Turn away if you don't like some very serious lemon and fluff =). Lemons are always really good with salt or sugar, no?

Aerowena and Cullen Chapter 15 – Preparing for Boot Zapping

Spring was upon Ferelden and it seemed love was everywhere in nature; everywhere but in her chambers, that is.

"Preparing for boot zapping?" Callie asked her first thing in the morning, barging into her quarters without so much as a knock.

Aerowena was standing in the sunlight staring at Cullen practicing in the yard below her balcony. The air was nippy, but she was warm in her red velvet dress. She was luckier than most to have her own room. A perk of being one of the few women in camp, she supposed; although it mattered little considering she wasn't ever really alone in her room. The air was chilly but the snow was all but melted away. Cullen's muscled form dripped with sweat, however, despite the chill. Aerowena laid her head in her hand and sighed deeply.

"I'm not thinking about boot zapping, more like ripping off his boots and biting my way up his…"

"Ugh" Callie interrupted.

Aerowena grinned at her friend's discomfort and sighed wistfully again. "Do you think he does it on purpose?"

"Does what" Callie said peering at the men below "Play swords half naked under your balcony where you swoon for hours? Oh no, he doesn't do that on purpose. And it's not terribly obvious when he slicks sweat away while surreptitiously staring up at you, either."

"Sarcasm is unbecoming a lady, you know" Aerowena said feigning consternation.

"Then you're no lady."

"Oh bother, it's never fun trading wits with you, you always win."

"Not always, just since your brain has become befuddled."

"There is a bright side to the past few months." Aerowena said brightly. "At least now he looks at me! And talks to me, no less. It seems much easier to seduce a man who can stand the sight of you, no?"

"Yes that does sound more prudent than wriggling his nose in disgust"

A yelp from down below had them both leaning over the balcony.

Baby had a grip on Cullen's boot and was thrashing his head around. Cullen, for all his trying, could not stay on his feet and wound up falling backwards with a loud 'thwomp'. "Hey!" He screamed. Baby answered by growling and laying the boot at the foot of his mistress who had just come running out.

"Baby!" She admonished "Even if he's a very bad man, which we both know he is, you cannot go around biting boots, especially if someone is wearing them." She shook her finger at the dog with one hand and pet him with the other.

Baby wagged his whole hind quarters, picked up the boot and went inside.

Aerowena looked at Cullen lying on the ground, put her nose in the air and sashayed back inside.

Cullen lie there thinking how unjust the world was and how he had just felt the full brunt of that fact. He'd had potatoes and brown meat thrown at his head, by a blood mage no less, electrical storms cast on his boots, a snowball assassination attempt, a dog which bit his foot and stole his boot and then she comes out and calls him a bad man. If that weren't enough, all he could think about as she left was how her hips swayed as she walked away.

He'd had just about enough of being the bad guy in their little…whatever it was, he thought, getting up and slapping the dust from his pants. He started to follow after her to tell her just that when it struck him that he had already decided there was something between them, something more than lust. And it was about time he did something about it. That stopped him in his tracks.

When he'd come back from the Circle, from asking forgiveness from the Circle, he amended, he'd meant to tell her. He was so overjoyed that he'd just barged in on her. He'd almost gone mad for a moment seeing that room, remembering the blood covered walls of the tower. It seemed another moment passed lost between them. Although several moments during their long walks together came about, he hadn't quite worked out in his head what he was to do.

It seemed as if random moments were all they had. Perhaps it was time to string together some longer moments.

He came out of his reverie to see her standing a hairs breath from him. He smelled her first, wild flowers, and then looked down at her.

"I'm going to kiss you now, Cullen."

She'd really meant to stalk back to her rooms. All his teasing and running around with his shirt off and not even a wary kiss from him in months. She'd turned to go and then the wind blew and she could smell him, taste him on her lips. She closed her eyes trying very hard not to think about his bare chest, all sinew and muscle standing right behind her. She'd honestly not meant to turn around, but then she did, and then he'd taken a step towards her and stopped. He'd closed his eyes and stood there, breathing hard, his chest doing all kinds of things to her stomach.

She'd walked up to him, but he was still lost in whatever thought had gripped him. When he finally looked down at her she couldn't move. Her feet had become anchors in the ground. "I'm going to kiss you now, Cullen" and she pulled his head down to hers with one hand while the other pressed against his chest.

Maker! What a kiss, she thought, or tried to think. Everything was suddenly muted, except his smell and taste. She felt his tongue part her lips and opened to him. The sheer boldness of his tongue made her moan against him. She felt his hands grasp her dress and he pressed her to him, hard, his hand splayed on her lower back. She tilted her head and his tongue drove into her mouth with abandon. She moaned again and felt her toes curl. She cupped the back of his head with her hand and then clasped his hair. Heat soared through her body and pooled in her lower abdomen. And then he yelped into her mouth.

She opened her eyes in confusion to see him turned around and screaming at Baby. She stood there swaying for a moment and tried to shake off the fog in her head.

"The damn dog bit me" he was swatting at the dog, which was nipping at him and running in circles.

"Baby, don't bite the nice man." She was still foggy but a giggle escaped her lips.

