So I'm back, i guess. I though it was time to write another story, and hopefully this time i will update more often. This hope is reinforced with the fact that the tone of this story will be more carefree and humerus, and nice break from all my drama shit. And im actually looking forward to this one. I'll have fun writing it, i think. So enjoy the prologue. :)


[ Of Snow, Winter Wonder, and Relentless Boys ]










"Then it's time to lock and load."

"Most definitely."

Selphie and Kairi watched as they high-five each other in the mirror's reflection, grinning wildly with somewhat of a reckless twinkle in their eyes. The room around them was messy from preparing for the night: spilled makeup, wrinkled and worn clothes, and scattered magazines galore; a typical girls-night-out scenario. They were made up, dressed up, and ready to indulge in the night. They giggled as quietly as possible as Kairi grabbed her jingling keys and locked the house behind her, careful not to wake up her parents. They tip-toed through the night, under the protection of the palm tree's shadows, shoes in hand as their bare feet scraped along the rough tar. The night had an odd winter chill as they crossed the barren street toward her car. The yellow-tinged street lights revealed their darkened silhouettes as they dashed by until the darkness swallowed them once again. They reached Kairi's SUV, blending in with the night, and closed the doors carefully behind them.

Once in the safe confines of the car, they burst out into full out laughter. Who ever has snuck out before can relate to their fits of giggles. It was liberating and exhilarating. They could feel their hearts pumping and their goosebumps rising, the excitement clearly almost too much to bare. Kairi softly started the engine as they frantically tried to quiet each other's giggles with hushes and shushes. To be quite honest, the two sixteen year olds felt pretty bad ass for sneaking out undetected.

Because they were teenagers, and frankly, that's just what they did.

Once in good distance from the house, Selphie took command of the ipod and soon, loud, techno-like beats filled the car to the point of deafness. They were both bouncing in their seats, screaming the lyrics to the song out of key and tune. Kairi turned down the volume once the song ended.

"I'm so pumped, Selph."

"Oh my god I know! I'm just worried that Larxene will show up." Selphie said.

"Why is that?"

"I don't know. She always ruins the fun parties with her stupid drama. Plus, she hooked up with Tidus last weekend and I think I'll die if she does it again." she said dramatically, the music still playing in the background.

Kairi squinted her eyes in the night and licked her lips, "Nah, don't worry. If she pulls something I'll give her a smack down." They both erupted into laughter due to the fact that Kairi, as tiny as she was, would undoubtedly be able to take a girl like Larxene down.


There was a silence for a few moments in which the music continued to play, switching to a rap song that Kairi began to mouth the words to.

"This song is foul, Kairi, how in the world do you know the lyrics?"

"I enjoy various genres of music."

"Yeah, clearly." Selphie said, browsing Kairi's ipod for another song.

"Contrast, you know?"

"Ok, so would you consider show-tunes contrast, too?" Selphie asked, giving the ipod an odd, wrinkly nosed look, the screen illuminating her face in the dark.

"Again. Variety."

"I've never met someone with such odd taste in music. Thank god you have some of my stuff in here. Or else you'd be an embarrassment to society."

"Such a shame I don't fit into the mold."

"Yeah, you really had hope."

"I guess its shattered now."

"Totally. I'll just show everyone in the party your weird music. I mean, who is Bob Dylan?"

Kairi raised her eyebrows in astonishment. "How can you not know who Bob Dylan is? Especially after hanging out with me. You know that poster I have in my room? With that guy playing the guitar?" Selphie nodded hesitantly, "That's Bob Dylan. He was the iconized protester for the Vietnam War, and basically reinvented himself every decade. Changed lives, changed the world; you know, no big deal. He's a genius. And much more valuable than any of today's crap." Kairi explained with the passion in which she was known. She was about to continue until Selphie interrupted her.

"Kairi. We're not in school anymore, it's the first night of winter break. I don't want a history lesson. This is bo-oring."


"Yeah, sure, whatever. Call me superficial, but all I care about right now is if there will be hot guys tonight. Because if not, tonight will just turn out to be anticlimactic."

"Stop using complicated words Selphie, we're not in school anymore, remember?"

"Oh shut up." Selphie pouted.

