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[ Of Snow, Winter Wonder, and Relentless Boys ]

Chapter Five

Kairi woke up to the sound of nasally breathe.

At first, Kairi thought it was an odd twist to her dream in which she was riding a rhinoceros in the Kentucky Derby instead of an actual horse, so she turned to face the other direction. The noise, however, did not relent, and with each passing second she realized more and more that it was not part of her lucid dream after all. In fact, it was her pimply cousin Ventus lying next to her in bed.

The first thing she did was scream and kick him off. This left a trail of drool from the pillow down to the carpet floor. The second thing she did was wonder how exactly he squeezed himself into her twin bed and why exactly he did so. The third thing she did was try forget the grotesque image of his chap-sticked lips and greasy face barely two inches from her own like a persistently bad drawing underneath a lion eraser. Ventus, of course, scampered out of her loft, threw one last wild glance her way, and then flew down the stair case as if he were a Jedi master. Sound effects and all.

Kairi, still dazed from the absurd occurrence that just took place in her bed, rushed into her bathroom to scrub off her Ventus germs in a steaming shower. This did not prove to be successful because when she closed her eyes, she could still smell his bad breathe and acne cleanser blowing into her face. Why wasn't there some sort of manual in dealing with creepy, incestuous family members? They wrote books about love and all that shit, but what about her repugnant cousin Ventus? Kairi shuddered.

Kairi quickly swallowed her breakfast and was about to run out the door when the mirror stopped her. She groaned. She looked like she just rolled out of bed. Maybe if she just…

No! Don't do it! It's not like she had anyone to impress anyway. Who cared what Reno thought? What Sora thought? Don't be weak! Don't be weak! Don't be-

Five minutes later Kairi had casual eyeliner, mascara, and pewter pink blush. Immediately as she slammed the door behind her, she hated herself for caring at all. She hated herself even more when Yuffie asked what age group she was applying for in the Pretty Princess Beauty Pageant.

"Jesus, Kairi, I know you called and told us about you and Sora's reconciliation last night, but this is a little excessive don't you think?" Yuffie was blatantly making fun of her now. Kairi growled under her breathe to shut the fuck up and get her skis.

"Testy, are we? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed?"

"More like woke up with the wrong person on the bed."

Yuffie blinked, paused, and then exclaimed, "HOLY SHIT KAIRI, YOU AND SORA HAD SEXY TIME LAST NIGHT?"

Kairi pounced at her. They fell to the snow with her hand over Yuffie's mouth. Yuffie was skill screaming despite the muffle so Kairi slapped her across the face.

"NO, you idiot! I woke up to Ventus drooling all over me this morning!" Kairi shook her head and stood up, "My god can you scream." Yuffie looked noticeably relieved and fell back into the snow.

"Man, that was a close one. I really thought you guys had-"

"Hey guys, what's up?" Came a voice. The two girls visibly jumped from the sudden interruption. They both whipped they heads in the direction of the voice, eyes wide, and sure enough it was Roxas and Sora.

Yuffie's mouth was wide open and could not stop stumbling with, "Uh…uh..guhh, uhh…" Deciding to save the awkward situation, Kairi smiled largely.

"Oh, you know, making snow angels. Or something." Kairi's smiled tightened as Sora and Roxas, clad in the their ski gear and eyebrows raised, looked at each other. Okay, so they knew she was blatantly lying, but so what? It wasn't their business that they were just talking about she and Sora having sex last night…

"Anyway, lets go." Kairi said urgently, pulling Yuffie off the ground so hard and fast that her feet left the ground.

Ski class was weird.

And it wasn't because Yuffie spilled to the whole class about her incestuous cousin, nor was it because Reno seemed to be staring at her even more frequently then before. No, it was because she and Sora were actually talking. It was the strangest thing. It started like this:

"So snow angels, huh?"

"That's right."

"That's a bunch of shit."

"Eat it up, spiky!"

More was said but she couldn't really remember the whole dialogue; she was too excited to actually talk to him to activate that part of her brain that is her memory. Sometimes, it took all sectors of her brain to be as witty as she was. Smart Kairi equals Funny Kairi.

It wasn't until lunch that the real shocker came into play. It was Hayner, the pathological partier.

"So I heard the New Years party this year will be out of control." he said, his head lowered with a sly smile on his face. He knew everyone was paying attention, so he hammed it up, "That guy who made the song "Witchcraft", B.u.B. will be there with Shusher." Half the class's jaws dropped; Hayner was enjoying this, "And there will be a secret guest…but I cant say anything."

