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Kyle: I am not!

PaperclipKiller: Are too.

Kyle: Asshole.

PaperclipKiller: Fire-crotch. Anyway, ignore him. Here's my version of the sixteen year-old Kyle and Stan. Have fun!

Kyle: I'm not gay!

PaperclipKiller: Sure you're not...

Tonight was the night! Tonight was Kyle's birthday and he had invited his life-long friend, Stan over for a sleepover to stay up all night, get drunk, and play video games. Nothing could possibly be better. His mother and father gone, taking Ike with them, and leaving their perfect child alone. Now that he was sixteen it didn't bother them to leave him alone for a little while like, let's say, over the weekend for them to go off and visit a friend from high school. Besides, they knew Kyle didn't want to go and didn't mind to leave him behind.

Now, that was all great and everything but right now Kyle couldn't stop thinking about Stan. Kyle admitted he was very nervous; he had butterflies and his cheeks were flushed. He looked like crap too. His uncontrollable red hair was messy and hanging over his eyes that stared blankly at the mirror before him. He hated his damn hair! He had never liked it and on numerous occasions asked his mother to dye it a different color but no, that was bad and he could quote, for "Stuck up, no good, hoodlum children and I will never let you turn out like that!" He could basically recite the speech. By the age of thirteen he had given up on trying to ask.

He sighed, pulling roughly on a strand of hair that hung down onto his nose. "Ugh!"

Just then the doorbell rang and Kyle nearly jumped out of his skin. It was Stan, it had to be. In a second Kyle was in front of the door. Taking a deep breath he opened the door and stared into the eyes of his best friend and smiled. "Hey Stan," he said, stepping aside to let his friend into his house.

"Hey Kyle, your mom home?"

"Nah, they're gone for the weekend and took Ike with them," Kyle said closing the door, "we're all alone. The booze are in the kitchen. Thank Damien for those."

"I'll keep that noted Kyle," Stan commented over his shoulder before kicking off his shoes, taking off his jacket, and jumping over the back of the couch and onto it. He proped his head onto his arms and sighed. "I love your couch man, it's soooo soft."

Kyle rolled his eyes but couldn't help but smile. His friend would never admit it but he was a nerd. A big one. A cute one. Kyle bit his lip. It was his sixteenth birthday and he had decided that this would be the milestone to tell his best friend and come out of the closet. Not to his parents of course and there was no way that he was gonna tell Cartman but he would at least try and tell Stan and Kenny. Kenny, the first person to figure it out, was accepting and nice. Kenny didn't seem to mine but he wasn't Stan. Kenny never laughed at the same things Stan did and Stan, even though he and Kyle had been friends for a long time, Stan had never opened his mouth or voiced his opinion on gays and their community.

Kyle was scared.

Really scared.

Fucking scared.

"Hey, you okay Kyle?" Stan's voice broke Kyle from his current train of thought and made the redhead gasp. "Kyle, your acting weird. You drunk?"

Kyle blinked a few times before coming up with an actual answer. "No, I'm not but I'm kind of bothered by something."

"By what man? You know you can tell me anything." Stan got up at that, a general look of worry on his face and his eye focused on his friend. Stan stood and somehow made it over the couch to where Kyle was in seconds. Was time slowly down or was Kyle's mind? He couldn't tell. "Dude, tell me what's wrong."

Kyle shook his head. "I don't know if I can man, it's personal yah know?"

Stan smiled at that, his eyes twinkling with amusement. "Kyle, personal? We're basically brothers!" Stan grabbed Kyle's shoulders and shook slightly to make Kyle look at him. "We've known each other since we were in elementary! We've fought through middle school and now, we're in high school together! We know everything about each other."

Not everything...Kyle thought. "I guess your right."

"You know I'm right," Stan said with a smile. "Now, tell me what's wrong or I'll steal your hat."

Kyle snorted and glared at stan before looking down at his shoes. There was no way he could do this. His mind wouldn't let him. His heart told him that it was right but somehow Kyle's gut told him that it would ruin their relationship. "Stan, I've been confused about something for awhile now and I've finally came to terms with myself," Kyle said then added, "so, in short, I've figured out something really interesting and Kenny said that I should tell you."

Stan's hands dropped to his sides limply like something hit him. "You talked to Kenny about it before me?"

Kyle paused. Oh shit! Kyle and Stan always talked to each other about everything before they told anyone else. Everything. Stan had even asked Kyle about dating Wendy before they had hooked up and even though it hurt Kyle to death Kyle had told him go for it. "Yeah but it was personal and it involved you and I didn't want you to freak or anything so I asked him for help. Listen, it's got nothing to do with--"

"I got it," said Stan, voice firm. "Keep going."

Kyle sighed. He had to do this. He had to get this off his chest and he had to tell Stan or else it might break them apart. Kyle had noticed how much of a douche he had become to Stan over the last mouth when he had found out his feelings for his friend and at first, it had scared him. Stan had been hurt and he had to make it up to him. "I like you."

Stan blinked. "Well, duh." Stan turned to the kitchen and Kyle choked. "Is that what you've hung yourself up on all month? You like me? Of course you like me! You're my best friend, Kyle!"

Kyle followed, standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "No, Stan, I don't think you get it." Stan was already looking through the beer and rummaging deeper, possibly for something better. "Stan, I'm gay."

Stan froze for a moment, hands stuck to a bottle of Captain Morgan and stayed there. His whole body was rigged. Kyle held his breath. He almost thought he had killed him by how still he was but then Stan moved. He moved his hand to set down the bottle of liquor and then turn, eyes searching and eyebrow corked. "You're gay?" Kyle nodded, gulping hard. Stan blinked, stood up straight and stared at some random object before taking off his hat to reveal his short black hair that fell over his ears and forehead. He ran his one hand through it before releasing a small sigh and looking toward Kyle again. "Why didn't you tell me in the first place?"

Kyle blushed. "What?"

Stan smiled, eyes glistening with amusement and understanding. "Kyle, we're best buds and you think that just because you like cock better then tits I'm not gonna like you anymore?"

Kyle stared for a moment considering his next move. He nodded. Stan stared back for a moment before bursting into loud, full-hearted laughter. Kyle blushed hard. "What? You think it's wrong to be afraid?" Kyle yelled. "I was so afraid that you were gonna, like, shun me dude! I thought you'd hate me!"

Stan stopped laughing and let it die into a small, light chuckle. He said nothing and grabbed the bottle of Captain Morgan and two Coke's from the fridge before walking toward Kyle. He was smiling and Kyle, who looked flustered and angry, was pouting cutely. Stan leaned down since Kyle was a few inches shorter then he and whispered in his ear making the other blush. "How could I hate someone who's exactly like me?"


And with that Stan stood to his full height, handed Kyle a Coke and smiled. "C'mon homo, let's get drunk and have fun. Maybe you'll get lucky," Stan said turning into the living room before commenting over his shoulder. "I mean, it's your birthday after all."

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