This was written to fulfil a request from M3mnoch7, who left the 2,000th review on this story!


Draco couldn't quite release his hold on his lover, even long enough to look around this place - which smelled rather more like fire and death than it had when they first dragged him through to the cells.

Harry was holding him just as tightly, though, and Draco allowed himself to bask in the familiar clasp.

He felt a little like a swooning princess, clinging to Harry, but supposed he deserved it after the week he'd had.

"Draco. . ." Harry said, voice low and rough.

Draco shivered, and Harry dragged him into a passionate, possessive kiss. He moaned, melting beneath it, and Harry growled, pushing him back, muttering a pair of spells.

Draco gasped, surprised, finding himself suddenly nude, but the familiar magic sliding inside him only prompted a moan. He wrapped his legs around Harry's waist as Harry pressed him against the wall.

"Fuck, now, Harry. . ." Draco urged, not in the mood to wait.

Harry huffed something that was almost a laugh, then obliged, both of them crying out as Harry pushed into him.

"You belong to me, Draco." Harry said roughly, nipping Draco's neck as he set a harsh pace that had Draco ready to fall to pieces almost instantly.

"Yes, yes, come on, yes!" Draco demanded, pulling Harry's hair. "Salazar take it, you've proven it to them, now prove it to me!"

Harry groaned, forcing Draco a little higher, his thrusts hard enough to flirt with pain on both sides now. "You," Harry panted, "are mine, Draco Malfoy. For always." His eyes glowed.

Harry's orgasm spilled into him, and Draco keened, one touch of his lover's hand bringing him over as well.

"Always." Draco repeated hazily. "Love you."

Harry kissed his fingertips. "Love you, gorgeous." he replied, as Draco felt a familiar caress; Harry's magic was taking them home.


The request was for Dark Harry and Draco . . . mm, making up for lost time, after Harry rescued Draco.