"No way tell me!" Yuffie screeched with Rikku not far behind. The rest of the class seconded her notion.

"Nope. I can't say."

Pence rolled his eyes, "Don't worry, he doesn't actually know."

Hayner's eye twitched at his chubby friend, "God…damnit, Pence!" Pence just brushed it off, "Okay fine, I don't really know the special guest. But I swear the first two are true." Kairi rose her eyebrows.

"WAIT!" Rikku shot her hands up in a stopping motion and froze, always the fashionista, she continued, "that means we need to buy new dresses!" Kairi and Yuffie looked at each other. It was true. Every year before the big New Years party, the three of them went into the town of Mozukai to buy brand new outfits. It was a tradition; one that Rikku took very seriously. The boys rolled their eyes.

"Yeah. Lets do it today." Kairi agreed, and then looked around the table, "Girls only, sorry, twits. Naminé and Olette, you guys in?" The two girls looked at her as if she had handed them free tickets to Disney Town.

"Yeah, totally!"


The girls made plans to meet at Kairi's an hour after ski classes ended. And that was that. Kairi would be lying to herself if she said that she wasn't excited. Although perhaps not the most estrogen driven girl on the planet, Kairi could not pass off a good shopping trip, especially with her two best friends. Hayner made sure to remind them that that night was a party at his house. He also told them to buy some fun clothes for it. Like Santa lingerie. Olette also smacked him across the face.

It was a nice change seeing Naminé and Olette outside their ski jackets. They were both a little on the quiet side, which was a stark contrast with the trio's loud persona. It was nice though, getting to know new people. Winter had always been a time only focusing on her best friends and never looking too far beyond it. This year it seemed she had met substantially more than all her years combined.

They were all already in Kairi SUV when Yuffie decided to crank the volume to its maximum level. Rikku and Yuffie were already making a show of dancing around in the car and Kairi smiled at the normality of this. But then she looked in the rearview mirror to see Olette and Naminé huddled as far away from Rikku as possible. Normal for her, but obviously not normal for them.

Kairi turned down the volume. Rikku flicked Kairi's ear from behind, "Heyyyy, why did you turn it down?"

Ignoring this, Kairi looked at Naminé through the rearview mirror, "So Naminé, where are you from?" The girl visibly jumped at the mention of her name, and for a moment it seemed that she did not understand the question at all. She looked over at Rikku and Olette cautiously and then made eye contact with Kairi through the mirror.

"I'm from Twilight Town." Kairi wrinkled her nose.

"Hey, isn't that where Roxas is from?" The whole car eased into silence, and it became very clear, very quickly, that Naminé was blushing scarlet red. Ah, so Kairi was right. She remembered him mentioning it the night before. What strange coincidences these all were. Sora, Reno, and herself from the same group of islands? Naminé and Roxas from the same town?

"Uhhh…yes." Naminé answered, clearly uncomfortable. It was Yuffie who broke the silence first.

"Okay, SPILL!" Yuffie practically climbed to the back of the car with excitement. Her frantic face was inches from the blonde's, and it didn't take a body language expert to compute Naminé's discomfort. Yuffie loved a good story. Or a good scandal. It depends how you look at it.

"I don't know what you mean." Naminé tried, but Yuffie was not having it. Olette was even looking at her interestingly. Rikku, it seemed, was very skeptical.

Yuffie was loving this, "What, do you like him or something?"

Kairi started to feel very badly for Namine; she was squirming.

"Um, we dated once."

Yuffie was shaking so hard from excitement, she was vibrating. "NO WAY. When?" She inched even closer to Naminé's pinched face.

"Like, last year."

"Did you know he was coming here? Or did you stalk your way up here?"

Naminé glanced sideways out the window, "Our families are friends." she glanced back, "I've known him forever. We started dating here last year."

Olette turned to Naminé, "Wow, what happened?"

"We just broke up, I guess."

"That must really suck seeing him here, then. I would go crazy, I think." Olette sympathized. Yuffie's electric stare now switched to Olette. If Kairi were able to see Yuffie's face, she would say that it was halfway between devious and enthralled. It was the devious half that worried her the most. Kairi wondered whether she should stop her before things got disastrous. Yuffie was probably perspiring from excitement.

"What about you, do you have a boy?"