Kairi laughed, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding, jeez. And anyway, I thought you just wanted to get with Tidus?"

"Yeah, ok Kairi, but if in the case Larxene screws me over, I will have options."

"Well I actually heard Riku was bringing a few friends from another school."

"Now that's variety." Selphie said approvingly.

"I'd say."

They continued to talk as the night passed them by outside. The stars were barely visible beyond the masking trees and clouds, casting a shadows and patches of moonlit light across the road. Kairi hoped with all her heart that tonight was going to be a good night. She had been long awaiting her nearly one month long winter break. And anyway, tonight was her last night in town; tomorrow she was off to her family's annual ski trip up North in which she was going to stay until nearly the end of break. And frankly, she was really excited. All she needed was a good night to start the mood…fun, easy going, party-hardy, straight up ridiculous in the sense that--


Upon Selphie's scream, Kairi refocused her attention on the road, still in day dream mode. At least until she saw the bright white lights shining directly in front of her. In a brake-neck reaction, Kairi turned the wheel, jerking them violently to the right as Selphie's screams filled the car. The lights disappeared behind her left window with a long, loud beep that shattered the silence of the dark. And with a mighty jolt, they were motionless.

They were both breathing heavily; eyes wide and blank. It was silent for a few moments until Selphie regained her ability to speak. Or rather, shriek.

"Holy SHIT Kairi, we almost DIED!" she cried, turning to look at Kairi with large eyes.

Kairi swallowed, "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. That was a close one."

Selphie collapsed dramatically into her seat and let out a long breath, "Ok so lets play some music, drive safely, and get to the party alive so we can meet boys, ok?"

Kairi swallowed again and licked her lips, "Sounds like a plan."

It took a few minutes for the humor of the stated situation to sink in, and soon, they were laughing, noting that tomorrow this will be one of the things they will be recapping on when they have a loss of memory of the events of the night. Selphie turned the music back up loud, and soon they were singing and dancing as if nothing happened.

They arrived at the party and turned off the engine.

"You ready to party hardy?" Kairi asked, turning to her friend, a wild grin playing at her lips.

"Only if you are."

"Then lets do it."

They both hopped out of the car and adjusted their outfits. Kairi was wearing a simple black spaghetti strap top with sequins along the straps, an extremely tight dark jeans with a bright red belt, and a sick pair of red heels. Selphie went for the short dress approach. But both worked, because they looked hot. They walked down the road toward the house, tiny butterflies fluttering in their stomachs as they listened to the muffled music in the dark. Call it a gut feeling, but Kairi had an anticipating notion in her stomach that she couldn't shake. With that, she looked up at the blooming stars and smiled. Tonight was going to be a good night. She could feel it.

With their heels clacking on the pavement below, Selphie and Kairi walked until they reached the door and entered into the teenage wasteland. Almost literally.

The deafening music embraced them as they entered, people bursting at the seams, all pushed up against each other. There were people everywhere. The temperature had heightened dramatically, and Selphie and Kairi found that they had to jostle their way forward to gain any ground. They squeezed their way toward the bar where they spotted some of their friends and a few other strangers that she did not recognize. And before they knew it, they had taken three shots of rich Puerto Rican rum each, and the night was suddenly a low hum of liquid excellence. The room no longer felt hot or crowded, nor did the bitter taste of the drinks sting their throats any longer.

Kairi got separated from Selphie, but she brushed it off giddily. She found herself on a couch between Riku and some other good looking boy, surrounded by her laughing friends with a cold new drink in her hand. The room was spinning slowly with every turn of the head and she had the feeling of being light and weightless. As if she were high above, safe, her chest warm and smooth.

She and her friends burst into laughter as Seifer suddenly vomited into his water bottle, resulting in small specs of it splattering on the floor. Seifer laughed along too, stumbling to the ground near the couch to where he curled in a ball and laughed.

"Seiferrr, why'd you do thattt?" Kairi's friend Xion asked, leaning over him from where she was sitting.

"Ahahaa…well when…you gotta' vom', you gotta' vom'." Seifer replied from the floor. Xion exploded into another fit of laughter and promptly fell on top of him, cuddling to his chest. A streak of vomit caught her arm and she squealed.

