Crack pairings are actually kinda fun when I think about it- they require more mental power. To even IMAGINE two unlikely characters together, furthermore conjure up a decent and believable story about it does take a lot of effort. My respect goes out to all you crack pairing writers.

This story is my way of countering against all the negative notions many writers have placed on poor Zexion. C'mon, let's not be judgemental of Zexion's awesome eye-covering hair and write him off as emo. He may appear stoic and somewhat detached but that doesn't mean he sits in a dark corner slashing himself. Secondly, just because he doesn't have a canon pairing doesn't legitimise the assumption that Zexion must be gay (ESPECIALLY with Demyx!). Seriously, does this prejudicial writing towards a good character APPEAL to anyone? Certainly not me. So this is my attempt to save the good characterisation of Zexion. Thanks for reading!


Collector's Item

Like a relentless black hole, the solitary void within himself was consuming away at him. It was irrevocable, unstoppable. Entwined to his fate. He couldn't stop it- but how could he help who he was?

"An empty vessel whose heart has been stolen away, a spirit that goes on even as its body fades from existence, for you see...Nobodies do not truly exist at all. Nobodies may seem to have feelings but this is a ruse- they only pretend to have hearts. Destined to return to darkness..."

To come to terms with one's lack of a wholesome existence proved no easy task. How could one fill the deep, eternal hole within themselves that they were always destined to have? Zexion had always wondered, struggled to grasp the concept of the insignificance of his existence. The emptiness was eating away at him, and the only natural human response was to fill this void, no matter how superficial that emotional sustenance would be.

He'd once heard a very human-like response to such an emotion was food. But over-eating didn't appeal to the Cloaked Schemer. Unlike humans, food wasn't a vital necessity to Nobodies. What could their hollow bodies possibly do with the excess energy yielded from food, anyway? Since excessive sustenance was out of the question, many Organisation XIII members turned to alternatives to satisfy the sinking feeling of their insignificant lives. From gambling to science experiments, music to gardening, such humble interests had evolved to become their life's sole purpose, a coping mechanism, to the suffocating comprehension of the falsity in their existences. A distraction to the truth.

Tucked deeply away within the dark realms of The World That Never Was, this unbearable truth looms over the heads of the engrossed Nobodies. Incessantly reminding them of their lies, refusing to be ignored. It is here, in his secret sanctuary, Zexion lies in wait.

With legs crossed and gloved fingers tapping gently against the oak table, Zexion stared silently at the clock suspended on the wall. The humble wooden contraption ticked and tocked rhythmically in the deafening silence, earning a malicious glare courtesy of its owner. Zexion hated the thing almost as much as he hated what he was. It embodied his sworn enemy. Time.

The seconds dragged on in a painfully slow fashion, just as every other fragment of time had passed in Zexion's life. He assumed being void of a heart made it appear so. After all, Nobodies had really nothing to live for, a goal to get them through the day, and as a consequence was made overly aware of the viciously slow cycle of time. The other Organisation members seemed unfazed; however Zexion was not spared from spiralling out of control. The sluggish drag of time inflicted upon him a similar pain to decomposing.

In a surge of frustration, Zexion stood up in a swift movement and kicked one of the white-coated chairs off its legs. It was rare when Zexion slipped up in his uncanny composure, but when he did; he preferred to indulge in it with the comfort of his own privacy.

Sighing, Zexion rubbed his temples to soothe his surging agitation. A walk, that's what I need, he convinced himself. He needed to clear his mind, find any form of escapism, from the mounting thoughts concerning his being of a Nobody. How could he conclude this was what his destiny had decided for him?

There had to be more to life than just simply pining for a heart that can never be attained...

He just had to discover it.

Zexion paid no particular attention to his surroundings as he lingered around the castle in a trance-like state. Little did he realise he'd forgotten something very crucial...

"What are you doing?!"

If he wasn't so trained with his state of composure, Zexion may have jumped in a startled state. Instead, he had turned to meet with the panicked expression of a fellow Organisation member.

"...I'm sorry, Luxord?"

The charismatic gambler stood perfectly still, gobsmacked. His blue eyes bulged as he exclaimed, "For heartless sake! The Superior's looking for you! The meeting started a half-hour ago!"

Zexion suddenly forgot to compose himself, his eyes widening with the realisation. He'd completely forgotten his assessment meeting with Xemnas!

He quietly muttered a thanks and in his unusually panicky haste, Zexion made for a swift route towards the throne room when he was intercepted by member number seven, Saïx.

The Luna Driver smirked maliciously. "Dear me, Zexion. The Superior will not be impressed by such unacceptable tardiness. Careful, he may even consider replacing your position with someone more suitable for the job..."

