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Allen nodded. "The girl before said that this only happened once to each couple didn't she?"

"Yeah I think so." Lavi said then he froze. Was Allen implying they were a couple? How should he respond to that? Should he say something? Or do something? No just play it cool, act like he didn't say anything and just sit down.

While Lavi was pondering all this, Allen was staring at him slightly perplexed. Did I say something wrong? He thought.

"Um...Lavi?" Allen tried to break the red head out of his reverie. "Are you okay?"

Upon hearing that Lavi seemed to snap out of whatever funk he was in. "Yeah of course why wouldn't I be." he said quickly. "I mean its not like you said anything. Or that I couldn't understand what you said, there isn't an issue at all. Do you see one? I don't see one."

Allen gaped at Lavi and his rant that seemed to apparently come out of nowhere. "Right...."

"Stop eating fish!." was the next thing Allen heard come out of Lavi's mouth before he stopped and panted to catch his breath.

Allen just sat there looking at his friend. "And you were saying you haven't been acting weird."

Chapter Nine

Allen looked around the tent nervously. What had happened before had really creeped him out. Now Allen wasn't afraid of the dark, and he had never been. Tonight though there seemed to be a dark vibe in the atmosphere, and Allen was feeling unsettled. He looked across at Lavi and wasn't surprised to see that the red haired teen was already asleep. Allen jumped, hearing a noise, and he took a quick glance at the tent flap. Ignoring his apprehension Allen resolved to just try and lie down and get to sleep.

"Ugh, this isn't working." Allen rolled again restlessly.

He looked across at Lavi for what seemed to be the hundredth time. He was currently lying next to Allen with his arms cuddles around his blankets. Allen almost laughed as Lavi muttered in his sleep. Something about 'cute' and 'snuggling'. Atypical of Lavi he was probably dreaming about a girl.

Allen's smile was wiped from his face though as a cloud passed over the moon shrouding the tent in shadows. He hid his face behind his knees and shuddered.

Finally the panic got so bad that Allen was choking back sobs and fighting tears. He crawled slowly over to Lavi and shook the him trying to make him wake up.

"Hmm...what is it?" Lavi yawned after a few more shakes.

Hearing a sob Lavi woke up and little more and immediately looked to Allen. Seeing the boy on the verge of tears Lavi no longer felt the least bit tired and he grabbed Allen. Pulling him into his lap he rubbed Allen's back trying to get him to calm down.

"What's wrong Allen-chan?" he asked concerned.

Allen just shook his head not wanting to admit he was afraid. "Can I sleep with you?" he implored looking up into Lavi's eyes.

Lavi gulped, Jesus but that was cute. Lavi nodded and hugged Allen tighter. Soon they were both lying down their blankets combined so that they could share and be warmer. Allen's head was resting in the crook of Lavi's arm, and Lavi had an arm draped over Allen's wait. This is nice, they both thought to themselves before falling asleep.


Lenalee and Kanda woke up early the next morning. Getting dressed the headed down the hallway and made breakfast. They had decided to leave the girl there and bid her farewell before leaving.

"You don't think anything happened last night do you?" Lenalee asked Kanda worried.

"Who cares if it did?" Kanda growled.

Lenalee frowned at him disapprovingly. She was used to Kanda saying callous things like that but she still didn't like it.

"You're should care they are you friends." she held up her ever present clip board threateningly.

Kanda sighed. "I meant that even if something happened they can take care of themselves." he placated the girl.

She smiled brightly at him. She knew Kanda was a nice person all along.

The two eventually reached the clearing and walked straight to Lavi and Allen's tent that was sitting by the edge of the trees on the opposite side they had come out of. Lenalee figured that the boys probably wouldn't be up yet, because Kanda and herself were up relatively early. What she was not expecting was the sight that met her once she opened the tent.

The two young exorcists where in a similar position to that they had fallen asleep in last night. However they were even closer now and their legs were intertwined. Lenalee squealed lightly drawing Kanda's attention. He came closer to the tent door, thinking something had happened, as Lenalee waved him down.

When he looked into the tent all he did was snort and pull away. That was not attractive.

