Summary: When Snape follows rumors Hermione works at a gentleman's club, he gets more than he bargained for. Rated M.

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He stood in the dark club. He could feel the deep bass of the music pulsing through the air. Snape never dreamed of walking though a muggle gentleman's club. Actually, he never thought he would willingly lower himself to enjoy such immoral delicacies. Of course, working for the Dark Lord, he was expected to partake in any twisted frivolity pushed onto him.

But the rumors failed to die down and Snape had to see with his own eyes. Was the beautiful brunette of the Golden Trio really working as a stripper? And in America no less. Yes, he could imagine Hermione Granger did not welcome the fame after the fall of the Dark Lord. She did not seem the type to love the attention from strangers like some of her peers.

Snape picked a small table in a secluded corner. He was comfortable with his back against the wall and had a good view of the stage. It was not long before a scantily clad blond sat on his lap. She locked her hands behind his head, ignoring his startled face. "How would you like to buy me a dance?" She whispered into his ear. Her heavily powdered face left a smear on his cheek.

Snape jerked back. He was not sure if he was more taken back by her aggressiveness or her interest in him. Teased mercilessly from his awkward teenage years to harsh whispers behind his back in adulthood only tore at what little self esteem Snape managed to build. "Excuse me?" was all he could muster.

"A dance," the blond patiently explained, "you pay for a dance and we go to the private room." She pointed to a closed section near the stage. "And I give you a lap dance." She returned her hand to the back of his neck. "Are you interested?"

Snape was irritated by her intrusion. He grabbed her wrists and forced them to her sides. "And what makes you think I would be interested in..." he looked down her body with a sneer, "what you have to offer?"

The blond's jaw dropped. "And simple 'no thank you' would be enough!" She stalked off to another customer. Snape could her whisper some curse under her breath, but he did not care what she thought. He was here for one woman. No other could distract him. He took out his handkerchief and wiped the makeup off his face.

And that's when he saw her. Hermione Granger dressed in a black corset, matching thong, and dark stockings held up with garters. His eyes froze at the sight. She stood at the bar, scanning the patrons. She avoided the corner Severus sat in.

She must have seen me walk in. Snape thought. He did not try to blend in. He made no attempt with muggle clothes. He felt more comfortable in his traditional black robes. The gentleman's club was located in a seedy downtown neighborhood. He knew the locals would only consider him eccentric and pass him without raising and eyebrow.

Well, enough of this. I'm tired of playing games. Snape stood from the table and made his way to Hermione. The war was over. His spy duties were no longer necessary. So many years of games, secrets, and deceit wore him thin. After recovering from Nagi's bit in St. Mongo's, Snape promised himself a life free of such restraints.

He was more than half way across the room before she realized he was walking toward her. Her eyes were wide and wild with panic. She quickly searched for an escape but stood still. Her actions were not lost on Severus.

"Looking to avoid me?" He cut himself short of calling her Miss Granger. This was not Hogwarts and he was not her teacher. "Isn't there some sort of rule against you running from customers?"

Hermione raised her chin and squared her shoulders. "I was not going to run." Her tone was less than pleasant. "But I will avoid certain customers if I believe they will be trouble." She said. She draped her hands over the bar in an attempt to appear casual.

Snape sighed. He could almost take pleasure in her attitude. Always a Gryffindor. "I assure you, I do not plan on causing trouble." He stood in front of the young woman with his hands at his sides.

"You will be trouble if you don't buy a drink or a dance." She said.

"Very well." Snape waved to the barkeeper. After paying for his drink, he returned his attention to the woman. He found it hard to believe this curvaceous beauty in front of him was once a bushy-haired buck-toothed bookworm that interrupted his lectures with her memorized facts.

He sipped his drink and took in her splendor. Her soft brown hair stopped just below her shoulders. Even in the dimly lit club, he could still see some golden strands highlighting her soft curls. Her face looked free of any makeup except for her lips. Hermione's natural beauty allowed her to skip the foundation and powder unlike her coworkers.

