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Jasper and I had settled into a comfortable routine. Well, as comfortable as to be expected while living in a home with a bloodthirsty vampire. He left me alone during the day to do my own day-to-day things, while keeping an eye on me from the shadows.

I had recently started venturing outside of the house. As promised, Jasper allowed me to have my garden. The front of the house now had a trellis where my morning glories would hopefully climb it and flourish and the bare shrubs of the rose bushes were eagerly awaiting their time to grow.

In the back yard I created my own produce garden. So far the only things planted were strawberries and tomatoes, but soon I anticipated to have corn, blueberries and perhaps a small vineyard. Jasper had also helped me set up a line for the laundry.

Of course he thought it was hilarious to put the line up at his height and watch me try to hang the clothing. He eventually lowered it after I tried to show him that I could manage the height by using a chair from the kitchen and nearly fell.

One thing I had to get used to was only making enough food for one. Sometimes I tended to forget that Jasper had no use for what I ate and made too much. Even though he wouldn't eat at the table with me, he accompanied me, often times with the paper or a book, keeping light conversation.

He still insisted that I wear next to nothing in bed while he fed upon me, while I continued to remind him that it wasn't proper, despite what those flapper girls in the men's movies claimed.

I'm a lady, not a harlot.

At least I have yet to make him threaten my sister again.

Part of our routine was that three nights of the week, Jasper would bathe me. Again, I didn't find such behavior acceptable, but knew I had no choice but to comply. Tonight, however, I was enjoying the steaming hot bath alone.

I could hear him in the other room and I giggled. As of late, he had taken it upon himself to make more noise while at home after I cut myself shaving because he frightened me. It was obvious that we both had to make adjustments to making our arrangement agreeable.

I sighed and leaned back, letting my head rest against the lip of the tub as my fingers ran across the surface of the water, thinking about nothing in particular.

The room started to get fuzzy and I could hear the splash of the water around me as my body convulsed, preparing me for the mental onslaught of the vision that was coming, before my sight went black.


I was laying in the bed with Jasper. He was just in his trousers while I was in the light cotton gown. I turned to look at him, knowing that he was still awake. Even in the dim light of the moon his eyes shined a brilliant crimson in the dark.

"Can I ask you something?" I said softly. He gave a slight nod in response. "Have you... kissed a human before?" I felt my face warm up at my words.

"Yes," he said simply.

"Oh," I moved closer, resting my head on his shoulder. Of course he had. He was a man with many years on this earth. It would stand to reason that he was far more experianced than I was. "Did you enjoy it? Kissing a human I mean?" I asked, but didn't bother to look up at him. Instead my line of sight was fixated on the steady rise and fall of his chest.

He twitched a little. "Yes."

"Have you ever thought of kissing me?" I asked barely above a whisper.

"Every day," he answered honestly.

"Really?" I asked, moving to look at him.

"Yes." His voice shook a little and his eyes grew dark.

I sat up and looked at him. "Are you afraid?" I asked. "Afraid that it might - that you might hurt me, I mean?"

His face was grim, his mouth dropped down a little. "Yes."

I took a deep breath before getting onto my knees and hiking the gown up some. "Well, only one way to find out," I said with every ounce of determination I had as I moved to straddle his lap.

He gently cupped the back of my neck, his eyes dark but determined. "Are you sure about this, my little pet?"

I placed my hands on his chest and moved a little to get comfortable. Oh my! Someone's excited, I giggled internally. "Yes Jasper, I'm sure." I smiled at him.

He pulled me down and lightly pressed his lips to mine. Tingles shot up and down my spine as our lips met and I got heady with lust. My hands slid to his sides as I lay on top of him, his fingers rubbing against my scalp as he continued to gently brush his slightly parted lips against mine. I felt his teeth scrape along my bottom lip and moaned at the sensation of him sucking on it, warmth and desire flooding every part of my body.

An odd sound escaped from the back of my throat as one of my hands wove itself into his wavy locks. He responded with a low growl that rumbled against me and made my desire burn even hotter. I unconsciously moved my hips, accidently rubbing our bodies in the most intimate of areas. Dear lord! That felt good, I thought as I heard him making a purring sound in response.

