China was absolutely amazing. It was all wonderful, including the man who didn't realise the frosted glass wasn't all that frosted from the other side...wonderfully hilarious. I leave it to your imaginations.

The Odd Spot in the paper, Matt Smith taken aside at the airport after security thought his sonic screwdriver was a weapon. Epic.

Last chapter!

Jack watched his brother and now sister-in-law danced slowly together, he smiled to himself as Gray grinned uncontrollably at his wife. Glancing sideways his smile softened as he traced the familiar profile of Ianto's face, curved lips and his pert nose. Ianto's clear blue eyes met his as he turned his face briefly sideways and quirked his mouth into a smile. Jack glanced down as something brushed the back of his hand, Ianto's fingers deftly slipped between his and tightened, pressing their palms together. Looking back up he found Ianto's face turned forwards again, the smallest of smiles playing over his lips.


'Opinion,' Jack quietly asked his brother, 'do you think Ianto will dance with me?'

Gray paused and sipped his drink, standing on the edge of the dance floor with Jack. 'Unsure,' he said finally.

'Helpful. Thank you.'

'Just ask, what's the worst that can happen?'

'He'll say no,' Jack replied promptly. 'Then he'll realise he is embarrassed by having a public relationship with a man and it'll be over.'

Gray took another sip. 'Don't think you're being a bit dramatic?'

'Give me that,' Jack plucked his drink out of his hand and drank it himself. 'Fancy a dance with your brother?'


Rhiannon smiled laughingly up at Ianto, pure happiness radiating from her face as she glanced across the dance floor at Gray before slipping her hand into her brother's. A few metres away Gray led Jack in a solemn dance, faces haughtily composed as they waltzed around and between people, stopping for Gray to dip his brother theatrically.

'You married into that family,' Ianto commented with a smile, wrapping his arm warmly around her, 'Mrs Harkness.'

'I don't think I'm the only Mrs Harkness,' her eyes sparkled and she squeezed his hand.

They both watched as Jack laughed and dipped again, fanning his arm out dramatically. 'No,' Ianto agreed, 'but it's not me.' He turned his smile back to her and gently kissed her cheek. 'So happy for you,' he murmured affectionately.

They spun in a slow circle. 'I'm happy for me too,' Rhiannon said honestly, her smile unstoppable. 'And,' she rose up as high as she could to kiss his forehead, 'for you too. You and Jack. I think we've picked some very good men.'

Ianto watched Jack and just softly smiled his agreement. 'Has he danced with you yet?'

'No. I should probably be concerned, shouldn't I?'

Ianto laughed openly. 'Probably.'

Together they danced in contented silence, feet stepping noiselessly under the music. Ianto hid a smile as a familiar warm hand stole around his side. 'Hello, Jack,' he said quietly, catching the huff of disappointment behind him.

'I've come to steal your sister,' Jack announced dramatically, flashing a warm smile at Rhiannon before offering his hand extravagantly.

'I get to dance as the woman,' Rhiannon laughed as he swept her away with one last wink at Ianto.

'Congratulations again,' Jack said warmly.

'I think I should offer it to you too,' Rhiannon smiled and Jack chuckled.

'Do you think,' he paused and turned them in a circle, 'do you think I'll be able to persuade your brother to dance with me?'

'Definitely,' she said in surprise.

'Really?' Jack arched and eyebrow and pulled a thoughtful face, 'Didn't think he would be comfortable with public displays.'

'He'll surprise you,' Rhiannon promised.


Ianto watched Jack and Rhiannon dancing with an open smile, Rhiannon had acquired another older brother. A small cough at his side drew his startled attention away, Jack's father standing quietly beside him in a way Jack could never manage.

'He always was a bit of a handful,' Franklin looked with a hint of affection at his son. 'Never could sit still,' he turned familiar blue eyes knowingly on Ianto, 'but I expect you already know that.'

A polite evasion immediately formed on Ianto's lips, something about Franklin's expression deterred it. 'Oh yes,' Ianto admitted with a laugh. 'He doesn't sleep, he recharges.'

Franklin laughed openly and dug his hands in his pockets, Ianto found seeing that familiar gesture mirrored perfectly slightly unnerving. 'We locked everything the day he learnt to toddle.' Ianto was surprised to receive the faintest hint of Jack's naughty grin. 'I'm sure I could find some baby photos if you're interested?'

Ianto chuckled. 'Oh, very.'