Severus traced her collar bone with his eyes. He was amazed how that singular aspect made her look so feminine. He could not help but notice her ample cleavage held back from the world in her black corset. Her narrow waist gave way to her flared hips. Severus groaned inwardly at her hourglass figure. He was glad for the school robes that hid her features for so many years. If he saw her womanly figure while Hermione was a student, he could never forgive himself for the desires he felt now.

"How did you find me?" She asked, dragging him from his thoughts.

"I have to admit, it was not easy. But you underestimate my ability. Working as a spy under Dumbldor's guide for so many years has left me with some useful skills." Snape could see her pained face at the mention of Dumbledor's name. He tried to think of the words to soothe her before she changed the subject.

Hermione looked over the crowd, ignoring his gaze. "So was your plan to stare at me all night?"

Severus shook himself. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "I'm sorry. I did not mean to stare." He apologized. "I never expected so see you in a place like this." Severus inwardly cringed. His statement sounded too much like an insult.

She turned her head to meet his face. "Likewise."

"I did not mean to be rude." Severus struggled for the words. "What I mean is you are smart and strong. I would not have expected a female with your values to work in a position that objectifies women."

"Well I do not believe I am being objectified." She stated with some pride.

Severus was happy so see she still had her head strong ideas. "Please enlighten me."

"With pleasure." She stepped closer to him. Her body inches from his. "Sex is power." She stated matter of fact. "I have the power. It may appear like the men have power because they pay to see me. But I can choose who I interact with. I choose how I arouse men and I can stop anytime I want. I am taking control of my sexuality and I do what I please"

Snape thought this over. "And am I correct to assume this work is only dancing? You do not offer extra services?"

Hermione smiled at his delicate phrasing. "I am not a prostitute. Plus this is a great opportunity for research."

"And the real Hermione I know comes out." Snape's low voice hit her ears. "What possible study would require this kind of research?"

"Feminist studies."

"Muggle studies?" He whispered so no one could overhear.

"Among others." She snapped.

Snape took a sip of his drink. "You never cease to amaze me."

"I am actually making a lot of progress on my thesis. Not long before I get my degree."

"And research is the only reason you would chose such a profession?"

The corners of her lips twitched in a hidden smile. "Well I do get paid quite a bit for a few hours of work."

"May I ask why you chose to relocated to America? It does seem like a very odd choice."

Hermione smiled at his question. "I wanted to go someplace no one knew me. Where no one knew my past. I wanted a fresh start to live as a normal college student."

"Is the plan working?" He asked.

"It was until you walked in here." She sighed. "So are you going to buy a dance, or will I be forced to leave you and ask another customer?"

He almost choked on his drink mid-sip. "My, you are straight to the point."

"I'm not here to chat Severus. I'm here to work."

Snape was surprised to hear her use his first name. It was another reminder how much this woman in front of him was so different from the child he taught a few short years ago. Before he could stop himself, he answered. "Yes I would like a dance."

Hermione grabbed his hand and spun on her heel. She held his hand on her shoulder and lead him to the closed section by the stage.

Snape was amazed at the sight on the stage. A woman slid down the pole upside down. Her right leg wrapped around the pole while her left leg pointed out to the ceiling. Her body revolved around the pole as she slowly came to the ground. She looked like a wind up toy coming to the end of the spring. Her decent down the pole was met with cheers and men waving folded bills.

The entrance next to the stage was guarded by a large man. His crossed arms highlighted his muscular biceps. He stood four inches above Snape's thin frame. "The girl can touch you. You do not touch the girl. She can stop the dance anytime she wants." The security guard pushed his meaty finger in Snape's chest. "You will be a gentleman at all times or I will throw you out. Understand?"

Snape could understand the need to keep the women safe. But he did not like being talked to as if he were a guilty pervert. "Yes," he hissed at the security guard and handed the guard some folded bills. The guard nodded and opened the door for the two.

Hermione led him into a smaller room with couches against the walls. Another muscular bully stood by a stack of equipment Severus guessed was some sort of sound system. The bully eyed Severus with a stern frown.

She dropped his hand, leaving Severus to stand in the middle of the room. He took in the room while Hermione whispered with the other security guard. "You've never picked that song before." The guard said.

