January 9,2010

I always hate when people do this... you think there's an update and instead there's an author's note, but I did owe the reader's of Jukebox this much:

With my apologies, I write to say that Jukebox is indeed on hiatus. After six months I assume that's become obvious. I have reoutlined the entire plot as well as written the next few chapters, but I am unhappy posting it until it's all but had it's final edit and touches.

It has upset me to put it on the back burner, and life has gotten in the way of all of my stories. As I've said, this story is very important to me. I think everyone will be very happy with the end result and I know it will be better when it is presented in a timely manner.

I've always been thrilled with the response to this story. It has been incredible and I always knew I was onto to something here and all of you have affirmed that. In the end, I plan not to disappoint anyone.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for reading and reviewing.

Until we meet again,


Author's Note 2/15/2013: I'm adding a note to all my fics to tell my readers that yes, all fics will be finished and I am writing. Since this past October I've been dealing with a rather serious and scary health issue. I had medical treatment starting in December and surgery in the beginning of January. Even though the outcome was better than expected, there is more treatment and surgery likely to come.

My head and heart just isn't always in my writing, and I refuse to just post something for the sake of it, but there are pieces completed of each fic, so just hang in there for me. Thanks.

All this stands for Jukebox too. I will return to this fic, hopefully soon!