Title: Prologue - Part 1

Series: Unexpected Series

Author: Mel M./Misty AKA

Archive: None but willing to share if you ask ^.^

Pairing: None yet.

Rating: G for this chapter..

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Comments: Here's a little snippet to start out the series. It's a short one so bare with me. If you feel so inclined, feedback is yummy so toss some scraps this way, huh?

Prologue Part 1

Dear diary,

So the last few months have been crazy. After escaping the Foster creeps, I made it to New Gotham and you wouldn't believe it. I met them, the women from my dream. Well come to find it wasn't really a dream. Anyway, I've been working with them and going to school. It's pretty cool, even if Helena gives me a hard time. Barbara's really supportive, especially since my mom died and I know this might sound heartless but it doesn't hurt anymore. I missed the idea of what could have been but she left that girl behind when I was five. I still wonder what things would be like if she were here but I can't change what happened. Alfred says everything 'occurs for a reason' and even if I'm not sure what it is now, maybe I will. My powers are easier to control now, although we've had some close calls. Telekinesis isn't as fun as it sounds but I'm getting the hang of it. There's still room for improvement but Barbara says I'm improving nicely.

We still think there's some big bad lurking in the shadows pulling on puppet strings but they haven't made any major moves. I don't know what they plan but I can feel it coming. It leaves a sinking in my stomach and I'm afraid the worst is yet to come. Another dream came to me last night about a girl no older than me and she was petrified beyond words. There were men chasing her and she couldn't run fast enough, suited figures multiplying and filling the space around every corner to leap out and trap her. Her heart was racing, so loud she feared they'd hear it and it was almost like they did. I don't know where they took her or what they plan to do next but I can't leave her there. Once Barbara wakes up I'm going to tell her about this and maybe we can help her, whoever she is.

~ D