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It didn't take Tom long to realize that he loved Becky. He knew it from the moment she smiled at him. He knew he loved her right away, but he didn't know how much he loved her. He wouldn't know how much he loved her until a few days later. All he knew is one day she would be his

Monday in the classroom Becky had torn the book of the instructor. When the instructor saw his book was torn Tom saw the rage in his eyes. The last time someone did that they were spanked with the hickory stick.

"OH GOD," Tom thought to himself knowing the instructor would find out.

"WHO TORE MY BOOK," the instructor asked in a rage of anger.

He went down the line.

"Adam Magire?"

"No sir. It wasn't me. I swear it"

"Sarah Racko?"

"Not me... not me"

Tom saw the fear in Becky's eyes. He knew that she was a terrible liar and she wouldn't lie anyway. It was almost her turn.

"Amy Lawrence?" the instructor asked

"No sir"

Becky was next. Tom HAD to do something.

"I did it"

"Tom Sawyer," the instructor intoned angrily, "well that doesn't surprise me. GET UP HERE"

Becky at this point was too stunned to speak.

Tom however simply got up and walked over to the desk.

"Pants down drop them to your underwear!"

Tom nodded and dropped his pants.

"Bend over the desk"

Tom obeyed and accepted the punishment without a word or a sound.

Finally the instructor decided he had enough.

At the point that he was done Tom's rear felt like it had been stung by a thousand bees.

He couldn't sit down... he had to stand the rest of the day.

Later Becky approached him.

"How could you be so noble," she asked him, "that was the bravest thing I ever saw in my whole life"

"It's easy," he told her, "I love you"

"You do!"

"Do you think you could love me?"

Instead of answering him she kissed him.

"Does that answer your question," she asked