They watched the dancers in comfortably silence. 'You two weren't together at Christmas, were you?'

'No,' Ianto didn't feel there much he could add to that, Franklin accepted it with a nod.

'Didn't think you were.'

Ianto dipped his head in acknowledgement at the slight emphasis on 'you'.

'Saying good things about me I hope?' Jack grinned over his Dad's shoulder.

Franklin shook his head sadly. 'Our conversation lasted for longer than thirty seconds.'

'Oh!' Jack looked delightedly offended, 'I can see where I'm not wanted.' He turned with a flounce and Franklin laughed.

'I always did want a daughter,' he commented mildly. He grasped Ianto's hand with a sudden flash of a Harkness grin, 'Good luck, Ianto Jones.'

Spying the familiar light blue shirt through the crowd, Ianto smiled still and walked on silent feet up behind him. He touched his fingers lightly to Jack's back, letting his shirt and body glide under his fingertips as Jack turned around with a welcoming smile. 'Fancy a dance?' Ianto nodded his head towards the dance floor, flattening his palm at the small of Jack's back. Jack's delighted surprise brought a grin to his face. 'What?'

'Didn't think you'd agree if I asked you,' Jack took his hand and led them both to the dance floor.

'I've been looking forward to dancing with you,' Ianto admitted, smiling as his words brought obvious happiness to Jack.

Jack laced their fingers together, cocooning Ianto's hand in warmth as he clasped it to his chest.

'How are you holding up?' Jack's breath was soft and warm against his ear. Ianto closed his eyes in pleasure.

'Bit tired,' he confessed and leant his cheek against Jack's.

Jack hummed and tightened his arm in support, bracing Ianto against his body. 'You can snooze on me if you want.'

Ianto slumped slightly against him, smiling as he heard Jack hum again and felt the smallest of caresses on his back. 'What have you been doing the past weeks?' He felt Jack's smile against his cheek.

'Nothing especially exciting. Close to finishing book so more publicity talks.'

'Receive anymore marriage proposals?' Ianto asked lazily.

'Two actually,' Jack's shoulder moved against Ianto's as he laughed, 'both women.'

'Damn,' Ianto said lightly, 'no luck then.' He hooked his arm behind Jack's back, curling his fingers over his shoulder and drawing him closer into his chest. 'Are you coming back with me tonight?'

'Mm,' Jack chuckled softly in his ear, 'please. I hate being alone in my house now. What were you and Dad talking about?'

Ianto flexed his fingers over Jack's shoulder and smiled, 'You.'



Jack's thighs brushed against his as they turned in a lazy circle. 'And?' He prompted.

The lights were dim, the music soft and pulsing, Ianto closed his eyes and tucked his head into Jack's shoulder. Inhaling lightly he contently breathed in the tempting scent of Jack, warm and sleepy in his embrace.

'Looking adorable won't get you out of answering,' Jack's rich voice was soft and tender despite his words, fingers brushing Ianto's hair off his forehead in a caressing gesture.


The lamp cast a soft golden glow over the bed and Jack's sleeping figure. Ianto smiled and padded silently over the carpet to Jack's side of the bed, crouching down level with his peaceful face. Cheek pressed into the pillow, Jack's glasses tipped at an angle on his nose, framing softly closed eyes. Ianto carefully slid the glasses off and folded them on the bedside table before leaning forward to press the lightest of kisses to Jack's mouth. Jack slept on and Ianto stood with a smile. Moving carefully he crept into bed on his side. Ianto frowned as his pillow dug uncomfortably into his neck, he glanced at the sleeping man beside him before slipping a cautious hand underneath. Tentative fingers brushed something rectangle and solid, he drew it out and stopped. A book. Ianto bunched the pillow under his arm and propped himself up, opening the book up. Ianto slowly read the dedication penned in Jack's distinctive hand, warmth flooding him as he read it again. Beautiful muse. He bit his lip on a soft smile and lingered over the page. Finally Ianto set the page carefully down beside the bed and leaned over Jack. It was impossible to resist dropping a gentle kiss to warm skin of Jack's back and pressing his hand over his shoulder-blade.

'I love you,' Ianto murmured quietly against the back of Jack's neck, closing his eyes to drift his lips over soft hair. 'And,' he whispered, 'I think you're awake.' He braced his hands on the mattress and leaned further over, beginning peppering Jack's jaw and neck with kisses, drawing back to gauge his reaction before beginning again. Finally Jack's mouth wobbled and he broke into a grin and rolled over, wrapping his arms around Ianto's back.

