Excuse my randomness with this one-shot, but I just had to write something! XP

This is based on the five ways, five reasons, five things theme in livejournal, and I wanted to create my own version.

[five reasons why Baralai likes Yuna]


"Her chest is kinda... small," Gippal mumbled thoughtfully, making a gesture of holding imaginary boobs. Nooj couldn't resist the urge to roll his eyes. When Gippal had proposed the idea (out of boredom) that they should interrogate Baralai to learn what is it about Yuna that attracted him, this wasn't what Nooj was going for.


Several death glares later: "Oh! Oh! I know! She wears the pants in the relationship, doesn't she?"


Yuna was endearing to a fault; whenever she'd do something clumsy like crack a bad joke or fail an attempt at cooking, Baralai would laugh on the inside, but maintain a pokerface in case it'd hurt her feelings.


"In the worst case scenario that Baralai goes missing, we can always count on Yuna to spend every waking hour looking for him until she grows up to be an old woman."

Nooj just had to point out, "I think you're confusing loyalty for obsession."


She'll always be a human being before a demigod, and to Baralai that's all that mattered.