Number 4 is here! YESH! I couldn't have done this one without you, Razer Athane. You inspired me. X3


[five ways to keep Vidina occupied]


Vidina bobbed up and down in midair, wriggling his pudgy limbs, giggling gurgles of laughter– until he vomited due to vertigo. Baralai's concentration broke right then and there.


"What did you do?" The baby sported a big, swollen bump on his head and Wakka was furious, cradling his wailing son in his beefy, protective arms.

How could Baralai explain to the father he dropped Vidina while playing 'zero gravity'?


Yuna smiled when she caught Baralai making funny faces at a googly-eyed Vidina, and wistfully wondered if Baralai would like to have children of his own. At the exasperated look on his face, with what Vidina yanking at his hair and pulling at his cheeks, Yuna could dream on.


Nibble. Chew. Chomp. Chomp.

Baralai's collar became Vidina's new favorite pacifier, much to the man's dismay, and there was nothing he or his whole council of advisors could do about it.


Ieyui ~ Nobomeno

Whispery as the silence, soothing as an angel's smile, Baralai sang a hymn abandoned by the betrayed– he being no different from them except for steadfast faith.

Renmiri ~ Yojuyogo

The eyelids soon close, dreams and stardust preserving the child's future.

Hasatekanae ~ Kutamae