"I ain't gonna lie Ness. It's pretty damn hot out." Jake said with a swipe to his sweaty forehead.

"Agreed." I sighed groggily.

We were at Jake's house on the reservation, sweating out of our minds. This summer had been particularly hot in the Pacific Northwest, hottest on record. My parents and family fared well with the hot weather; their bodies were barely affected by the heat. The pack and I on the other hand, were scorching because of our high body temperature. Being hot so to speak comes in handy usually in this rainy, cold environment that was our home. But not this summer. It sucked.

I pulled my curls up into ratty ponytail and fanned myself. Jake just stayed on the couch, trying not to move. The Blacks' lack of air conditioning was dreadful. The tiny house felt like an oven. I looked at Jake again. He was shirtless, and seriously sweating. His eyes were droopy from the heat, and he just sat there, being a lump on the old couch.

"That's it!" I declared, jumping up. That startled him a bit, though he barely moved.

"I can't take this damn heat anymore! I'm going to the beach." I said loudly, moving to the door. Jake just rolled his eyes. "Nessie, the beach is packed. Plus your skin will kinda attract attention." Jake nearly groaned. He had a point. As I had grown older and matured, my skin became more vampire than human. It glimmered in direct sunlight, but not the full-blown sparkle that the rest of my family had. I frowned at the thought and took my hand from the metal door handle. "Isn't there any other place we could go?" I asked him. He sat up slowly and his moist skin stuck to the fabric of the couch a little bit. "Well, there is one place. But it's a long walk, and I really don't feel like phasing at the moment." Jake grumbled with a yawn.

"Oh come on Jake, don't be such a marshmallow. I'll race ya!" I tempted him. He sighed. "Fine. I'll just get a head start!" I bellowed as I ran for the door. I didn't give him a chance to think. He had to follow me now. I ran for the woods, knowing exactly the place he was talking about. Another, shady little beach existed just north of First Beach, though no one except Jake, Quil and Embry ever went there. Good thing Quil went to First Beach with Claire today; and Embry had gone to visit some cousin in New York for the next week. So now Jake and I had the place all to ourselves. That is, when he decided to follow. I heard the door slam again and then heavy, pounding footsteps follow. I picked up my pace, slipping into a steady, semi-vamp run. But Jake was fast too. I heard his clothes rip to shreds as he phased and ran for me, plowing toward the woods. I ran faster but then felt his wet nose bump the exposed skin of my back.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed playfully. Jacob ran right next to me and brushed my lightly with his tail. An invitation. I gracefully hopped up on his back without thought, burying my hands into his musty fur. He ran with ease, though his breathing was somewhat labored from the heat. We were racing though the woods now, and the cool shade of the tall trees was a small relief to the heat. I could hear the gentle waves of the ocean nearby, and the laughing, screaming and talking of the families on First Beach. We ran for another minute or so when we came through a break in the trees. We were at the edge of a low cliff, and Jake stopped just before the plunge. He looked back at me. I was still on his back. I saw his eyes glint with mischief. My eyes narrowed.

"You wouldn't dare." I challenged. He barked a laugh before jumping into the air, flinging me off his back and over the edge of the cliff. I screamed on the way down, though I wasn't actually scared. I landed in the calm ocean with a splash, and the cool water was pure heaven. I sighed and just leant back to float. While on my back, I looked to the top of the cliff to wait for Jake. I heard his heavy human breathing, then the little sounds of his putting his bathing suit on. He appeared at the tip and grinned down at me.

"I hate you." I said plainly. He grinned wider before hurling himself off the cliff with a exhilarated howl. He landed right next to me, his impact sending water all over my face. He came up shaking his head. I giggled.

"Ahh." Jake breathed, leaning back to float as well. "This water feels awesome"

"I know." I whispered back, just relaxing. We floated there, just listening to the soft waves around us. After about five minutes, I felt something odd touch my arm. I opened my eyes to see a neon pink lounger raft bobbing next to me. "Hey, Jake." I called.

"Yeah?" He answered sleepily.

"Check it out." I said.

Jake looked over and smiled. "Cool." He hooted, swimming over toward me. I climbed in and lied back.

"Mind if I join you?" He asked with a cocky smile.

"Not at all, sir." I responded with a smile too. Jake clambered in next to me, sort of pushing me off the tiny raft.

"Hey!" I laughed, splashing him.

"Sorry, sorry." He apologized, grabbing my arm and pulling me back on gently. I sprawled on his huge, warm body and he chuckled.

"Wait a sec." I stated as I held up one finger. My legs were around his waist, so I used his body to keep me balanced as I pulled my sopping wet bathing suit cover up over my head. The polyester fabric had been getting annoying in the water, so now I was just left with my little polka dot bikini. My rather skimpy polka dot bikini…

I threw the irritating piece of clothing into the water, not caring where it went. Now more comfortable, I bent down and lied on top of Jacob and I propped myself up on my elbows against his chest. I didn't look at him though. Because this was a lot of physical contact for us. And I didn't know how he felt about it.

"Where do ya think this random floatie came from?" I asked him, needing to create some small talk. I felt him shrug. "Must be one of the tourists." He told me. "Probably floated away without them realizing."

"Hm." I said simply, looking above his head and out into the waves. He moved his hands from his sides and lightly placed them on my lower back. I looked at him. He was looking at his hands.

"I don't think we'll give it back though." He whispered, drawing his eyes to my face now. I didn't look away. He took one of his hands of my back and removed a stray curl from my face, then, ever so gently stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes in delight.

"Your skin…" He mumbled, "I used to think it whole sparkle thing was weird… But now, on you… it's absolutely beautiful."

I opened my eyes to see him just looking at me, marveling.

"Beautiful…" He repeated, stroking my cheek again. I looked into his eyes and felt something I never had before. It was the most extreme sense of want, no, need I had for this beautiful man in front of me. But how? He was my best friend? He had always been there. And at that moment I was positive he always would be.

"Renesmee…" He sighed, taking my face in both his hands now. I closed my eyes and be brought my face to his. My heart was racing and so was his. Our lips touched ever so lightly, then slowly, with more force. I sat up a bit to take his face with my hands, letting my love for him pour into his mind, making him know how I felt at this very moment. Our tongues touched the tiniest bit, making me go weak. Slowly, we both pulled away to just look at each other, almost uncomprehending. I didn't know this feelings, didn't understand, but that didn't mean I didn't like them.