"I know. Consider this a special occasion." Hermione patted the guard on his shoulder and walked back to Severus. The guard busied himself with the equipment and soon Severus heard synthesized drum beat float out of the speakers.

She closed her eyes as if feeling the touch of a familiar friend. Her head moved slightly to the beat of the music. Hermione lifted her lids and locked eyes with Severus. Her gaze was strong as she placed the palms of her hand on his shoulders and pushed him.

Severus landed not so softly on a couch behind him. He gasped quietly. Hermione looked down at her ex-potions master. With her hands on her hips, her lips curled in a devious smirk. He could not help but be shocked how this sexy woman standing before him looked and acted nothing like the girl he remembered. He was shocked, and pleased.

An electric guitar strummed along with the synthetic drums in a steady slide. Hermione closed her eyes and allowed her body to flow with the music. A man's voice started to sing. Hermione eyes flashed opened and locked with Severus' gaze.

Hermione straddled Snapes' lap. She firmly planted her legs on the outside of his lap. Her groin hovering inches from his. She leaned over his chest, allowing him a perfect view of her breasts. Snape could feel the smooth stockings against his hands.

Hermione placed her hands on the back of the couch on either side of his head. Her arms essentially securing him in place. The music continued. Severus felt as if she captured him. Hermione had a triumphant smile on her face.

He could not help but remember her words. 'Sex is power...I have the power." Hermione playfully brushed her crotch against his pants. Severus tried to think of potions ingredients, quidditch, anything but the sexy woman rubbing against his body.

He closed his eyes to keep his body from reacting to her minstrations. He did not want to be more embarrassed than he already was. She brushed her lips against his ear. Her body arched seductively over his frame. She traced the outline of his ear with her tongue. Her hot breath against his neck.

Severus let out a breath he was not aware he was holding. He felt the power drain from his legs. Hermione leaned back down to him and locked eyes. For a second, her pupils appeared dilated. She put her full weight on his lap. Severus' attempts to fight his body's reaction failed. He could feel the heat from her body radiate on his lap. She smiled with dark eyes. He could not believe this woman was once part of the golden trio. Her actions now were more in line of a Slytherin. Hermione swirled her hips in smooth circles over his lap.

Snapes' chest heaved at the feel of her body against his. She groaned softly against his neck. She pressed her chest to his and held him tight. Snape felt as if he lost touch with the world. As if nothing existed beyond the music, and this woman against his body. She slid up and down his length.

The song slowed. For a panicked second, Snape wondered if the song was over. The only sound in the room was the drum beat and the singer whispering along. Hermione snapped up and quickly turned around. She sat back down in his lap, her back to his chest. At once, the song resumed in full force with guitars.

Hermione ground her backside against his lap harder than before. She threw head back, letting her hair fall over his shoulder. She grazed her cheek against his. She continued to rock her hips to the music. She held the side of his face in her hand. She turned her face to his. Her lips mere centimeters from his. The song ended.

Hermione suddenly stood and faced the Severus on the couch. "I take it you are a happy customer?" She asked, hands on her hips.
Snape's voice failed him. All he could muster was a nod.

Hermione smirked. "Well unless you intend to buy another dance, I must be off."

He considered the question. "I think my curiosity has been satisfied." Snape fumbled in his pocket and outstretched his hand toward her. "I think a tip is the proper way these things are handled."

"You are correct." Hermione answered.

Snape stayed seated on the couch, his cheeks flushed crimson. "I am afraid I cannot stand without embarrassing myself." He said in a near whisper.

She leaned over him, allowing him another view of her chest. She seemed happy to torture him a little more. Her brown curls framed her face. The sight was deceptive. No one would guess she was a terrible tease with that innocent look on her face.

"Do not worry. It happens all the time." She took the folded bills from his hand, letting her fingers slip over his grasp longer than necessary. "I would appreciate if you kept my location a secret. I enjoy my quiet life and would prefer to keep it that way." Her eyes locked with his in a steady gaze.

"You have my word I will not give away your secret."

"Good." Hermione stood straight. "Feel free to come by again." She traced the outline of his face with her finger. "You never know what fun we might have." She left the room.

Snape thought about her invitation. Maybe it was time for him to have some fun.

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