"Just wipe it somewhere." Seifer drawled. She nodded lethargically and proceeded to wipe it on his shirt. But he didn't really notice because he was too busy grabbing her face and sticking his tongue down her throat.

The rest of them continued to laugh at the sudden change of events. Especially since Xion and Seifer usually didn't like each other sober. Well, that's the result of alcohol.

"Oh my god Kairi look, look, look! Ahaha, they're rolling in his vomit! Ahaha!" Selphie slurred, suddenly appearing in front of her as she tugged on Kairi's shirt.

"Fucking idiots." Riku laughed, taking a sip of his beer, his arm around Kairi and some other girl as they sat on the couch. Riku and Kairi had been friends for a long time, and when your drunk, lines get blurred. Thus Kairi nuzzled her head into his chest as Riku laughed with her. To the group's enjoyment, Kairi meowed inexplicably, resulting in more roaring laughter. Riku laughed just as hard and started leaving big wet kisses all over her face. She squealed and squirmed.

"Eww, Riku! Grossss." she laughed, slightly pushing him away.

"But you like it." he laughed.

"Now way." she paused, "And Riku? How ruuude! You…you never introduced me to your friendsss!" she said patting his chest and staring at him with mock, drunk anger.

"Okay, okay. Kairi this is Dilan, Braig, and Seifer." she said pointing to each person who were either not paying attention, asleep, or flirting with some stumbling girl. "And the douche sitting next to you is Sora. Sora, this girl's name is Kairi." Kairi looked to her side at the boy who also had his arm around her. But he was staring off somewhere, eyes completely glazed over.

"Sora, man! Sora!" he still didn't look Riku's way, and Kairi inexplicably giggled.


At this the boy turned his way, looked at Kairi for a few seconds, and then at Riku. "What?"

"Bro, this is Kairi. She's fucking awesome. And also fucking hot." Kairi burst out laughing again and hit Riku on the chest, "Shut uppp, Riku!"

She turned to look at the boy again. He was looking at her smiling, his eyes focused and serious, "Hey I'm Sora."

"That's lovely, I'm Kairi." She giggled. Kairi liked to giggle when she was drunk. A lot.

Kairi felt Riku get up and go somewhere, leaving Sora to be the only one with his arm around her. "Where are you from?" She asked, smiling up him, eyelashes instinctively batting. She took a long, drunk moment to look at his face. And she liked what she saw. He was tan, very tan, even though it was pretty dark in the room. She couldn't really see his eyes, but they were big and beautiful. His hair was lovely and wild and smooth. She new this because she was touching it.

"I love your hair." She said before he could answer. "It's nice and soft." She continued, patting his head with her hand and then laughed, letting her head roll onto his chest with her arm around his front. She could feel his hot breath in her ear and she felt her stomach do a smothering flip. She wasn't really sure if there were people around, but suddenly she felt his lips on her ear, sucking, kissing, the music still blasting around them.

"That tickles…" she giggled. She just heard him make a low sound of agreement as his slow kisses lowered, now trailing down her jaw line. Each one left a tiny burn once his moist lips met her tender skin. It was absolutely riveting. She could feel her palms sweat and her toes curl unconsciously. She was slowly finding it hard to breathe, but really, she liked it that way.

Before she knew it his lips were on hers. They were clumsy and hot and delicious. She continued to have a hard time breathing when his hungry lips were searching hers, his cautious tongue sneaking its way to meet with hers…

Her body was on fire; her blood steaming within her veins.

She felt herself being lifted up as if she were a small toddler, her legs wrapped around his hips as he balanced her with his arms. She squealed against his mouth, and he laughed as she pulled away, stroking her auburn hair with the hand closest to her head. He looked at her strangely then, and for a second, she held her breath for what seemed like a long time. His eyes were sturdy and soft and she didn't know why she was getting goosebumps, but she was. She didn't know if she could explain it, or even give reasons to why she was having this effect. She watched as he exhaled deeply and then smile a soft, brilliant smile. Her stomach tightened.

Wow. How did he do that?