Zexion's eyes narrowed with annoyance. Saïx, his direct subordinate, had been after his position as sixth in command for what seemed like eons, and consequently, had been trying to usurp the prestigious position from Zexion. Sighing, Zexion decided best not to prolong the conversation than need be. He was already ridiculously late as it was.

"Worry not, Saïx. I'm confident the Superior would not be replacing me anytime soon, seeing as how none other members are capable for such a position, if they were ranked below me in the first place..."

Zexion challenged him with a wry smirk, paying no attention to Saïx's scowl as he entered the throne room.

The limitless white enveloped the Cloaked Schemer as he walked in his haste towards the largest throne suspended high above the ground. Zexion got down on his knee and bowed his head, silently awaiting a response from his superior.

The vicious, incessant silence ensued, before the whisper of a voice announced, "...late again, Zexion."

"Yes." Zexion responded despondently, "I apologize for my lateness and lack of consideration for your time,"

" is very unlike you not to be punctual. Such is what I favoured in you above many other members,"

Zexion said nothing as Xemnas sat back to reflect, his glinting amber eyes, deep in thought.

"What troubles you, Zexion?"

Zexion sighed, unable to believe in the sympathy of Xemnas' comment. Xemnas, like everyone else wasn't actually concerned with Zexion's wellbeing. He was simply lamenting his wasted time.

"Nothing, my Superior." Zexion replied obediently.

"Such cannot be the case; otherwise you would not be failing a simple task such as being on time,"

Zexion remained silent, unable to respond. How was he supposed to respond to that?

"Zexion. Speak when your Superior is addressing you for an answer," Xemnas beseeched sternly.


Xemnas' glance was drawn upwards towards the door when it creaked open as someone entered. Zexion surreptitiously raised his head to look over his shoulder to see Axel enter.

What was he doing here?

"I believe I know what's wrong with Zexion, Superior," Axel announced with a confident smirk.

"Really?" Xemnas responded, resting his chin against his palm. "and what might be the problem?"

Axel strode towards Xemnas' suspended throne, maintaining a smile. "Overworked. Unfortunately, the lack of rest has lead to Zexion losing his enthusiasm that he once so devoutly maintained."

Zexion stared up at his fiery-haired subordinate, imploringly. Why was Axel doing this?

Axel cast a side-way glance Zexion's way, winking at him. Zexion shivered inwardly. He must have looked so pitiful bowing before a junior member, who appeared to be convincing Xemnas of his argument. It was going to hurt Zexion's reputation when everyone was to find out Axel had come to the rescue for him.

Still, Zexion said nothing, leaving Axel to continue to influence the Superior.

"Really? Is that the case, Zexion?"

Zexion silently nodded, causing Xemnas to sink deeper into his chair to think.

"Interesting...Very well, I grant Zexion permission to have tomorrow completely off from work. I trust you will use the time wisely for repose. Dismissed!"

Zexion gasped, looking up at Xemnas. "But sir, I!"

Before Zexion had the chance to compose an intelligible sentence, Xemnas had vanished. Zexion sighed, standing back on his feet to turn to the Flurry of Dancing Flames.

"Why have you done this, Axel?"

"A simple thankyou would suffice, y'know," Axel chuckled heartily, "Don't be so suspicious. I did you a favour, and lucky you, I'm not asking for anything in return."

"Than why did you do it?" Zexion scrutinised the fire-manipulator.

Axel turned his back to the Cloaked Schemer, shrugging his shoulders. "Because I wanted to. So take some time out for yourself. Y'know, take the time to smell the roses."

"...Yes. I appreciate the pun there, Axel." Zexion responded feebly, pacing past his fiery-haired junior. There wasn't much Zexion could do: he just had to take Axel's word for it. Although it was hardly likely anyone here did a favour with no strings attached. Zexion, with much reluctance, dismissed the thought for now.

Maybe Axel was right, for a change? Was he in need of a change of pace? Zexion pondered carefully, wondering what to make of the situation. It did seem like a good idea to get away for a while; after all, Zexion had grown tired of being enclosed within the looming bone-white confinement. If he wasn't granted time off by the superior, he may have beaten himself in the head with that damned clock he owned out of sheer desperation.

With a silent swiftness, Zexion retreated to his room, closing the door gently behind him. He leant back on the white painted door dejectedly, sighing to himself. Take time off? Where was he supposed to go?

He had to admit, several worlds did seem pleasant to visit but he decided against it. His kind didn't belong amongst the denizens of the light. Nobodies were, and always will be what fate had discriminated them to be. Nothing, emptiness...


Still- moping around in this bleached marble prison would do nothing to help Zexion's lack of enthusiasm to work. He had to escape somewhere....anywhere!

So he closed his eyes, sighing deeply as he allowed the tendrils of darkness to swallow him and take him to a place his would-be heart may have sought out...


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