When I thought about it again, it all started (well, not technically) because I liked pineapple. Or I would never had ate that yellow blob in my salad, and gone into the HunterXHunter world, met Killua and Gon, had the biggest (and longest) adventure of my life.

But then, if I really really get technical, it all started on that day at exactly 8:59 in the early evening when I wished that I wouldn't die...

I'm sorry, but in spite of all our efforts, it is confirmed you have terminal cancer.

I hated the doctor who told me that. Can't he be a little bit more tactful? I mean, you're telling a nearly eleven year old girl that she was going to die in about seven months. Unfortunately for me, the woman who usually took care of this kind of stuff had a holiday, and my personal doctor was sick. Well, I can't exactly blame him. He looked uncomfortable anyway. But still, it was two months ago, and I still didn't forgive him for being so tactless.

I looked about my room. They were moving me into another ward where people with no hope of surviving were put.

At least it's a single room.

It was a room with white curtains which were currently floating in the early evening breeze. I saw my few bags of stuff were on the bed. I pressed a button and my electric wheelchair moved forward. I sorted through the stuff. Clothes, my books, sympathetic get well cards and my manga collection. I liked all sorts of manga, but the one I read the most was still hunter x hunter. I looked at the battered first book of the series and smiled inside. I haven't smiled for a long, very long time.

They said I will be occupying this room for the few months that remained in the rest of my life. Well, they didn't exactly say it like that, but I knew that was what they meant. After a few years of their hints behind bland smiles, I pretty well knew what they wanted to talk about before they even started. I reached out my arm and touched the bed. At least the bed was a bit more comfortable than the normal wards. Three-quarters of my life was spent in a hospital, so I guess I should know the difference between the normal beds and the softer ones. I sighed again and looked out the window. A star was falling. I blinked. I gave up on those wishes a long time ago but a sudden urge to do something childish came over me. I shrugged. Why not? I looked at the time. 8:59

I wish I can live my life in a useful way and not die. Maybe in another world? But I'm not strong physically so I may need powers to survive like…like…like…errrrrr… elemental control since I always wanted to fly, and I also really want hair...long hair…long long very long hair...and I want to have fun too...

I guess it seemed more and more like a list as I kept on rambling about what I wanted to do and have in the long run of things. But during my listing, I started to get tired. I slept more and more these days. So I added one last item to my list.

I would really like to eat pineapple flavoured ice-cream...

The Secretariat of the Great Star, Middle Universe

Jeb sighed a long sorrowful sigh. The Great star was getting old. No wonder, he was the oldest and wisest of them all. He was lucky already, as a young star, (only two thousand years old) and already he was the secretariat. The Great Star was in charge of twenty dimensions, and in the middle of them was Earth. Some more susceptive people can see what happens in other dimensions and write the ideas into something called books. He shook his head and went to the problem at hand. The one the stars called The Great Star fell every two-hundred years, so he collected the wishes on the day the Great Star was going to fall. The one that was closest to the time when the Great Star hit the surface, His/her three wishes were going to be granted. Of course, he made sure no after effects were significant. Like, once four-hundred years ago...

He tapped a password onto his super sleek computer. He smiled at how fast this new model was. It cost a fortune but it was worth it. He looked at his 4D screen and watched the mini image of the Great Star. He swore he thought that the Great Star waved at him. The last time he saw the Great Star, he was jumping off the platform the stars lived on and was yelling 'Hey look at me! I'm falling!'

Was falling really such a big thing to him? He shook his head and wondered how the supposedly wisest star of all stars would be so fun loving and childish. But when he was serious, he was scary. He remembered his first encounter with the great star.

'Hey, are you my new secretary?'A cool looking White robed grand star looked at a smaller blaze. A blue Jeb smiled nervously.

'H-h-h-hi!' He stuttered.

The White star suddenly ordered all his attendants to leave. They left backwards facing him. After they closed the door, Jeb gulped nervously. But suddenly…

'Thank God you've come! I sooo didn't want to learn how to learn how to use the new model of technology! Here!'

Jeb was suddenly hugging a huge stack of micro-chips.

