Enter Shanti

"Ma! Would you stop interfering with my life?" Shrieked a young girl to the older woman standing in front of her. It was more of a demand than a question.
The older woman, who looked quite hurt, and sad took a step forward "But, beti-"

"MA!" Screamed the girl, screwing up her face, "I wear what I want, and not what you want. Girls these days don't wear saris, or dhotis or shalwars or cholis, ma, they wear THESE!" Shouted the girl pointing at herself.

She sported a black tube top and a really short blue denim skirt, maybe about 6 inches from her waist. Her whole belly, which was tattooed, was exposed. She had on 4 inched spiky, black high heels too, which made her the grand height of 6 feet and 4 inches. On top of it all, she had a good figure and was very pretty too.
She had a golden skin which matched perfectly to her oval-heart shaped which was complete with beautiful eyes, a long nose, a full moth and two dimples which appeared when she smiled.

In fact, the dimples appeared now, fr she suddenly burst out laughing while pointing at herself.

"Cut, cut" came the loud and strong voice of Arjun Mehra, the director.
Shanti Kapoor spluttered. The older woman who played her mother, Sandhya Rekha giggled too. Shanti gasped for air. And finally she managed to spit out the word "Sorry"

"At least you made through this scene without messing everything up....Shanti." Came a soft, tinkling voice. Also very sarcastic. Shanti's laugh faltered and she turned to the place where the voice came from.

On the sofa couch, far away, sat a woman clad in a light blue choli. She just looked simply spectacular in whatever she wore. Even in a sack, she might have looked painfully glamorous.

It was Serina Diaz. A former Miss World. Shanti glared at her. She didn't know why the hell Serina held a grudge against her, but she did.

Arjun Mehra, the director, who was aware of this grudge, patted Shanti's shoulder, and glared at Serina. "Shanti doesn't do mistakes all the time, Serina. She's the best- I mean, one of the best actresses in Bollywood, you know" Personally, he thought Shanti was the best young actress in Bollywood. Better than Serina, anyway. He hated Serina Diaz. He felt she was more suitable for the role of the villain rather than Shanti. Shanti looked so innocent and kind. But the producer of this film was Serina's father, so obviously Serina had to be the main character. Arjun shook his head at how unfair the world was.

Shanti sighed. The typical day of my life...