would be playing outside the house. While out shopping, I was somehow convinced to buy an icebox, which I was promised would keep food fresh for days, and an electric washing machine.

I smiled a little to myself. What a spoiled pet she was already.

After delivering and storing my purchases in the empty bedroom not under construction, I decided to pay my pet a visit and see how her day had gone. I scaled the four stories up to her window and climbed in once again.

My heightened sense of sight could see that she was once again stretched in her bonds, though she was distinctly cleaner in smell.

"Hi, Jasper," Alice chirped happily, making me smile.

"Hello, my pet."

"How was your day?" she asked politely as I walked closer to her.

"Productive." I ran a finger up her leg as I moved closer to her face. "How was yours?"

"Well, Dr. Monroe says if I continue to not have," I saw her fingers move, "'episodes', he'll let me out of the restraints tomorrow. So, I guess today was productive for me as well." She gave me a rather proud smile.

"Where will you go out of restraints?"

"I'll be allowed into the great room and get some books so I have something to do." She chewed her lip. "I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is for me."

"You read?" My, my, she was from money, wasn't she?

She raised an eyebrow at me. "Yes. I was educated before coming here. In fact, I was to go to a finishing school upon my sixteenth birthday," she said proudly.

"You were a lady, weren't you?" I cupped and squeezed her small breast as gently as I could to not hurt her, making her scowl at me. "How many cows were you worth?" I teased.

"My family wouldn't trade me for cows, Jasper."

"That is good. I wouldn't either," I assured her.

She tilted her head to look at me better. "Why would you need cows?"

I smirked a little at her. "I don't; I was speaking hypothetically."

"Oh," she giggled. "Sorry."

Her scent became stronger suddenly and I saw her hand had been bandaged, dried blood evident on the cloth. "What happened to your hand?"

Her eyes went wide. "I tripped and cut myself." Her response seemed automatic, and I could tell she wasn't telling me the truth.

I looked at her, trying to figure out her motivations. "Are you lying to me?"

"Not entirely. I did fall and cut myself."

"So, you didn't trip then?" I asked as I began unfastening her restraints.

"No," she admitted softly.

"Please tell me what happened then," I told her. I do not like being lied to.

She sighed heavily. "You left a mark on my wrist. In the showers, I was looking at it and a nurse scolded me for fighting the restraints. I fell and cut myself."

Her sigh worried me. "Does the mark bother you?"

"No," she shook her head, "not at all. I just hadn't been able to see it in the light until then."

"Do you like it?" I don't understand why, but the thought of her liking it made me happy. The corner of my mouth twitched up slightly.

"It's not proper," she snapped.

My face dropped quickly. "Well, how about you tell me the shower story one more time, a little more honest this time."

She sighed once again. "Just promise me that you won't do anything vampiric about it."

"I won't make promises, but you will tell me." I hated manipulating people into telling me things, but that is what I had to do at the moment. So I did, pushing feelings of ease and trust onto her, and I could see the physical effects as I did so.

"Well, as I said, I was looking at the mark. The nurse said that I shouldn't fight the restraints and she shoved me. When I fell, I caught myself on my hands and cut my palm on a jagged piece of tile." I stifled the growl that was rumbling in my chest.

"Which nurse was this?" I asked as calmly as I could.


Good to know who I am going to kill right after I am done with Miss Alice here. I finished removing the last restraint and helped her sit up. "Alright. Are you ready to walk again?"

"Sometimes I think you take this whole pet thing literally…" she muttered, nodding and making me chuckle lightly at her.

"Wait until you hear the Volturi's rules then." They had rules very much like the way most of Europe had rules for pets; although I am pretty sure the humans adapted their rules from ours.

"The Volturi?" she was so inquisitive.

"The high counsel of vampires. They make sure we as a kind remain anonymous." Among other things, I added in thought.

She looked up at me, wide eyed and gaping. "So, you're a criminal?" she whispered.

I laughed heartily at that. "What makes you think that?"

"Because I know who you are and," she whispered the last part, "what you are."

"You will be registered... and you will never be away from me for the rest of your life."

"Oh. Registered... but what if something happened to you?" she asked.

I looked at her sideways as we walked around the little room. "What would happen to me?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. It's just hypothetical."

