"So, d'you think his orders are to bring me in dead or alive?" Harry murmured into his beer, eyes cutting sideways to the slightly out-of-place wizard nearer the bar.

"Perhaps you should try ducking out the back, see if he tries to curse you." Draco suggested lazily, running a finger around the rim of his martini glass.

Harry sighed. "You are no help at all." he said in a normal tone. "I'll catch up to you tomorrow. If I'm still alive." he added.

Draco snorted. "Oh, you'll be fine, pet." he said, smirking. "I'll distract him for you, shall I?"


My buffer is down to nothing, but I've five drabbles in the 'ready for final polish' stage. Probably activities at Kali's place tonight: more painting while I'm staying up half the night, listening to J-Rock and a thunderstorm.