She also couldn't help but give credit to his strength, because she may have been skinny, but carrying her while drunk was a whole nother story. She snuggled into his chest and then took a peek over his shoulder at the party. No one was looking their way, really. Too drunk and out to really care. But she spotted Selphie laughing in the arms of Tidus, looking straight at her. She winked, and Kairi laughed. An inexplicable feeling of self-worth welled up in her chest. It was a quizzical feeling that is difficult to explain, perhaps comparable to pride or happiness. This was of course related to Sora being her newest conquest; the unknown handsome boy who several girls had had their eye on, was now hers. She smiled to herself. It felt good to be wanted sometimes, like she was of value; worthy to be swept off her feet by a mysterious boy. The music began to slowly fade in volume as they entered what she recognized as a hallway.

She didn't really remember how she got onto the bed with Sora, but soon they were making out again, his hands under her shirt along her back, trailing each vertebra one by one, by one…His kisses were so sweet; they tasted like alcohol, smoke, and cinnamon. She closed her eyes to his unbelievably gentle touch. And she felt lucky. Because how often do you hook up with an extremely good looking guy this wasted? Not often, is the answer. And she was ready to enjoy it.

From the bed that she and Sora lay upon, their bodied intertwined with only the fabric of their clothes between them, the music continued to play…softly…perennial…lifting her higher and higher until she couldn't bare to look down.


A bright light shined against Kairi's heavy eyelids.

She blinked, slowly, painfully. She emit a tiny groan and licked her swollen lips. Once, twice, three times she blinked until her eyes were able to open to slits at the bright light. Blinking hard one more time, Kairi opened her eyes to the blinding light. It was her window with the open curtains that was the culprit, mocking her with the blue sky and green palm trees that lay outside. After a few minutes of laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, Kairi found the energy to push her heavy covers off of her, get up, and walk dizzily and lethargically toward the mirror.

What she saw in the mirror was not the prettiest sight, really. Her makeup was warn away and slightly smudged, her hair flat and a little tangled, her face pale and tired, and her lips were swollen and red -- Oh! Recognition leaked into her numb and pounding head.


She found herself smiling in her reflection. His face bubbled into her mind, hazy and soft, but there nonetheless. God, he was good looking. Selphie probably approved.

Wait. Selphie. Did she get home?

Kairi tried to think, and watched as her eyebrows wrinkled in contemplation. She vaguely remembered sitting in the passenger's seat in her car, with who she thought was Selphie in the back. But who was driving? She tried to think. It might have been Riku saving her ass again.

Oh yeah. Kairi tuned around and there was Selphie, sleeping in her bed, a stain of drool near the corner of her mouth. Selphie was supposed to sleep over. Well that was good. They both got home safely. She'd have to remember to thank Riku later. She sighed in contentment again, the vision of Sora still in her mind, his hands, his lips. Too bad she wouldn't see him again anytime too soon.

Or wait, what was she thinking? That would be horrible. And awkward.

She remembered she hooked up with Wakka one time and had to deal with seeing him everyday in school after that. Oh, that and all the snickers of The Red-Head Fest. That took a while to fade. So no. She didn't want to see him anytime soon.

That was the trouble with hookups. You couldn't really get anything out of it after it happens. Maybe you could hook up with that person again, but nothing happens. Like, she was still awkward around Wakka. And that would really suck. But Kairi didn't need a boy in her life. Not now. So really, she was thankful that she wouldn't see him again.

Man, she changed her mind often.

Upon seeing the digital clock flash when she turned her head, Kairi forgot all that she was thinking. Sudden stomach flips of excitement trapezed in her stomach: today was the day she was going to her winter house for the break. She smiled largely. She was so happy, she could have danced a jig if her head didn't hurt so much.

Suddenly, Kairi could hear her mom's distant footsteps approaching her door. She quickly rushed into her bathroom as silently as possible before her mother could take a whiff of her alcohol and sweaty stench. That would be disastrous.

First things first, she thought as she took off last night's clothes. Take a shower, take an aspirin, wake up Selphie, and then she could be on her way to winter paradise, skiing her way down the mountains of merriment and happiness. Freedom at last. Nothing could beat that feeling. Okay, so she was being a little idealistic. It didn't really matter though. She would soon be in her happy place.

But for now, she really needed that aspirin.


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