I had no idea how to tell her, so honesty was the best course of action. "They would dispose of you." I don't know why, but the thought of her being destroyed literally ripped my cold, dead heart out.

"Oh... Well, it's a good thing your indestructible then, huh?" She turned her head to smile sweetly up at me; I smiled back, unable to help myself.

"Very few things kill me, yes," I agreed.

"Like what? Or is that something I'm not allowed to know?"

"Do you plan on killin' me, pet?" I asked her gently, running my fingers through her hair, just to feel how soft it was, the texture against my skin as it brushed against it.

I could feel her pleasure as I petted her. "No... I'm just curious," she stated.

"Only another vampire or a werewolf can kill me," I informed her.

"Werewolves?" she whispered. "Those are real, too?"


"Well then, good to know, I suppose," she said before a sort of peace came in around us. We didn't have to talk; instead we were just walking around this room together. We were like that for a few moments more before I decided to broach on a topic that had been plaguing me for a few hours.

"Do you have a preference of undergarments, pet?"

Her scent increased and I felt her embarrassment. "Pardon me?"

"Undergarments. I went out and bought you some dresses and such... However, I was at a loss when it came to undergarments." Those types of things were not typical for a man of my standing in my day; I still hardly wore any. What was the point? "Seeing as I wear none, I have no idea what you would like," I explained when she didn't answer.

"Oh," she paused to think. "Bloomers would be nice... and perhaps a brassiere."

I gave her a quick nod to let her know I had heard her. "What about things to sleep in? You are much too old for pajamas like children…" I tried to use her reaction to me calling her a child yesterday against her. I wanted her to want some womanly things, wanted to see those things on her.

She looked up at me, skeptical of my intentions. "Yes... perhaps an appropriate sleeper?"

"Do you like nightgowns?" She nodded in response, still skeptical of my intent. I hated how much I had to manipulate her to get her to tell me things. "Lace? Silk?" I asked.

"Silk, please," she smiled.

I snickered a little. "What about cotton?" Much softer to the touch, I thought. Wait, was I actually thinking about cuddling with my pet? It's not unheard of.

Her eyebrows pulled together; she definitely had a thing against cotton. "I would say silk and lace, then."

"Even knowing that I am not going to sleep with you?"

"Lace is more feminine than cotton, don't you think?"

"It's more see-through, though." Oh, for the love of all that is holy, she is making this way too easy for me.

She shrugged. "As you said, you won't be sleeping with me. I'm sure I'll have some privacy at night."

"Well, maybe you should just sleep naked, then," I snapped.

"I beg your pardon! Just because we may be sleeping in separate quarters does not mean I will sleep in the nude like some…"

"I won't be sleeping in separate quarters," I interjected.

"Whore... what?!" she squeaked, looking up at me startled.

"I don't sleep," I explained. She raised an eyebrow at me. "The house I bought for you will only have one bedroom."

"Oh... But I'll have my own sleeping quarters, then?" she asked.

I nodded. "I will join you only to drink from you…" I ran my fingertips gently along her bruise from yesterday. "And if you want me with you."

"Oh." She blushed once again.

"Why do you blush when I say that?"

"It's nothing," she stated quickly.

I pushed the feeling of trust onto her once again. "Alice... please?"

"What would you do if I did want you there? What purpose would that be if you don't sleep?"

"Well, I could lay with you, or talk to you…" I explained, and then smirked. "Or, well, there's what men and women do as well."

She looked up at me once again, shaking her head, her eyes fierce. "We can't, Jasper. That's improper and I've told you that before."

"I was merely tellin' you the options, pet." I smirked. "I can find a source for those needs elsewhere, I am sure." I mean, I've lived seventy years and have managed to release any pent up sexual energy I acquired.

She gave a rather sharp nod. "Very well."

I tilted my head to look down at her. "You're upset by this?"

"No, not at all. I have no reason to entertain the thought of being upset that you would seek other lovers." She thought I'd have other… Wait, did she really say 'other lovers'? "You have needs that I cannot fulfill."

I moved quickly to stand in front of her, crouched down so I could better see in her eyes. "You forget I can feel emotions, pet."

"Cheater," she protested.

I cupped her cheek gently. "So, why are you so upset by this?"