'Sort through those. The stamp on the desk is one of my signature! Well then, Bye!'

The Great Star wore a red disguise and jumped out the window, leaving a confused Jeb to stare after him.

He had grown to like the Great Star like a really really old grandparent. But when it was his time for the Jump to Earth, of course Jeb had protested. But the Great Star had just smiled and said something he didn't really understand.

'I need to do this. You'll understand when it is your turn.'

And then he smiled. And for the first time for Jeb, he looked like he was as wise as he claimed to be.

He silently recorded the Great Star's fall. The Great Star waved, winked at him and crashed into the surface. Earth time, 8:59. He immediately looked at the most recent wish, all business. There were three wishes wished at exactly the same time. His job was to read them and send three capsules into their next meal. Whoever ate it first would get their wished granted. Actually, why did he even need to read them? Waste of time. He shook his head and looked at the first one.

Juckuy Hunf. Wish 1: I want a more serious name. Wish 2: I want a hockey stick. Wish 3: I want to eat instant noodles.

Well, typical wishes from a kid. Except for the first one. He could understand why though. Jeb looked at his family background.

Family members: Mom, Dad, a dog named Hockey. Not rich, not poor, normal appearance. Will die at 78 years of age.

Likes: Instant Noodles, Hockey, Dogs

Pretty normal stuff. Jeb raised an eyebrow. And he was lucky enough to make his wish within 1 millisecond of the Great Star's fall? The first time in 2000 years, no less. He's pretty lucky. He looked at the second wish.

Plubbona Hickdon: Wish 1: I wish I won't have acne ever again. Wish 2: I wish I was beautiful. Wish 3: I wish that my crush will love me back.

Another typical teenage girl. He groaned and looked at her details. She came from a multi-millionaire family, but her parents won't let her have plastic surgery. Apparently, she was very, very ugly. She would die at 68 years of age with a lovely gentle husband. He sighed and glanced over at the third wish and his eyes widened. Her wishes covered sixteen pages! He groaned and read the name.

Windfarest Sani

What a weird name. Has a mother and father. Only child. Going to die in… 5 months? He skipped over the next details and started reading the list because he reasoned, it would take a long time. But as he started reading, his fiery eyebrows nearly blended with his fiery hair. What is she thinking? Did she know the consequences of not dying when you're supposed to?

Jeb blatantly hoped one of the others will eat the capsule…

The next day in the Hickdon Mansion-USA…

Plubbona stared at her face and sighed. Her wish didn't come true after all… her face was still as acne ridden as yesterday. She sighed and ordered her maid to get her breakfast tray. In a few minutes, her usual breakfast of world delicacies came up. She looked and stabbed her fork in her food in frustration. And it came up with…

Eeeeek! What is that? A yellow blob? This is so disgusting! It looks kind of like a capsule… SOMEONES TRYING TO POISON ME! HELP!

Plubbona sacked the person who cooked her meal. The cook gladly left.

A normal day in the Hunf family household-Greenland…

Juckuy had instant noodles for breakfast. But when he lifted the lid of his super-deluxe-extra-noodle instant noodles, there was a yellow blob on his food. He lifted it out with a chopstick and threw it. It landed no where near the bin. He shrugged and he instantly started gobbling his noodles.

At the hospital with Windfarest…

Wind looked at her breakfast. The norm, the norm. But suddenly, she saw a yellow blob in her salad. If it had been anywhere else, she would have dumped it. Or given it to the nurse. Or dropped it on the floor. Or threw it out the window (if she had the energy) But since it was in the salad she hoped it was pineapple. She loved pineapple, but the nurses refused to give her any. So she raised it to her lips and ate it.

She screwed up her face. It didn't taste anything like pineapple.

Back at the Secretariat with Jeb…

He looked at the screen. He prayed that Windfarest Sani will not get the wishes. Unfortunately, this time the gods did not favour him. Windfarest Sani had gotten the wishes. She had gotten the wishes. She had GOTTEN THE WISHES! He grumbled, moped, sighed, punched, burnt various ornaments on his table and finally got calm enough to make the wishes come true.