"Isn't that so cute?" Lenalee beamed at him.

"Sure let's go with cute." Kanda said sarcastically.

Lenalee was really loathe to wake up the adorable couple but they needed to get the job done so they could go home (if Cross had left by then).

"Allen, Lavi" she whispered.

Kanda rolled his eyes at her. "You are not going to wake them up like that." he smirked. "You should do it like this...." he said and then kicked Lavi's back as it was closest to him.

"Ouch...What the hell?" Lavi shouted waking Allen up as well.

"Hah..La-vi?" Allen yawned opening his eyes.

Allen froze as he looked at the position he was in with his friend. He blushed furiously and at that time Lenalee though it prudent to leave the scene. She would get the scoop from Lavi later.

"What...?" Allen asked sitting up and rubbing his arms.

Lavi blushed a little and shrugged as he too sat up. "Don't you remember?" he asked before receiving a blank look from Allen. "You asked if you could sleep with me last night. You were scared or sad or something."

Allen blushed even more furiously. Now he remembered. He groaned. Why did he have to go and do that? Well he supposed there was no harm done by it, so he just stood and offered a hand to Lavi. They then silently packed the tent up and met Kanda and Lenalee who were sitting at the edge of the trees a little further down.

Lenalee winked at Lavi as they sat down, and grinned at him. Lavi for once ignored this and proceeded to tell them most of what had happened last night. Only in regards to the innocence though. Allen and Lavi ate a quick breakfast as they tried to organise their plan of attack. Since the innocence hadn't actually manifested into a physical body (that they knew of) they needed to draw it out. The best way to do this appeared to be to use Lavi and Allen as bait. From what they had heard all the couples had died the day after encountering the innocence so that was their best bet. Allen and Lavi were to sit in the middle of the field and wait for something to happen while Lenalee and Kanda watched from the sides. If anything happened their comrades would rush in and assist.

With this figured out they moved to take their positions.

"Can I ask what happened last night?" Lavi requested as he sat down across from Allen.

Allen frowned thinking. "I don't know, I just wasn't feeling particularly safe I guess. I was a bit...scared."

Lavi laughed at that which made Allen glare at him. "You make it sound like being scared is a bad thing." he explained.

Allen's glare turned into a frown of consternation. "What?...isn't it?"

Lavi shook his head. "if you're not scared how do you know if something is wrong? And beside it would be boring to live life without ever being afraid."

"It would be a lot happier though." Allen commented.

"Yeah, you could say that. However you could argue that part of the enjoyment you get out of life is from overcoming fears and obstacles." Lavi contested.

Allen nodded after thinking about what Lavi said. Understanding what he meant. He looked around himself to distract from the grim conversation. He enjoyed looking at the flowers as they swayed in the breeze. He frowned.

"Lavi.." he began.

"Yeah Allen-chan?" Lavi looked up at him again.

"Do you notice something weird about this meadow?" Allen asked

Lavi looked around himself. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, there was just a whole bunch of flowers. Oh.....

"I see what's wrong." Lavi said confused. "There is no bees or insects. We haven't even seen any other signs or life expect from ourselves and the flowers."

Allen nodded, that was what he had thought. What could that mean?


Rei; "Oh no the bees are dying!"

Lavi; "You didn't say they were dying you just said that there were none there."

Allen; "I don't think she was referring to the story."

Rei; "Correct my little Allen-chan. Stupid people are pissing me off with the whole 'the worlds food supply will be halved' crap they are on about."

Lavi; "They are right though it will happen if bees don't pollinate stuff."

Rei; "It still bloody annoying. Why don't they realise I...don't...give...a...crap!."

Allen; "I feel like somehow we got off of subject here."

Lavi; "Yeah there wasn't much talk about us or the chapter."

Rei; "Again. I...don't..give...a...crap!. I'm the author I'll do what I like."

Allen; "I think she's in a bad mood."

Lavi; "Yeah lets just get out of here with all our bits intact."

*Allen and Lavi leave silently*

Rei; 'Where the fuck did they go I wasn't done ranting yet."