Me: Well hello everyone! I'm Sapphearceskyy but you can just call me Phearceskyy and I'm new to writing stories so ye this is my first. YIKES I know and I admit it might suck but still either way, please no flaming. * Gives a BIG smile* Thank you. I don't know why this story just had to be my first. I was just watching some pageant and had the idea so ye. * Gives another BIG smile* well here it is… here I go… it's starting… slowly… soon… ahehe

Piper: I'm sorry, she's just a little nervous consid-

Finn: A little? * Smirks*.

Piper: Oh shut up Finn. Like you can do any better * puts a hand on hip*.

Finn: Actually, I can * puts on sunglasses that he just randomly gets out * you see oh dear Piper, I've written a book.

Piper: Oh really? [Skeptically] * lifts an eyebrow*.

Finn: Oh, really [confidently] * grins*.

Piper: Well first of all, don't call me dear * T_T* second of all, where'd you get your shades from? And third, how can you possibly write a book if you can't even write a word without giving up half way of the first letter?

Finn: The book is worth writing because guess what * drum roll* it's all about me!

Piper: Oh really! [Sarcasm used… OBVIOUSLY] surprise surprise.

Finn: Yes really. My shades, well I carry them around everywhere. The same way you carry around your crystals!

Piper: Hey my crystals are necessary!

Finn: Ye sure thing and last but not least, gosh Piper calling you 'dear' doesn't mean you ARE my dear. You're so serious, you don't need to take it liter-, licherl-, lisherlalaly- OH you know what I mean and your Aerrow's dear * big grin*

Piper: The words 'literally' Finn, and I'm not serious just matu- WAIT! I am not Aerrow's! * Blushes uncontrollably*.

Finn: You're blushing! AHAHAHAHAHA AND YOU ARE TOO!

Piper: IS NOT!

Finn: IS TOO!

Piper: IS NOT!

Finn: IS TOO!

Aerrow: [walks in] Hey guys. What's wrong? * Receives stairs from both* Ummm what did I do? * Finn lifts up his hand and opens his mouth to speak but Piper jumps on him*

Piper: You say anything, and I'm going to fry your blonde hair, starve you then KILL you! [Emphasizing 'kill']

Finn: * Groans* Fine fine I won't say anything.

Piper: GOOD! You better not, OR ELSE! * Walks out with head up*.

Aerrow: What was all that about?

Finn: Girls. You know * winks*.

Me: EXCUSE YOU! Anyway, enough chitter chatter. Let's begin already. Story away! Oh I also don't own the Storm Hawks… but all in good time * grins evilly*

Chapter 1- To Terra Tropica

Normal POV

it was a usual day on the Condor. Raddar the co-pilate was in his and Aerrow's room plotting ways to get rid of the stalker chicken, Stork the driver/helmsman was at the controls driving the ship, Junko the muscle/mechanic was in the fridge trying to find a snack which he didn't really care if it was good or bad, he just wanted a snack. Finn the sharpshooter/marksman was in the bathroom making muscles at himself and talking to his reflection on how good looking he is, Piper the crystal mage/navigator/first officer was outside on the roof watching the clouds in the sky and Aerrow there sky knight was in the hanger bay training. They weren't bored or anything but relaxing from just defeating a whole battle cruiser full of talons and their leader Ravess who were attacking Terra Gale and strange as it is, these were just some of their ways of relaxing including Aerrow training, though who could blame them, they were all orphans who most of them being 14 besides Stork who's 20, Junko who hasn't told his age yet and Raddar who no one knows. Even Aerrow's not that certain.

Piper being the first to get up, well, got up and climbed down to go inside and just watch some tv hoping there would be a show about crystals, and luckily for her there was called 'Crystals and The Mage'. While Piper watched, Finn walked in and soon after, so did Aerrow taking a break from his training. When he stepped in, he was just wearing his uniform pants with no shirt so you could see his obvious six pack and his muscles in his arm, he was sweating but not a lot, just enough to let his body shine and his hair was messier then usual but being because of the training.

" Wow Aerrow, someone's been working out for girls, am I right," Finn called out winking at Aerrow.

"Finn, I don't work out for the girls".

"Oh well I'm sorry if you don't NEED to work out to get the ladies you chick-magnet," Finn emphasizing 'need' then crossing his arms. " And put your shirt back on, Piper's in the room."

"And since when Finn did you care about that? You walk around the condor with no shirt all the time. Occasionally just wearing your boxers even when Piper's around," Aerrow shot back.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE! Piper, tell Aerrow I do NOT walk around with just boxers on and that you feel awkward around him since he has no shirt."

"Finn you liar, you do walk around shirtless or even pants-less like usually every time we're not getting attacked. What are you on about? I live with five guys including Raddar who sometimes walk around with no shirt or pants and so I've already seen all your torsos and legs and I'm just SO grateful that you guys always wear your boxers at least, not including when Raddar ripped off Stork's towel when we were getting attacked by Ravess and please Raddar I beg you, NEVER do that again. Besides, I've known Aerrow ever since he and I were born so no big deal there. So no I don't feel awkward and yes Aerrow and you guys can walk around with a lack of clothing and can't you talk about anything Finn with out bringing up bodies of some type? And why bring it up?" Piper proudly said while still staring at the tv screen.