I wanted more of that feeling, more of his growling and more of his taste. He moved his face a little and I felt his cool breath just before the wetness of his tongue dragged across my lower lip.

Feeling daring, I opened my mouth slightly, cautiously running my tongue along his bottom lip. He whimpered a little as a wave of lust crashed over me and his hips bucked up, pushing our intimate areas together forcefully.


I gasped and blinked rapidly as my vision cleared. I shivered slightly and realized I was still in the tub. "Whoa," I breathed with a shaky laugh before looking over towards the door where Jasper stood with a curious expression on his face.

My face warmed up as I thought of my vision and silently thanked whatever God there was that Jasper was an empath, not a mind reader. "Must have had a daydream," I lied, giggling slightly.

"Feels like a good one," he winked before he walked back into the living room.

Once I heard the door latch behind him, I slid under the water trying to hide. Even if he wasn't a mind reader, he still knew what I was feeling.


Tonight was a feeding night. It became routine, so much so that I knew which nights he expected me to wear just the robe to bed and when my gown was appropriate.

I still felt wrong not wearing knickers under the robe, but after he tore the last pair, I've learned to just go with them.

Tonight was different. I had expected him to feed from the swell of my breasts with the way he had pushed the transparent fabric to the side, exposing my body to the chill of the evening air. He hovered over me and I found myself feeling giddy as I remembered my vision of us kissing. Jasper tilted his head, as if to ask me what was so amusing.

"Too much sugar before bed," I offered as an explanation. He nodded his head as a small smile spread across his lips.

"You should taste sweet then." He used one of his hands to spread my legs farther.

"I'm always sweet," I replied, trying my best to keep my legs closed.

"Do I need to restrain you, pet?" he asked.

"No..." I said softly as I willed my body to move in the way he wanted. He moved lower along my body until he was situated between my thighs. I watched him with wide eyes as he licked the flesh of my inner left thigh, before grazing it with his teeth.

My breathing hitched as his lips caressed the skin, then I felt the slight pain of his teeth as he bit into my thigh and began to drink from me. I pushed my head back into the pillow and shut my eyes as I felt my body relax. With each pull I felt matched by the way his hand would rub the flesh of my other thigh, the feeling from my vision returned, that burning in my stomach. I could feel his hand inching higher on my thigh and looked down to see him watching me. His lips pressed firmly to my skin as ruby eyes stared back.

The sight of his blond hair, messy and in his eyes, as he was in an intimate area made my emotions run rampt. A part of me knew that this was wrong, very wrong, but another part of me wanted him to touch me in other areas.

Dear God, I'm becoming a whore, I thought as a moan escaped my lips.

I felt him lick my leg again, closing the piercing his teeth had made before the bed shifted. I sat up on my elbows to see he had left the room, making me fall back onto the bed with a huff. It's going to be a very long night.


The next few weeks went smoothly. I found myself being more giggly around Jasper than usual and finding reasons to be close to him, especially while in bed. I knew that he was to be my first kiss and I knew it was going to happen while we were in bed. It just frustrated me to no end that I didn't know when.

Jasper had something to take care of this afternoon, leaving me alone but warning me that he would know if I left. Why would I think of leaving? If I left him, I would either be back in the asylum or dead. Life with a vampire was far more appealing.

I couldn't shake the feeling off that something was wrong. My mother often called it our intuition, saying that women often feel it when family is involved. But I had no reason to feel this way.

Or at least I thought I didn't.

While cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I had noticed Jasper left his paper on the counter. I picked it up and took it to the living room, unsure if he was finished with it.

I continued cleaning the house, dusting, and folding laundry before deciding that I needed a break. I sat on the couch and picked up the paper, deciding to peak through it for deals at the market. That's when I saw it.

I read the article over three times before it registered that Cynthia Mary Brandon had passed away. My mother was dead?

I couldn't believe the words I read: Survived by her only daughter and husband. Had something happened to my little sister? I threw the paper down and ran to the front door. I didn't bother getting my shoes on or even grabbing a traveling coat. I knew I would have to deal with Jasper's anger when I got back, but I just had to know.

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