Author's Note: Wow, I'm on such a Romy kick! Sweet! Well, this idea just popped into my head and I couldn't resist. It'll be pretty short—about 3 or 4 chapters—but I'll make sure it's good! Please enjoy!

The monitor beeped and it was the only thing that was keeping her here—alive.

She shifted her weight in the chair and felt another wave of guilt wash over her. This was all her fault. All the damage done, all the people hurt—her fault and hers alone. She had done the one thing she swore that she would never do again.

She had lost control of her powers.

And he had paid the price.

Another silent tear snaked its way down her cheek. She saw no point in wiping them away anymore since she was sure that another would just take its place.

As she let the tears flow, she thought that she was the one who deserved to be in that bed and not him.

God, why did this always happen to her?

Why did the people she cared about always get hurt because of her?

Because you're you, Rogue. You've never been able to protect or care for anyone. In the end, everyone leaves you.

She frowned as she heard the psyche's voice. She was certain that the Professor had gotten rid of all of them and yet she was relieved that she was being punished for deeds. The guilt lessened a little bit.

The words that the psyche had spoken rang true in her head.

She had never been able to help anyone. Everyone she ever cared for had always left her—Logan, Mystique, her dad, and her mom. The only one that had been left was him and now he too, was gone from her by her own doing.

She grabbed his bare hand and held it in her gloved one, wishing that there was some way that she could help him. She squeezed his hand and wait for a response, but he never moved.

He was stuck in a dream world that she had put him into.

He was in a coma and had been for the past week and she had remained by his side.

"Remy," She mumbled.

She shut her eyes and the nightmares surrounded her once again.

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