First what world has an open space for an elemental controller who needs to have really really long hair? Ah, the world with the Hunters has a secretive country that needs to have a princess… Good thing that everyone in that country controls an element. The criteria… perfect.

Jeb smiled. He can already see that Windfarest would become friends with the two kids who would do the hunter test. Haha! Let's see if you can survive the life of being the imperial princess who is one of the most powerful people (in nen capability anyway, I don't think she would win in the relation to machoness) in that world. Yep, I'm a genius.

Jeb smiled typed a password on his computer and put Windfarest Sani in a special dimension for him to explain things to her. He was looking forward to her surprised face. *sigh* why me?

In the special dimension…

Wind blinked. On moment she was in her hospital bed swallowing her weird yellow blob/mushy thing in her salad with her still full breakfast tray on her little table, next she was lying flat on a piece of floor in a place that was definitely not a hospital. For one, it seemed to that she was lying on a piece of floor outside, and where the sky was actually yellow. Which is weird to any people who noticed that the sky on earth is blue. Next was the bare dirt pressing on her legs. So no, this wasn't the hospital. A pair of sunglasses suddenly appeared on her face. She tried to move her arms to take them off. Her arms won't move.

What happened to me? Am I dead? That would explain a lot… but I thought heaven would be nicer than a weird sky and rough dirt. Maybe this is the place where your sins get errr… thingoed. Yeah, that's it.

That's when Jeb started on his very flashy and dramatic appearance. I mean, he can't just appear without a flashy entrance can he? He's a star. Anyway yup, Wind was very grateful to those sunglasses.

Jeb smiled (it looked rather strained), and said the universal signal of greeting.


Wind looked at him weirdly. She had secretly wondered if this was heaven, but then after the very, errr, bright appearance of this vaguely humanoid being, she scrapped it. Instead, she opened her mouth (which surprisingly could move), and said with the utmost politeness

'Who are you? Where am I? What am I doing here? Why am I here?'

Jeb shook his head and took out a mirror instead. Wind looked at herself. And screamed.

Jeb sighed. This was going to take awhile.

Two hours later…

Wind frowned. 'The reason why I have my hair is because my whole wish list came true?'

Jeb nodded.

'And because you are in charge of making my wish list come true, you found a random spot where I could exist with the random powers as well, where I'm very powerful and that spot is a spot of the need of a random powerful country's imperial princess? And that country is a country of elemental controllers?'

'Yup' Jeb nodded again.

And because I'm an imperial princess of these elemental people, who are grouped into 5 clans (corresponding to the elements), I need to become a hunter at 10-11 years old? You also said that only the imperial princess of that country can is the only one who could control all the elements, and I'm going to become close friends with two random kids who would so coincidentally, be in the hunter test I'm going to go in disguise so my imperial cover won't be blown?'


'Are you nuts? How am I not to know that this is not a weird dream I'm having that I'm go into the HunterXHunter world? Because that world I supposed to be going to sounds mighty like it.'

Jeb frowned. 'I don't know. Just believe or not believe it. Anyway, this is a dimension I created myself. Here, it has the gravitational force of earth, but times that by 4.5.'

Wind gaped. No wonder she can't move! She couldn't even walk on earth, let alone with a gravitational force of earth being times by 4.5!

'Here you will train until you can run in these conditions for 4 hours straight without stopping. You won't get tired here or hungry, just force yourself to move. If you want to collapse, collapse. And I will send you some training tools after a while, when you can stand at least. There, done.'

Jeb looked up and remembered something.

'And yeah, one week here is like, one minute outside, and you won't be missed. And I deleted and re-edited your files. You are now officially an imperial princess and not your parent's daughter anymore. I've filled your gap with a boy. Now, hurry up and start trying to move. Here is all the information you need to be the imperial princess. Just act yourself most of the time, since the imperial princess is you but then you need to learn the etiquette and mannerisms. Now then, ja!'

He disappeared in another flash. He didn't let Wind get a word of protest at all. She sighed and started trying to get her fingers to twitch.