Olette visibly stiffened. Yuffie had caught her off guard, "Oh, um, no I do not."

"Why not?"

"I don't know." Olette was getting a little annoyed.

"You and Hayner seem a little comfy-"

"Oh, look! We're here! Great, lets go!" Kairi interjected, jammed the brakes, and scooted everyone out of the car. She grabbed Yuffie's arm before she got out. The rest of the doors closed.

"Ow, Kairi! What?"

"You know what, Yuffie. Give them a break."

Yuffie pinched her face, "Awww…Kairi, you know I'm just excited."

"Yeah, I know, but they don't. Lets just learn each other's last names before we interrogate them about their past heartbreaks, okay?"

Yuffie pulled away from Kairi's arm and made a face. "Fine, fine, fine. Be boring."

"Yup, that's me." They both laughed and climbed out of the car.

Kairi wasn't exactly sure how or why, but suddenly they found themselves in a lingerie shop.

Naminé was looking a little green. Kairi bit her lip and whispered harshly into Yuffie and Rikku's ears, "Guys, I think our new friends may collapse." The three of them simultaneously looked back at Naminé and Olette. Next to the queasy blonde, Olette looked like she painted tomatoes on her face.

Yuffie and Rikku looked at each other, "Nah."

The room was a bright fuchsia with intricate designs on the walls, while the ceiling was painted black with some racy models coated the walls. The speakers blared what sounded like sex sounds and electric beats. There were five large pits of just thongs and bras toward the back, and kinky clothes and toys in between. The shop attendants were caked in makeup and did not look like they were retaining much heat in their clothing. It was a pre-teen boy's wet dream manifested in front of them.

Plus, the store's catchphrase claimed this was a "high-end" sex shop. Whatever that meant.

So they lied, said they were all eighteen, and waltzed right in. Rikku grabbed the two girls, "C'mon, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just a little overwhelming." Olette answered honestly, looked from side to side, and then whispered back, "Do you think we will get in trouble for this?"

"Nonsense! There is nothing wrong with expressing our throbbing sexuality!" Rikku exclaimed, brandishing her arms to-and-fro. It went without saying that Rikku liked boys and was known for having excessive hormones. Kairi was not sure if there was any point in time in which Rikku was not "throbbing" for some guy. While Yuffie found them funny, some of the stories Rikku told them throughout the course of the year downright scared Kairi. Her crushes never lasted too long, though. Nonetheless, Rikku oozed sex.

"Yeah, come on, this is just for fun! How often do you get to walk into a sex shop with a group of friends?" Yuffie offered. Rikku was about to contradict but Kairi gave her a look.

"Yeah, don't worry. It will be fun." Kairi tried to offer.

Yuffie nearly shrieked, "I know! Each of us has to buy at least one set of underwear!"

"Yeah! And we have to wear it tonight!" Rikku added. They were grinning largely now. This was turning out to be very interesting. Kairi joined in the grins.

"I don't know…" Naminé mumbled, biting her lip and poking a dildo that hung on a wall. Olette eyed the toy that Naminé just touched. It came in five flavors.

"Okay, okay! New rule! If you don't buy anything, you have to skinny dip in Hayner's bathtub tonight." Yuffie was way too excited. Rikku mumbled something along the lines of doing it willingly.

"This is some sort of peer pressure, I know it." Kairi said.

"Yeah, and I'm going to choose what everyone's going to buy!"

Olette laughed, "Not fair! We should choose our own."

Kairi had a better idea, "Nah, lets just get partners."

Yuffie exploded, "Naminé! You are mine!" She abruptly grabbed Naminé's arm and proceeded to drag away the hesitant blonde into the piles of hot pink. Rikku grabbed Olette before a word could be passed between them.

"Hey! What about me?" Kairi exclaimed. Rikku halted, giving Olette whip lash, and gave Kairi an evil look.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch Eugenia, you're for last. You have to look good for Sora-poo." Olette looked at Rikku as she said this.

"No way, you and Sora are a thing?" Olette asked, wide-eyed. Kairi willed herself not to blush.

"No! I-"

Rikku interrupted with a finger jammed to Olette's lips; she stared at the finger that was now brushing her nose uncomfortable, "Hush, Olette. All will be revealed in due time. For now, the Kinky Gods are calling!" Rikku sped off into the back of the store, leaving Kairi alone.

