So, Charlie (YAY!) and Zeke are in life science class, learning about cells and all that crap.

Even though they don't really like each other as friends but of course they were partners for a class assignment.

They both went up to their microscope to search for cells and stuff

"This is beast!" Charlie yelled

"Oh-ho, no please you are not stealing my favorite word" Zeke snapped

"What's wrong with saying a word, that's technically your favorite?" Charlie asked

"Because I like saying it and you can't…besides it's weird to hear a nerd like you say 'beast' it's really, really strange" Zeke said while turning on the microscope.

Charlie ignored him and peeked inside the microscope. He saw a billion small cells swimming around the slide

Zeke shoved Charlie out of the way to see for himself

"Zeke, ow!" Charlie reminded him

Zeke looked at them all

"Wow, that's a lot of uh…cells there…heh ,heh, cells" Zeke said to himself

"What's wrong with that word?" Charlie asked

"Why would someone name these things 'cells' why not 'squares'?" -_- Oh, Zeke.

"Because-" Charlie started

"Oh, no here we go" Zeke interrupted

"Excuse me! I am talking about a magnificent man named Robert Hooke! He called them cells because the shape they formed looked like what monks lived in, in 1665!" (Congrats on my smartness^^)

"Hooke? As in Hook from Peter Pan?" Zeke asked sarcastically

"NO" Charlie flipped

"Okay chill"

Zeke looked back in the microscope and caught sight of the cytoplasm jiggling

"Hey look!" Zeke exclaimed

"What?" Charlie said

"It's the jelly stuff!"

"Cytoplasm, Zeke, cytoplasm. Geese at least get the names right!" Charlie snapped at him

"Okay Mr. Top Notch Smarty-Pants" Zeke said while staring into the microscope

"My pants aren't smarty" Charlie said

Well I hope I do chapter 2 soon…that was pretty darn short O_O!

Oh Well!