Get out of my Room!

Summary: Temari's family moves in with the mom's best friends afmily, the Naras, and Temari is forced to share a room with their son, Shikamaru.

Warning: Will contain cursing and sexual references, just your normal Teen love story. And Ino bashing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto because if I did it would be called Shikamaru.

Chapter I: Moving in

She didn't like the house. Not because it was ugly or small, but because it was a picture of everything that she and her family had just recently lost. Because of that not only did she not like it, she hated it with a passion. Spoiled Brats she thought as she stepped out of the car reluctantly.

The house wasn't ugly or small; it was in fact very beautiful and large. It was a white color with faded green trimming and dark green roofs. The house was 2 stories tall and had a balcony with a slanted roof on top. The grass was perfectly green and even had a rose garden and rock pathway. The worst part was that there was no "Foreclosed" sign jutting out of the yard. Spoiled…Brats she thought again.

"See, I told you guys it would be a nice place." Temari's mother commented to her and her two younger brothers.

"You sure did mom." Temari muttered under her breath as she pulled her bag out of the trunk. The four of them walked up the path and their mother rang the door bell.

The bell rang several times and there was some dulled yelling coming from inside the house. It sounded to Temari like a lazy ass husband and a bitchy wife arguing about the damn door. Finally the door opened as Temari heard "You're sleeping in the dog house tonight!" came from the supposedly bitchy wife, Mrs. Nara. Instantly her attitude changed. "It's great to see you guys." She said kindly as she hugged the other mom.

"Yeah and it's also great that we have no house." Temari remarked with a deadly hint of sarcasm.

"Hey you three, sorry about that but we'll do whatever we can to help, after all what are best friends for." Mrs. Nara commented.

"Annoying the shit out of people?" Temari guessed with a sarcastic venom.

"No, that's what you are for." Mrs. Nara replied with total seriousness and a look in her eyes that said 'I can be a bitch too.' Well, this is going to suck, was Temari's primal thought. "Well come inside. Sorry about the mess but I live with a bunch of LAZY PIGS!" She shouted the last words inside the house as she went inside.

"We're living with her?" Kankuro stated. "She's even more insane than Temari." He laughed only to be punched in the arm by Temari. "Och…Bitch!" Kankuro snapped at his sister.

"Says the guy who wears make up." Temari jived.

Their mother just sighed. "You know, if you guys keep this up they will move across the country." She commented plainly.

"Then can we have their house?" Gaara asked, 100% serious. Their mom sighed, Kankuro chuckled and Temari muttered "Dumbass." As they all went inside.

Inside the beautiful house Temari swore there should be a "danger, kids at play" Sign on the door. It was as if a hurricane had gone through a toy store. The floor was covered in toys and everything was a mess. But the worst part…the worst part made Temari serious consider checking out the box under a bridge.

Kids were everywhere, like the seven dwarfs and their cousins had moved in. A box under a bridge for one Temari said to the imaginary real estate agent in her mind. "Sorry Ms But you can't afford the box." He replied before Temari imagined him burned alive.

"Hm…how many kids are here exactly?" Kankuro asked his mom.

"Don't know, I've never seen them all at once." She replied to her son with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry, there are only 12." Mrs. Nara answered, obviously embarrassed.

"Only twelve? Have you ever heard of protection." Temari commented with a surprised look on her face. "I mean who the hell is insane enough to want 12 kids?"

"She is." A man sitting in a recliner commented. Mrs. Nara shot him a death glare. "But I was crazy enough to marry her." Mr. Nara quickly added and his wife smiled. She turned away and her husband went back to watching the weather channel. "Well not a cloud in sight, Shikamaru's gonna be board." He stated randomly.

Okay…this family is crazy Temari thought once again.

"Well as you all know I am Yoshino and this is my husband Shikaku. There's no way you all could memorize all of the kids name so just say "Hey You" or "Kid" or as I like to say "Demon spawn"" Mrs. Nara explained.

"Honey you're not a demon so the kids aren't demon spawns." Shikaku plainly said and once again but a death glare. "What? It was a compliment." He stated with a shrug.

"Oh…sorry then." She softened her glare before turning to her guests again. "Well most of the rooms are occupied so Kankuro and Gaara will have to bunk with some of the kids. Temari you can bunk in the basement room." Yoshino offered.

Temari raised a eyebrow and crossed her arms. "The basement? Who am I? Harry Potter?"

"No, Harry potter lived in a closet. Besides the basement is large, has heat and AC and fully furnished. It's got more privacy than the master bedroom and even has a shower." Yoshino explained. "Your mother gets the guest bedroom. So it should all be good."

Hm…it should be okay…I guess Temari thought with a shrug.

A few minutes later Temari walked down the stairs to the basement. The door was gray and the inside was fairly plain. The carpet was black and the walls were green. It had two beds with green pillows and black sheets along with two dressers and a few empty shelves. "Well not much color." Temari said to herself before putting her bag down and inspected the room. She quickly found the door to the bathroom. "My own bathroom." She stated in wonder before heading into the bathroom and undressed.

About 15 minutes later a Green truck pulled into the drive way and a 16 year old kid slowly got out. He had black hair, pulled into a single pineapple shaped pony tail. He wore a black t-shirt and a thin green vest with tan colored shorts. He also wore a pair of silver head phones and headed inside the house. He walked through the house unnoticed except for saying "Hi." To Shikaku who merely said "Hi" back.

After the kid left the room Shikaku looked up to his wife. "Did we forget something?" He asked and she thought deeply for a moment.

"No, I don't think so." She replied and went back to cooking dinner.

The kid went down the stairs and into the room, his head phones still blazing loud, deafening the outer world. He walked through the door and into his room. He sighed as he looked around. "Why does my mom always pack up my things when I go look at colleges?" He muttered to himself before sitting on his bed and pulling a PSP out of his pocket and turned it on, not noticing the shower running.

"Baka, I can't believe i forgot to get a towel." Temari cursed to herself before turning off the shower. No matter, I'll just go and get my towel from my bag, after all nobody else is down here Temari Thought as she stepped out of the shower and quickly walked out.

For some cosmic reason Shikamaru looked up at that point and at the same time upstairs `Yoshino and Shikaku suddenly gasped "Shikamaru!"

Okay the whole Boy sees girl naked scene is not cliche or perverted, well maybe a little, but it's a classic, the perfect way to start off a awkward i am just now saying "There are cliches, then there are classics"

Well I know you guys can see where this is going. Headstrong and stubborn girl sharing a room with a lazy, smart ass boy. You know theres going to be romance but you don't know what will happen. The rating will stay T.

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