She shrugged. "I suppose it's because it's the one thing we'll bump heads on." She shook her head. "I don't know, Jasper."

I shook my head, sighing. "This is why I have never had a pet before."

She was confused by my statement. "Why now?"

"I told you already; you're fascinating."

"No, I'm not, Jasper." She shook her head and diverted her eyes.

"Please don't argue with me on this," I told her firmly. Thankfully, she nodded. "I don't understand your unwillingness; you must know that I will never allow you to marry a human male."

"Even if he offers you a thousand cows?"

I felt the rage build up inside of me as I felt the growl rip out of my chest. "You're mine."

I felt her small hands on my chest and the rage dissipated a little. "Jasper, please." I looked down to see an emotion in her eyes I had never seen directed at me. "I was joking, trying to make the scary vampire laugh. I realize that I am yours. I am the way I am due to my upbringing, as are you of yours and the life you have to live. I'm sorry for that." I felt completely serene as I looked down at her smiling face.

"See, I don't mean to anger you with my words, Jazz. I tend to speak without thinking," she explained, her soft voice taking on a rather musical quality.

I raised an eyebrow. "Jazz?" She gave me a nickname?

She giggled a little at my question. "Sorry." She wrinkled her nose slightly at me. "It just slipped." I stood there, taken aback for a few minutes, just looking at her.

"I find you completely adorable…" I felt her embarrassment as she ducked her head, her heart thudding louder, the wet, pulsing blood rushing through her veins. I couldn't stand it any longer. I removed the bandage from her hand and pulled her to me, putting my lips to the cut and tasting the salt from her dried blood. I sank my teeth into her hand and her blood rushed between my lips and past my tongue. Sweet, salty and so, so delicious. My body, which was in a semi-conscious state around her anyway, became aware of the fact that her soft, luscious body was pressing hard against my front as I heard her gasp. The taste, the feeling, the emotions, it was all consuming. I wanted to pull her up my body and sink myself into her heated flesh. I could smell her arousal; it would be so sweet. My mind conjured up images of her in the heat of the moment, beads of sweat glistening off her perfect porcelain face and the ecstasy clearly written there. I moaned aloud at the thought, breaking my connection to her and licking the wound so it would heal shut. She stood there, looking at me as if in a daze. "Thank you, pet... Are you alright?"

"F-f-fine," she stuttered out, completely flustered. I pulled her closer to me, my body flush against hers. I could feel every curve that the sack they dressed her in concealed and I wanted the offending piece of cloth removed.

"Are you sure, darlin'?" I drawled huskily.

She gave me a slight nod as she looked at me in wonder. "Just caught me off guard."

"I promise, once we're on our own, you'll never be caught off guard…" As a matter of fact, it would probably become quite the little ritual. Well, unless we get into a different sort of relationship. I smirked as I thought about holding her in the bath, my teeth sinking into the lovely soft flesh of her neck. "Well, hardly ever," I added. She raised a curious eyebrow at me and I chose not to indulge her, deciding instead to pick her up and set her back on her cot. "Would you like to be restrained now?"

"Are you leaving again?"

"I must…" I smiled at her gently. "I need to pick a bathtub and other things for you…"

She sighed heavily, disappointed. "Then I must be restrained again." She lay back down and moved into the proper position. "But you'll be back, right?"

I took a deep breath, letting her scent permeate my senses. "Why wouldn't I?"

"No reason." Her emotions were calm again as I began restraining her to the bed.

"You smell absolutely mouthwatering in so many ways," I admitted to her, making her laugh.

"Thank you?"

"You're welcome. I think you like me more than you're willing to admit." I could smell how much she liked me.

She studied me curiously. "How do you mean?"

I chuckled rather darkly. "Your nether regions practically screamed when I pressed you against me."

"Well, I have never been that close to a man before," she explained, embarrassed once again.

Her innocence was so sweet. "You are going to be so much fun to have around, then, pet," I smirked.

"Um... Okay."

I leaned down and pressed my lips to her forehead, the best sign of affection I knew she would let me have at this moment. "I will be back."

I felt her happiness as I turned to launch myself out the window again. "I'll be here," she responded and I was out the window, landing on the ground with a small thud before running towards the front of the building.

I needed to find out who this nurse Danielle was. She would not be allowed to live.

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