'You like?' Firm arms kept Ianto clasped close.

'The two best things to have ever been in my bed,' Ianto kissed his chest. 'You,' he lightly bit Jack's collarbone, 'lied. You said it wasn't finished.'

'You may have to spank me,' Jack said seriously, eyes sparkling.

'I may,' Ianto agreed and stroked his fingers down Jack's cheek, trailing his knuckles up and down the line of his jaw.

'You,' Jack murmured quietly. 'Everything about you.'

Brushing his fingertips over Jack's hair, Ianto cupped his face and slowly touched their lips together.

'Wait,' Jack muttered and drew back an inch, 'tell me what Dad said.'

Ianto laughed and pushed Jack over a hand on his chest, pinning him down and silencing his question.


Breakfast was a silent affair, Ianto had the book propped on last week's stack of newspapers, his spoon frozen halfway between his bowl and mouth.

Jack smiled as Ianto wandered past, a half eaten sandwich held loosely in his hand, book propped in front of his face as he made his slow way to the table.

He was brushing his teeth when firm footsteps padded up behind him on the tiles, Jack rinsed his toothbrush and turned to face the incoming Ianto, slight apprehension tightening the clutch of his hands on the handtowel.

'Jack,' Ianto cradled his face and caught his mouth in a lingering kiss, 'it was wonderful,' he finished softly, tilting into another kiss.

'You liked it?' Jack drew back to gauge his expression properly, searching intently. Soft brown hair tucked into his neck and Ianto curled against his body, one of those pale violinists hands pressed over his heart.

'I never properly apologised for being such an arse to you,' his Welsh accent twisted the words and Jack smiled.

'No need,' he pressed his lips to strands of brown hair.

'You looked after me when I saw ill,' Ianto continued on in a faintly sick voice, 'after I'd hit you.'

'I didn't mind.'

'I never did anything for you.'

Jack tilted his head back to gaze at Ianto's face, getting the slight feeling his words were passing straight over Ianto's head. 'Of course you did.' The edge of the sink dug into his spine and he fidgeted uncomfortably.

'I'm sorry,' Ianto murmured again, winding his fingers into Jack's top.

'And I'm sorry for being such an idiot to you. Now,' Jack kissed him firmly, the thrill of kissing those lips refusing to fade, 'you did like the book, didn't you?'

'Completely and utterly,' Ianto kissed his cheek as he reached over Jack's shoulder for his toothbrush. Jack refused to let go of his waist and remained between the young man and the sink. 'It was brilliant, Jack, all of it.'

'Are you-' he caught hold of the toothbrush in Ianto's mouth, unable to resist a grin at the adorable surprise on Ianto's face, 'ever going to tell me what my father and you were talking about?'

Ianto motioned him out of the way, spitting neatly. 'He just wanted to know if we were together a Christmas, general things. He offered me baby pictures,' he admitted with a wide smile. Ianto kept brushing his teeth and ignored the look of startled horror it produced in Jack. 'What?' He asked eventually, dropping his toothbrush beside Jack's and patting down his face.

'You would leave me for someone sane,' Jack responded immediately, a faint sparkle in his eyes as he perched on the edge of the bath.

'Too late,' Ianto cupped Jack's jaw briefly as he walked into the bedroom.

'What? You're leaving?' Jack grinned and tagged behind.

'I already know you're insane,' Ianto's voice was muffled as pulled his top over his head, laughing into the fabric as warm hands slid over his chest.

'It still surprises me every time that you don't push me away,' Jack admitted, kissing the back of his head briefly.

'You made the straight man decide he was bisexual,' Ianto's voice was businesslike, back to Jack as he fumbled with neatening the duvet, ears turning pink, 'I think it's fair to say I find you very attractive, Jack. I love you,' he added softly.

Jack smiled at the flustered Ianto he rarely saw. 'And it still surprises me,' he said softly. He blinked as Ianto stepped hurriedly into his arms, a quick bruising kiss pressed to his lips, hands firm in their clasp of his face, then Ianto was back putting his clothes away. It was the little quirks Jack loved as much as anything. High cheekbone highlighted in the lamp light, Ianto turned his head slightly to give Jack a small embarrassed, pleased smile.

Well it's finished now! Hope you enjoyed and thank you to everyone for reading it and giving feedback! You guys are amazing. May do an epilogue at some point, but the story is finished!