Pairing(s): Rufus x Cloud

Summary: FF7 twisted with Chrono Cross...barely. Rufus and Cloud discus their son's name. Mpreg.


"He'll need a proper sounding name."


"I don't want my son to have a frilly name like Cloud or Sunny or... Reno. It needs to sound dignified, especially if he takes the name Shinra."

"My name isn't frilly... But I agree, I don't want him to be named after someone like Reno. It might jynx our kid."

"Agreed. Now, I was thinking--"


"...No, that is no better then Reno."

"But its the least I can do for him. He gave his life to protect me and a way to honor him is to call our kid by his name."

"But this is our kid, and I have no ties such as that to have any need to name my kid Zax."


"How about Alexander."

"...And you say my name is frilly?" Cloud rolled his eyes as he shook his head in disbelieve.

"...Fine, then. What do you have in mind, other then Zax?" Rufus quickly added as Cloud moved to open his mouth.

Sighing, Cloud rested a hand on his bulging stomach, a look of contemplative thought falling over his soft features as he hummed, "Maybe... How about Norris?"

Rufus gave a thoughtful pause, resting his chin in his hand as he mulled the name over. It didn't sound frilly nor did it sound too royalistic or carefree as Reno or Zax. It actually sounded... "Norris sounds decent enough," Rufus nodded in agreement.

"Good." Smiling brightly, Cloud turned mako enhanced blue eyes down to their child's bulge, caressing the swollen skin gently as he softly murmured, "Your name will be Norris, little one..."

"Norris Shinra," Rufus butted in, leaning down to be closer to the lump of flesh, determined to have his voice heard over Cloud's by their unborn child's ears, "Remember that well, kid."

"Rufus..." Cloud moaned in a whine, wanting to whack the idiot but not having the energy to. 'You'll pay for this after Norris is born... You remember that.'



Author Note: Norris is a character from Chrono Cross who you acquire after you are possessed by Lynx's body in the Home World. He reminded me so much of Rufus, but his clothing reminded me of Cloud as a grunt for Shinra... this was inspired by it. The first part was made after the second.