Angel's Wish

Kururu sang a song at the edge of the cape. Her beautiful voice ascended to the moon up in the black sky. Tomorrow is the end. Her end, but her daughter's start. She took a few minutes to examine her surroundings before flew back to her room.

Cornet was sleeping. She deserved it, Kururu whispered. Her blonde hair scattered on her bed. One night in peace. Kururu sat beside her. She looked just like an ordinary girl when she sleeps. And she is, without that horn.

She gently rubbed Cornet's eyes while taking a closer look at her face. She never has time to do this since they started their journey. However, seeing her smile it seems her sacrifice is worth enough. A motherly look appeared on Kururu's face.

"My little girl has grown into a fine woman. And now she goes to free her prince. Time flies, I guess." A sly curl on Cornet's lips warms her heart. She must have a very nice dream. "After this ends, I will no longer here. I don't regret it. I am a lucky mother to have a daughter like Cornet."

A dim light from the chamber's lamp foreshadowed her dolly body. A beautiful angel appeared. She kissed Cornet's forehead softly. "Afterall, fairytales never really have an end. But I hope 'live happily ever after' will work on her." She closed her eyes.

"I will need your assistance in the future. Please look after my dear angel, will you, Sharte? "She smiled lightly. The puppet nodded. Both of them vanished, back to their physical body. A faint crack can be heard when she turned around.

"Kururu? What are you doing?" Cornet moaned. "It's okay. Sleep well. Tomorrow we will storm into Marjoly's castle. You don't want to fail, do you?" Cornet murmured," I won't." She once again fell to her world. Deep and calm, her very own world.

"Good night. Have a sweet dream, dear."

A/N: My effort to make a special mother and daughter moment, as I see it rarely shown in the game. Love Rhapsody, Love Cherrie(She's so beautiful!). One of the most wonderful simple RPG. Review! I'm glad to receive anything to improve my writings, yeah, even flammies.