"Oh now it's don't bite the nice man. Ow! But not long ago it was "the very bad man" and how is the damn dog to know the difference when he thinks you're being swallowed"

She actually blushed. She touched her cheek to double check, but yes, that was a blush. She'd of course blushed before, but not because of talk about a kiss. Because she fell on her rump in front of a hundred men or belched at the dinner table, yes, a blush was standard at those times. Why on earth would she blush when he talked about a kiss? She was thinking all of these thoughts when Baby grabbed his other boot, pulling him to the ground and shook it off his foot. Cullen, for his part, just sat there on the ground staring at her, accusingly.

She couldn't help it, she laughed. Not a simple girlish giggle, but a full throated, ripped for joy laugh. Just as she took a breath she felt Baby's paws on her back and she went forward right into Cullen's open arms. "Oh you're a very bad dog" She said trying to push up but getting no traction on his bare, sweaty chest.

" Mm…yes a very bad dog" Cullen muttered and this time he kissed her. And just as he slid his hands down her back and put one on her…

"Get up you two, the whole yard can see you" Callie grabbed Aerowena's dress from the back and pulled her up to her feet. Aerowena felt all the world like a cat ready to pounce on its prey, while Cullen looked his usual self, put out and irritated.

"Right then" was all he said before grabbing Aerowena's arm, throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carrying her upstairs.

"Seems a fellow has to make his own privacy around here", he said depositing Aerowena on her bed, hard. "Ward the door" he said pointing at it, and because she was so discombobulated she simply did as he commanded, no questions asked. And then she realized she was in bed, and he was in her chamber and he had no shirt on. Her cheeks fairly hurt with the size of her smile.

He opened his mouth, briefly, as if he'd say more, but then he stalked over to her. He growled and pulled her to her feet and the kiss began anew.

"Cullen" she whispered against his lips trying to unfasten his pants without any luck. "Cullen, I"

"Shh" he said "Unless it's about how I can get this damn dress off, I don't want to hear it" He was turning her around now and she was feeling very muddled. What on earth was he doing? There was something she had to say…what was it? She turned to look at him over her shoulder when she heard him curse and felt the back of her dress rip and then cold air hit her skin.

'Oh' She thought, disconcerted, 'I really liked this dress' and then he kissed the small of her back and she dropped it to the floor, forgotten. She also forgot to speak for a moment and he continued to press small kisses down her back. And then remembered she had something to say. "Cullen" she whispered.

"Mm" he replied and nipped her back.

She gasped and bit her lip hard. She wasn't sure she could stand upright much longer. Her knees were shaking so hard she thought they might well begin to make clanging noises. She shivered from head to toe as his hands slide to her belly. One hand dipped into her panties and that was it, she lost her footing and began to sink into a puddle.

He stood behind her and pulled her against him, one arm snaking around her waist holding her up, the other hand reaching between her legs and sliding between her lips. She was lava, hot enough to melt stone and metal. Her body was afire but she was shaking, as if chilled, from head to toe. He slid one finger inside her and his thumb caressed her moving up and down rhythmically. She put her hand over his and dug in her nails. She felt the climax form in the pit of her stomach. Her moans became louder and more breathless at the same time; a crescendo of pants and small screams. When her orgasm came, it was so intense it rocked both them both as they stood. Her body quaked and burned against his.

When she came to orgasm his erection was so hard he nearly bit her shoulder to relieve the pain. Her small screams and moans filled the chamber making him harder than he ever thought possible. She still quaked and her body racked against his as he reached down to unbuckle his pants. He'd figure how to take the panties off later, he mused. He guided himself inside her, past the panties, and thrust up hard, pressing her back to him. He kept one hand around her middle and moved his other over her breast. She'd splayed her hands against the wall and threw her head back, crying out.

She was hot and tight and warm, and he felt nothing but her softness around him. He tried to keep his eyes open, but they closed of their own volition. He wanted to see her as he took her.

His hips moved against her faster and slower until all he heard was his own pants mixed with hers. Her hips began to move to meet his and he nearly exploded then and there. He willed himself to hold back and pounded into her again and again. She was his, and he was hers, and he punctuated that fact with every thrust.

Moving his hand to her lower lips again he slid his fingers up and down as he gliding in and out. Her soft breathless pants were driving him wild and she'd soon wrapped her arms around his neck, which only made her breasts thrust forward and him shift inside her. Her head was back against his shoulder and he watched her hands move over her own body as he moved in and out of her. Her hand cupped her breast and held her nipple between her own fingers and she tightened around him. He came into her then, so powerfully it nearly knocking them both into the wall. He felt, rather than heard, her climax; His cries drowning out hers. One of his hands reached out to brace against the wall and stop them from falling.

Afterward he moved them both to the bed where she rolled off and lay breathless for a moment. He moved next to her and kissed her temple. She turned to look at him with a soft smile. "You're the only man I'll ever love, that's what I was trying to say" she said simply and laid her head against his chest.

"Yes, well funny that, I'm quite sure I'm the only man, or woman for that matter, you'll ever love as well" he responded, quite assuredly, even though his heart had skipped several beats.

Somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind, an older, forgotten, naughty Aerowena grinned and spoke up, "Mmm… did I manage to introduce you to Leliana and Zevran?"

But those stories are yet to be told.