Pairing(s): Rufus x Cloud

Summary: FF7 twisted with Chrono Cross...barely. Rufus and Cloud disagree with their son's new hobby. Mpreg.



"I told you, he'll do fine."

"But still, what about--?"



"I said no, Cloud."

"He's my son, too, unless you forgot who gave birth to him. I think he should have the option to train in the ways of a swordsman, too."

An irritated sigh past Rufus' lips as he turned his sharp blue eyes away from the blonde child before them, "He took on the name Shinra, so I have full right to choose what he will master in. Besides, you may have given birth to him, but without my sperm, he wouldn't of been conceived."

Mako enhanced blue eyes glared sharply at the older man, crossing his arms over his chest as he announced, "Fine then, be that way." Turning on his heels, Cloud began to stomp away as he called, "Just know that's the ONLY kid you'll ever get to raise from me."

Eyes widening in sudden horror, Rufus began rushing after the blonde, begging in a manly way to forgive him, "Come now, Cloud! Y-you can make the next one a swordsman! Please don't be this way, Cloud~!"

Forgotten in the shooting galley, Norris looked up from the gun Rufus had given him, watching his dad storm off in a huff as his papa hurried after, obviously flustered. Shrugging it off, the blonde boy held up his gun over his head, aiming it skywards as he shouted, "Sun shower--!!"



Author Note: Norris is a character from Chrono Cross who you acquire after you are possessed by Lynx's body in the Home World. He reminded me so much of Rufus, but his clothing reminded me of Cloud as a grunt for Shinra... this was inspired by it. The first part, also, was made after this.