She then turned around when she finished talking and made her eyes rest on the sight of the shirtless Aerrow who was giving her one of his award winning smiles for her little speech.

"So that's why he brought it up," Piper thought to herself realizing why the pick of subject. Suddenly for some odd reason, something strange happened to her.


Piper's POV

I got up from the seat after just telling off Finn, which I have to say, enjoyed very much, and spun around to look at the guys and give Finn my I-told-you-so-look but for some reason, my eyes rested on Aerrow who was smiling at me and realized the reason why Finn was talking about that stuff.

Oh how I loved that smile of his. I swear, if you could get an Oscar award on smiles, Aerrow would've won them all. Then I looked at his hair and it was messy, yep messy, the usual hairstyle of his, wait actually it was messier and just how I liked it. Weird I know, me being so organised and all liking messy guy hair. Well for some strange reason I've always liked hair like that and just hate pushbacks. Ye I guess hair is the only thing I'll actually allow to get messy and love it. Finn's hair is not really messy, just spiked and styled but Aerrow looks like he just woke up and I like it. Ye strange, I know.

Then I saw his shiny body. It didn't look like he was sweating, just that he smothered himself in oil, and that he looked pretty good too. You could see the shine on his face, his muscles and his impressive, rock solid six-pack that any guy we die to have and any girl would die to look at, touch even possible. Then that's when I noticed something, six-pack? WAIT! SIX-PACK!? WHY CAN I SEE HIS SIX PACK!? I thought to myself then my second thought was OHMYGOSH, I CAN SEE AERROW'S SIX-PACK meaning… OHMYGOSH, HIS SHIRTS OFF! That's when something strange started happening to my body that I couldn't seem to control. My knees felt like they couldn't hold the rest of my body and I was about to collapse, my stomach felt like it was tightening up and tying itself in a knot, my chest started hurting, my heart felt like it was beginning to beat faster, I had the sudden urge in my throat to squeal and then the strangest was when both my cheeks started to burn. I stopped for a minute and then realised I was blushing! But why was I blushing? And from how hot I could feel my cheeks, it felt like I was blushing a lot. I couldn't control it, I would've covered them with my hands but it would of seemed odd and way to obvious. All I hoped was that they didn't notice. I then quickly just excused myself from being there saying that I had to finish a crystal experiment and hurriedly walked straight to my room locking the door. I just had to get out of there now!


Aerrow's POV

When Piper shamed Finn, I couldn't help but smile in her direction. It was always so funny when she talked to Finn because it was always usually something to tell him off and even though I should be on Finn's side or at least defend him being the commander and all, I couldn't help but just watch the two go at each other. Besides when it sometimes just gets too serious. Like when Piper jumped on Finn for taking her crystals at Terra Tropica last Saturday and started shaking Finn by the throat. Ye, even if Piper is a girl, not that I have anything against girls, or maybe it's just her, Cyclonis, Dove and Starling, what I've leant from living with her ever since we were born, don't mess with Piper, ESPECIALLY when she's angry.

Piper then spun around to look at us and when she did, she some how starred at me, more like at the rest of me, except my eyes and her eyes seemed to rest on my abbs. I have to admit I slightly blushed though I don't know why.

Something then caught my eye that was happening to Piper. First was that since she was staring at me, she seemed to have frozen and the second thing was that her cheeks seemed to glow a pinkish red which made her look flustered but the colour just made me blush more and to me she suddenly looked different, she seemed prettier. Not that she was never pretty, just prettier then usual. It was like I never realised it before but she really caught my eye just then and ever since she made the comment to Finn, I realised I was still smiling and I just couldn't stop. Though eventually it did, not because I thought she no longer looked pretty, it was because she told us that she had a crystal experiment she had to finish and so she walked off but I just seemed to follow her every step with my eyes and then she closed the door to her crystal lab, fast too. I then felt a little disappointed that she left because I could've just stared at her beauty forever. WAIT! WHAT AM I SAYING!? I thought to myself. Ok I admit she's pretty but seriously, we were just friends and I've always seen her as pretty but, I don't know now. I knew I needed to think about this just in case so I decided to walk to my room telling Finn

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room"

"Ye sure thing dude" was all he said then went to the couch and watched tv.

When I closed the door, I then grabbed a ball I randomly found on my shelf, laid on my bed starring at the ceiling and chucked the ball to the wall making it bounce back into my hand and started all over again. I just kept doing that until I heard a knock at my door. For some reason I was really hoping it to be Piper and guess what, it wasn't. It was Finn but I didn't mind. He stood at the door looking at me for around a long 10 seconds then asked,

"Can we go to Terra Tropica, pleaaaaaaase." I raised an eyebrow at him and replied,

"We just went there last Saturday" but he just kept saying please.

We maybe did need a little bit of a break anyway from just defeating the Cyclonians so I agreed and he ran out of my room shouting down the hall

"Thanks Aerrow you're the man" and then he started saying "We're goin' Tropica we're all the waves are, we're goin' Tropica were all the babes are' continuously in a random tune that really seemed like he was taunting me.

I then thought to myself that this would also be the perfect excuse just to hang with Piper. WAIT! WHAT AM I SAYING!? AGAIN!? I then asked myself and laid back on my bed, still staring at the ceiling playing with the ball, I then thought to myself, what am I thinking. I sighed. Then I said to myself

"Next stop, Terra Tropica".

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