Great, she thought. Now everyone will know. Not that she really expected it to stay a secret for a long period of time, knowing her friends, but some secrecy would have been nice. Kairi sighed. She might as well enjoy the day. This was the kind of material that she would remember for the rest of her life. Poor Olette and Naminé, though. Everything had gone smoothly as they were dress shopping. They had gotten some sweet deals and killer outfits, and they were all getting along very well. Rikku and Yuffie had behaved themselves, and were instead just very excited to dress up the other two. But once Rikku spotted "Lindy's Lickable Lolly-Pop" from across the street, all good hopes were lost.

And now, here they were, in a sex shop. Typical, really.

A store attendant asked if Kairi needed any help. Perhaps a new bra? Or maybe a vibrator? How about the Bible to Blowjobs, its half price? No, thank you, I'm good.

Kairi decided to search for her friends. What Kairi found moderately surprised her: instead of fights, or at the very least uncomfortable moments, they were all laughing. Even Naminé. I guess there was something about sex shops that just bonded girls together.

An hour later, the five of them walked out of the shop gasping for breathe.

"Naminé, I cannot believe, you just bought that!" Rikku screeched with laughter. Naminé smiled largely, looking more relaxed then they had ever seen her. Her hair was untidy and mussed, and her eyes were lit up in a twinkling luster.

"Well, I mean, it was either that or streak."

"Amen!" Yuffie prayed. Kairi looked at her watch and then back up. It was already 5:00 and starting to get dark. The sun was already behind the impossibly colossal mountains that loomed over them, and the air was slowly moving away from chilly to positively biting. Condensation appeared after every breath. She would have liked to appreciate the idly falling snow and pretty lights, but Kairi was almost sure her ass had frost bite.

"Okay, gang, let's bounce."

The five of them skipped down the icy sidewalk, giggling as they went, ready for the night that lay ahead.

Kairi felt oddly confident. And although she didn't want to admit it, it was most likely the underwear.

Her lingerie set was all silky silver and fully encrusted with tiny fake crystals. The result was glittery rainbows at every catch of the light. It was a major push-up bra that made her boobs practically bubble. The panties were surprisingly comfortable, and the matching garter belt was not so bad (although she was not going to wear it that night). In fact, if Kairi were a third party observer with no personal interest in the situation, she would say she looked pretty damn hot. That is, underneath her clothes. Which were not coming off. Period. Otherwise, she looked pretty normal. Maybe a little busty. Kairi grudgingly thought that you should not read a book by its cover; just strip the pages out and see what kinky things are inside. Kairi almost slapped herself.

Yuffie arrived at her house ten minutes before they were supposed to walk to Hayner's with Sora and Roxas, and she looked equally as exuberant, admitting that her little secret panties made the whole thing even more exciting. With bathing suits tucked in their jacket pockets, the girls called goodnight to Kairi's meditating mother, and shot out the door. The night was dark and full of clouds, leaving no relief of the moonlight. It was flurrying lightly and the wind was a little strong, but the temperature surprisingly wasn't too unmanageable.

The girls turned their heads at the sound of crunching snow to their right and watched the two boys appear out of the darkness. Kairi could not help but feel her heart skip when the brunette met eyes with her. It must have been the underwear, but Sora's beanie made him look extremely delectable.

Sweet Jesus. Delectable? What has become of her?

"Hey, guys!" Yuffie greeted with a muffle from under her scarf.

"Hey. You guys know how to get there?" Sora asked, looking from Yuffie to Kairi. She felt another jolt.

"Yeah, lets go."

So they trudged through the cold wind and snow, and after about a half hour walk downhill, they finally made it. To say the least, the house was dazzling. It was of modern architecture with many angles and light toned woods. The entrance was completely of glass that stretched up to the second floor. Classic white lights neatly lined the roof and bushes. The four of them were speechless; the house was massive. Softly, they could hear music beating from the inside.

"Well, uh, I guess we knock?" Roxas offered. Wrong. There was a massive door bell button that was the size of a hand. The resulting ring rose above the music. They watched as Hayner jogged toward the massive door and hauled it open.

Hayner was grinning ear-to-ear, "Welcome, broskis; coats on the wall, booze is in the back." Rather stunned, the four of them walked in together; that was how wide the door was, and turned to hang up their jackets.

"WOAH! It changed!" Kairi cried. Hayner impatiently waved her off.

"It changes from night to day," he started in a tone that made it obvious this was not the first time he'd explained this, and pointed to the glass wall that was now a giant silver mirror, "during the day that's what you see from the outside, at night that's what you see from the inside."

