Wedding Bells

Her heart was pounding fiercely, making her more nervous than ever. She stared at the mirror and saw a tanned skinned girl with luscious black hair slightly hidden under a bright red veil with a golden border. Sandhya, also known as Sandy, was no doubt, a very beautiful girl who made a glamorous bride. She stiffened slightly as her sister, Sonia entered the room.

"Its time, didi"*

Sandy gulped. Her best friend Anjali walked into the room with Sandy's mother. Her mother had been crying a bit, no doubt. But at this moment, her face was alive with excitement...And a lot of ecstasy.

"Come on, beti*" She squealed very joyfully.

Sandy gulped once again, and got up from her chair. She walked out of the room slowly. All the females of Sandy's extended family were standing outside, waiting eagerly. She tried hard not to look at them, as they exclaimed softly, at her beauty.
Sandy took her mother's hand as she made her way to the staircase. She had a strong feeling that she was going to fall. She was after all, the clumsiest of the clumsiest.

She whispered to her mother softly, "Ma, please don' let me fall"
He mother nodded smiling.

I am not going to fall. I am not going to fall...Sandy vowed to herself.
As she descended the flight of steps, she searched for his face. She saw Pappu, who smiled at her. She gave a faint, embarrassed smile and looked away. What is happening to me?
It was not at all like her to be nervous and shy. Se was very outgoing, and didn't care at all what other though about her. But today was obviously different. She scanned the whole crowd again. There were so many steps to go, so she took her time.

She saw all her fellow actors and actresses. Tanya Sen even waved. But, she couldn't see him. Then, she almost slapped her forehead for being so stupid. Of course, he wouldn't be there, just in the middle of the crowd.
She almost rolled her eyes, but stopped just in time, pretending to examine a portrait on the wall.

That was when she remembered.

Her heart stopped. Now she was pretty sure, that only her mother's pressure kept her from falling.

She was still chewing bubble gum!

Ok, ok, don't panic, don't panic...She reassured herself. Just remember not to blow it out. But she wasn't quite sure of herself.

Five minutes later, she stood in front of him. Om Kapoor. Sandy stopped breathing as she inhaled her future husband's appearance. She felt her heart fluttering like a bird's rapid wings. She exhaled loudly, and immediately a pink balloon popped out of her mouth. She blushed furiously and quickly sucked it in. Om stifled a giggle.
Oh, he is not angry after all... She thought, blushing again, but this time with relief. She quickly looked to see whether anyone else had seen it. Sonia and Anjali had lowered their eyes and were biting their lips to suppress their laughter. Her mother was wearing a stony glare.
Sandy hurriedly looked away.

To her enormous relief, no one else had noticed it.

Minutes later, they had taken their wedding vows and Om was leading Sandy in seven circles. She kept telling herself not to fall as she walked. Just as the sixth round ended, she heaved with relief. Nothing had happened. And in the seventh round, she stopped keeping her feet so meticulously, and immediately tripped over the flat surface, and almost fell, but she quickly took hold of Anjali's hand which prevented her.

Anjali and Sonia rolled their eyes and shook their heads.

Sandy was so mortified. At least no one had seen her apart from Anjali and Sonia. She was embarrassed for even being embarrassed. Sandy NEVER got embarrassed. Why today?

She chewed her chewing gum as if for reassurance. Well, I guess it's only today.

Then she realized that she was now Sandy Kapoor. She smiled, feeling quite devious.

Sandy Kapoor, wife of star Om Kapoor.

*didi- sister