A World Gone White


Harry dearly wanted to shove his head under his pillow, but he supposed he'd better answer. He called back something that was at least vaguely like an inquisitive response, but Draco's voice didn't echo up to him from downstairs again.

Instead, a few minutes later, Draco was standing in the doorway of the bedroom, watching him. "The Floo was shut off for maintenance as of yesterday evening, correct?" he asked.

Harry's brow furrowed, but eventually he caught the relevant piece of information floating about his brain, and nodded.

"There is half a blizzard outside, I'm not Apparating through the energy from the storm in the air, and we've no functional Floo." Draco summed up. "I think we're snowed in, love. At least for a few days."

Harry sat up, confused, and mumbled at the curtains, flapping his hand at them. They obediently opened, even while he heard his boyfriend smothering snickers at him.

Tough, he'd been up until past four this morning working on-

Bloody hell, Draco was right. There was a mass of white outside the window, and precious little else. When he moved closer, looking down, the ground was invisible beneath a thick cover of snow.

As Draco had implied, it would not be fun to walk through, assuming it was possible, and reaching the nearby village - a pleasant walk, in the spring - wouldn't help them anyway.

He moved swiftly back to bed, shivering. "You know. . ."

"I'll come back up to keep your lazy self company in bed, and warm us both up, just as soon as I've finished my tea." Draco said, and while his expression was disdainful, his tone was softly fond.

Harry snuggled back against the pillows and thick, fluffy blankets, yawning, and waited for Draco to return, watching the world swirl white outside.


Last update of 2012, and last update before my hiatus, I am sorry to say! I hope you've enjoyed my little stories, and that you'll come back for more when I return, thank you.

This one was written when there was talk of a blizzard, or at least heavier snow here - we got about half an inch, maybe, and it didn't stick.

There is going to be a new (much smaller) series of drabbles starting tomorrow, so pop back around to my profile page if you might be interested in that! (Apparently I don't really know how to stop any more. Even when I'm preparing to dive into a NaNoWrMo-esque fanfiction project in January with some fellow writers.)