"Tubular…" Yuffie mumbled.

"Yeah, yeah. Hang your shit up and follow me."

They did as they were told and followed him toward the connecting pool house. Everything about the house was clean, polished, and light. They passed a Christmas tree that was easily twice the size of her own, and very extravagant yet clean decorations lined every room; real berry-filled wreathes that curled in formations Kairi didn't know were possible, enlarged glass ornaments hanging from the walls, silver ribbons that tied around every lamp, and intricately decorated candles on every surface. An enormous smooth stone fireplace crackled in the corner. Soon they reached the outdoor hot tub that was coated with steam. It had an attached pool bar covered in bottles, and a large, burning fire pit adjacent as well.

"Nice house." Yuffie squeaked.

"Yeah thanks, now go take your clothes off and jump in the hot tub." Pence, Rikku, Namine, and Olette were all on the couch in the pool house.

"Hey, guys! Sweet digs, right?" Rikku called from across the room, waving the four of them over. Kairi and Yuffie walked over to the girls, shared a communal look, and all burst out laughing. They were all wearing the lingerie as planned. Kairi was loving this.

"What are you girls laughing so loudly about?" Pence asked, putting down the PS3 controller to give them an odd look. The other boys were only half listening as they were admiring the collection of alcohol in front of them.

"Don't worry about it too much, Pence. It's a girl thing." Olette answered, barely able to suppress her giggles. This earned her a kick in the leg by Rikku who shushed her loudly in between giggles. Pence only stared, and then looked back at the other boys.

"Hey guys, the girls have some sort of dirty secret they want to tell you about." He said, picking up the controller once more. Olette gave him an annoyed look. And although quiet, Pence's words were able to always catch Hayner's attention, it seemed. Or maybe it was Hayner's born snoopiness.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" he asked, getting more interested by the second as the girls continued to laugh, "Did you guys order strippers?"

Kairi rolled her eyes, "Fuck no."

Pence glanced at the girls, and then back to the screen. He was winning by 10,000 points, whatever the game was, "No. They are the strippers."

Kairi blinked stupidly. He was so close to the truth it was scary. Olette huffed, "Pence! Shut up!" She then turned to the other girls and mumbled, "Pence has this weird distinct talent of reading minds."

Hayner had frozen in mid thought. A sly smile pulled on his lips, "Okay girls, take it off, take it all off, lets see what's underneath." This grabbed the attention of Sora and Roxas, were in middle of pouring a drink.

"Who's taking what off?" Sora asked.

"The girls. They have a secret under their cleverly conservative clothing." Hayner nodded. The excitement that these boys were radiating was enough to make Kairi gag.

"Okay. Bathing suits, now." Kairi said, "Olette lead the way to the bathroom."


They burst into laughter as they entered the bathroom. "Did you see their faces? What fucking twelve year olds." Rikku laughed.

Kairi laughed with them, "Man, I want to get in that hot tub."

"Yeah, 'cause you wanna snuggle up with Sora." Yuffie fired back, wiggling her eyebrows. Kairi almost tripped as she tried to take off her pants.

Olette laughed, "Yeah come on, now you gotta tell me about this Sora thing." Kairi quickly looked for an escape.

"Oh, um, gotta pee!"

Bullet dodged. Good one, Fast Kairi.

Bathing suits on and shivering uncontrollably, the girls all jumped into the hot tub with a relieved sigh. The thing was so huge that they could all fit with wiggle room in between. They chatted for some minutes until Kairi glanced at the who boys were all in the hot tub, but making drinks.

"You guys are too slow. Hurry up and enjoy our company." Kairi called over the rumble of the bubbling water. Hayner raised his eyebrows at her.

"Is that an invitation, Kairi?"

Kairi made a "bitch, please" face and rolled her eyes, "Yeah, right-"

But he was too quick, he had already made his way over to her and put his arm around her, "You know, I'm not generally into red heads, but for you, my dear Kairi, I can make an exception." Kairi's eyes defied her and glanced over at Sora, who was looking directly at Hayner's hand that was now squeezing Kairi face, the other out of view.

"Ew, sick, Hayner. You're such a creep." Olette rolled her eyes. Seeing his next, and most favored pray, Hayner made his way over to Olette.


"Yes. Seething."

"You know, I like it when you're feisty, Olette."

"I bite too."

