I have shamelessly stolen the characters and AU-ified them. Also committed the crime of starting another story with others on the go, although Harkness and Jones is nearly finished.

'It's my engagement party,' Rhiannon stopped in front of the mirror, bending forward to inspect her eyelashes, 'Lisa is also my friend so she's coming, she's helping set up.'

'She said she wanted "space",' Ianto neatened his tie, 'and we're picking her up on the way?'

Rhiannon sighed and straightened. 'You know she thinks you've been seeing someone else?' She immediately clamped a hand over her brother's mouth, 'I know you haven't, but she's still feeling hurt.'

Ianto bit her hand lightly. 'What about me?' He said bitterly, 'I would never have even thought she was seeing someone else. Thought she trusted me a bit more than that.' He gave his tie another slightly savage tug.

Rhiannon reached out and squeezed his hand, flashing him a sympathetic smile. 'I know.'

'I'll drive, you can sit in the front,' Ianto turned back to pick up his wallet and keys, signalling an end to that conversation. 'We picking anyone else up?'

'Everyone else is getting there later,' Rhiannon pulled a wrap over her shoulders, 'Gray's parents and brother will already be there.'

Ianto handed Rhiannon her handbag, starting down the stairs to the car. 'Is that the writer brother?'

'I've only met him once,' her heels clicked on the stairs, 'he's just come back from America.'

'Are we picking up Mam?'

'She's driving herself in, probably already there and ordering everyone around.'


After an awkward car trip, imperious orders from Mam and multiple forced trips to argue with the catering staff Ianto disappeared to the back of the room and hid amongst the arriving guests.

'Thought I'd find you here,' a quiet voice whispered in his ear. Ianto turned in surprise, a smile spreading across his face as he moved to meet the small Asian woman in a hug.

'The catering staff are no longer overly fond of me, I'm forced into hiding,' Ianto smiled again. Glancing over Tosh's shoulder he caught Lisa's eye and regretfully looked away.

'How are you?' Tosh asked carefully.

Ianto shrugged, flashing her a small smile. 'Been better,' he admitted. Tosh had borne the brunt of his first tearful and slightly drunk phone call over Lisa.

'Well you look stunning,' Tosh gave him her familiar sweet smile.

Ianto smiled, resting a hand on her shoulder and leaning to fondly kiss her cheek. 'I look like all the other men, wearing a suit. Do you want a drink?'


Ianto threaded his way through the crowds, spying one of the catering staff carrying a drinks tray. As the woman turned Ianto winced, her face hardening with recognition. Selecting another one, Ianto made for him. A familiar slim brown hand closed around one of the glass stems and Ianto nearly froze, Lisa's eyes lifting from the tray to his.

'Hey gorgeous, nice arse,' a rich voice murmured suddenly in his ear, a firm hand winding around his waist as lips pressed into the back of his neck. There was a loud crash as the glass slid from Lisa's limp fingers, her eyes widening in accusing horror before she turned into the crowd with a sob. A brief lull fell over the crowd as curious heads turned towards Ianto, whispers starting.

Ianto angrily whirled around, blue eyes meeting his. 'Get your hands off,' he said, voice dangerously quiet. The man looked confused and Ianto strode away without a word.

'I knew it,' a quiet tear filled whisper stopped Ianto in his search, halting him on the balcony.

'Lisa,' Ianto turned desperately, 'it wasn't-'

'It's over,' she said fiercely, holding his gaze angrily for a moment before roughly gathering her red dress up in one hand and stalking back into the room. Alone on the stone balcony, Ianto stared unseeing at the darkening sky before slowly sinking down the wall to the ground.

'Brought you another drink,' Tosh's voice sounded eventually, her face sliding into view as she knelt before her friend. Stretching out an unthinking hand Ianto accepted it, downing it in one fluid move before setting it aside and resuming his blank staring.

'I saw what happened.'

The sympathy was all Ianto needed to finally break into a quiet cry, face crumpling as he leaned his forehead into Tosh's shoulder. His shoulders shook as Tosh ran her hand soothingly over them, his arms hanging unfeeling on the ground as he simply cried.

'Sick,' he murmured eventually, suddenly unsteadily scrabbling to his feet and over to the garden. Lifting his head weakly he swiped a shaking hand over his mouth, a small movement in the light caught his eye and he glanced sideways. The man from earlier stood curiously in the doorway, vague disgust settling over his handsome face as he glanced from Ianto to the empty glass by the wall.

'Fuck off,' Ianto whispered hoarsely, drawing his knees up and dropping his head uncaring to them.


'Should you be having any more?' A lightly accented voice cut into Ianto's silent drinking.

'Yep,' he said flatly.

'Don't think so.' A firm hand plucked the glass out of Ianto's unsteady hand, 'You're already behaving like an idiot.'

Ianto glanced up from the floor, eyes widening then narrowing. 'You.'

'I thought you were someone else before,' the man said curtly. 'I was very mistaken.'

Beyond caring at any other barbs Ianto simply sighed and rested his head on the cool wood of the bar bench. 'Go away,' he said simply.

'You're being embarrassing,' the man said bluntly.

'Says the man who groped me,' Ianto closed his eyes. 'Didn't bother to apologise?'

'I just did.'

Heaving a sigh, Ianto groped blindly along the bench for his drink. 'I must have missed it amongst the barbed comments. Forgive me for doubting its sincerity.'

'I think you should go home.'

'Believe me I would,' Ianto pushed himself wearily upright, bloodshot eyes meeting clear blue ones, 'but my sister would do terrible things to me, and I'm on clean up duty later. Also,' he pulled his drink out of the man's hand, 'this is only my second drink.'

'Don't lie,' his eyes went colder, 'this is my brother's party and I think you should go.'

Not for the first time that night Ianto wished he had in fact drank more. 'Charming,' he murmured, 'but I believe it is also my sister's party.' Sliding from his stool, Ianto ignored his potential brother in-law and went in search of Tosh.

I know strictly speaking Jack wouldn't be Ianto's brother in law, but it's just easier he's refered to as that.