"What do you want to drink?"

"Vodka and coke."


What a strange friendship they had, Kairi thought. It seemed that the other girls were thinking the same thing. Kairi was about to make a comment when she felt someone sit next to her. Kairi felt her stomach make a giant lurch when she realized it was Sora, and he was holding a second drink for her.

Kairi blinked, "Oh, uh, thanks. What is it?" Kairi suddenly felt quite shy and could not think of a thing to mock his chivalry. It was like she couldn't even look him in the eyes, and instead took her drink while only looking at his hands. This stupid little crush was getting troublesome to squash.

"Whiskey sour. Johnny Walker, too."

Johnny Walker? Kairi felt dizzy from Hayner's omnipresent wealth. Or at least, that's why she thought she was dizzy. Maybe it was the hot water. Or Sora. Or the hot Sora.

"Oh, thanks." she took a sip and watched the others settle down with drinks themselves. Something occurred to Kairi. Whiskey sour was her favorite drink. There is no way Sora just pulled that one out of a hat.

"Wait, how did you know I like whiskey sour?" Kairi braved herself and looked into Sora's eyes. She watched as he smiled and met her eyes, "Probably because that's what you told me seven times at that party." Kairi went red.

Hayner, ever the eavesdropper, jumped on this, "Woah, woah, you two were at a party together? Why wasn't I invited?" Kairi frantically looked over at Rikku and Yuffie who were grinning. A slight pause ensued. Kairi busied herself by watching the silver steam spiral into the sky.

She felt Sora make a sideways glance at her, and then back at Hayner, "Oh, it was back in Destiny Islands." Kairi was bracing herself.

Olette, finally understanding, said, "Ohhh, so you guys go to the same school or something?"

"No, I live on a different island than she does."

"But you were both at a party?" Hayner asked, suspicious. Was it really that obvious what was going on here? Kairi thought she was being pretty discrete about all this. Was her face really that red? Kairi looked over at her two best friends and she realized that all hopes were lost; Yuffie was about to blow.


Okay, the moogle was out of the bag. Kairi sunk as low as she could in the water. Sora felt stiff beside her. She swore she was about to die. Everyone laughed except Roxas, who was beside Sora. Kairi watched, as everyone continued to laugh and give Yuffie high fives, as Roxas leaned toward Sora and said, "Bro, you never told me."

She blinked. Kairi could hardly believe her ears. Sora hadn't told Roxas? Roxas hadn't known all along? Kairi had been wrong? For some reason, Kairi felt her heart swell in the slightest. She remembered Sora claim he wasn't a dickweed. And not telling his own cousin, which any other guy Kairi has ever known would have done, definitely qualifies as a non-dickweed move. Here she thought they were comparing and discussing her behind her back. But she wasn't even close. She hadn't even scratched the surface in figuring this boy out.

And before she could stop herself, Kairi asked, "Wait, you didn't tell your cousin?" Sora was a little flustered and confused by this, and instead busied himself with a sip of his drink.

Roxas answered for him, "Yeah, I'm not surprised. He, like, never tells me anything."

"What a valiant man, this Sora is!" Rikku called, holding up her glass, "Here! Here!"

"Rikku, shut up." Kairi said bluntly.

"So, Sora," Hayner started, giving the look she was already getting used to, "How was she?"

Sora, who decided that humor was no the only way to approach this, laughed, "Well, she meowed a lot."

Kairi was going to blow.

"WHAT? No I didn't!" Kairi stood up in outrage and stared down at the brunette who was now howling with laughter with the others. Feeling the wind chill on her wet body, Kairi immediately plunged back in the water. But everyone was still laughing.

"Hey! I meowed before we hooked up, remember? On the couch where you looked like you were drugged?" Sora laughed at this.

"I do believe you meowed later, too." he grinned a dazzling grin and nudged her playfully. It was almost enough to make Kairi melt and crack a smile. Almost.

"You are lying."

"I would never lie to you."

Kairi rolled her eyes. And so did her stomach. Kairi was starting to loathe this stupid crush of hers.

About an hour later, after consecutive drinking and many wise-ass jokes on "Kitty Kairi's" behalf, they were all around the fire pit. Now, it may seem like a dilemma to have a bunch of wet teenagers out in the freezing cold, despite the hot fire, but Hayner, ever the prepared one, conveniently and inexplicably had Snuggies for everyone. Everyone except Kairi.

"What do you mean you only have eight Snuggies?" Kairi cried with a drunken slur, shivering uncontrollably in the wind as everyone wrapped themselves in warm goodness.

"Probably because that is all we got for Christmas last year from my grandparents." Hayner retorted as he wrapped himself in his camo Snuggie. Kairi was now shivering so hard that it hurt, but her two best friends were way too drunk to really notice. They were both double teaming Roxas at the moment, it seemed. Namine looked red.

"What…happened to…chivalry? Why…me?"

"Because gingers do not have souls, and therefore do not deserve Snuggies."

"Bull…shit-t-t! You guys look…stupid…anyways!"

Pence stood up in horror, "No way! I look like a Jedi warrior!"

"There is only one way in settling this." Hayner said, putting his finger up and grabbing the attention of the others, "Someone must volunteer to share their Snuggie with Kairi. And I, the undisputed leader, volunteer Sora for the job."

"Wh-what?" Kairi cried. It took Sora a second to react because of the alcohol. The group drunkenly cheered, "And why…is that?"

"For two reasons, Gingie: because of your obvious sexual tension that has been vibrating all through the hot tub, and…because he's the one with the extra-large Snuggie."

If Kairi's face were able to flush, it would have, "No…way!"

Sora, looking a little too pleased, rolled his eyes and opened his blue Snuggie, "Come on Kairi, don't be stupid. You're blue." Kairi took a second to analyze the situation. Either run into the house alone frozen, or share Sora's oozing body warmth and not freeze. Kairi's headstrong pride was not in function at the moment, so she skipped her ass into Sora's Snuggie.

Kairi swore she had never felt anything so warm in her life. The relief was immediate. The Snuggie had an oven effect that mingled with Sora's body heat. And when Sora drunkenly grabbed her legs so that he was almost cradling her, Kairi forgot all cold and only shivered to his warmth. His arms were around her, his hands friction to her skin, and Kairi would never admit this to herself, but this was secretly what she had wanted this whole time; his arms around her again. She had a flashback of his scent and it flooded her nostrils like the air itself. Her whole body was electricity, and she was sure he could feel it too.

Kairi neither heard nor cared what the conversation was about around them. She didn't even try and pay attention. The world was spinning and the voices were mumbling and she just felt so warm that she clutched him as tight as she could because she knew it wouldn't last forever. She wasn't sure how long they were like that, but it was both excruciating and blissful at the same time. The whole time is was like both were waiting for the other to make some sort of move in a direction that had been walked before. It was like an electric waiting game and it kept her entertained for what seemed like hours.

When she felt his finger run a line down her bare spine, Kairi decided it was time to pee. The gallant fellow he was, he walked with her still in the Snuggie, as if in a walking embrace. They tip-toed into the house and Kairi let herself free from his arms and ran to get her jacket. Well, ran is a kind word to use, because she was actually stumbling violently. But she ran, nonetheless.

He followed her and just as she finished putting on her jacket, he had her pushed up against the wall. He was no longer wearing the Snuggie, and was instead bare chested and breathing hard. His lips grazed her ear and his breathe was hot and wet on her shoulder. Kairi once against shuddered. He stepped closer. They stood like that for what seemed like minutes, his hands softly running down her side.

"This whole pretending to hate me act is becoming more and more transparent as we go." his voice was rough and it sliced through her. Her knees were incredibly wobbly and her vision was not straight, so she closed her eyes.

"I do hate you…" she drunkenly whispered back.

He made a small laugh in her ear, "It doesn't seem that way." Just as he said this his fingers were at the very small of her back tracing the material of her bikini bottom and she was way over her head and she couldn't take it anymore.

A cool breeze of some sort entered her lungs and Kairi snapped out of it. She made her way out of the bronze boy's arms and headed for the living room. She stopped and looked back. She could see herself in the reflection of the silvery window and she looked wild and happy and drunk. She locked eyes with Sora and she swore she had never met anyone who could pierce her the way his eyes could. They were spectacularly blue, and the intense look he gave her was something she wanted to catch in a bottle and keep in her pocket forever.

But tonight was not the night. Whatever sliver of pride that Mr. Walker had left her was now sharp as a tack. She had to play with him a little.

"I am going to sleep." she said slowly, smiling in the most tantalizing way she could, "Tuck me in?"

Maybe she was crazy for passing up a chance like that. But the time would come. For now, she just needed some sleep and maybe a sandwich.

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