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I woke up by the Bright sun on my face.

When I turned around Ami wasn't there.

"Huh where did Ami go" I said worried and getting out of bed.

Then I remembered I had to do what Ikuto wants me to do For a day.

Thinks Perverted thoughts.

'OH MY GOD NO' I screamed in my head. 'Am such a pervert'

I got out of bed and went to look for Ami but then I heard my name.

"Amuu~~" A husky voice whispered in my ear.

"W-WHAA-" I screamed but got cut off by Ikuto Hugging me.

"H-hey stop it P-p-pervert" I said blushing.

"Noo Amu I wanna have fuuun~~" He said." And what did I say yesterday." He smirked.

I shut up while blushing.

He smirked.

"Ok ok I'll let you go" He said and let go of me walking away.

"Where you going" I asked.

"You really want to know?" He whispered In my ear making me and blush and freeze.

"H-how did you do that" I said. He smirked.

"Am a cat so I have to be fast" He said.

I stared at him.

"What am I that hot?" He said smirking.

I glared at him and walked away.

"Awww, Come on Amu~~" He said hugging my waist.

I blushed."S-STOP BEING SO PERVERTED" I yelled at him.

He let go off me and walked away.

I turned around when I did he was already half way on wherever he was going.

'Oh gawd what did I do??!!' I thought feeling guilty.

I ran to him when I did he took a turn on the right when I finally got there he wasn't there.

'Am sorry Ikuto, I didn't mean to-, am sorry' I thought about to cry.

I turned around and walked back and started to look for Ami. But after 30 seconds i decided to look for Ikuto instead.

"Ikuuuto" I shouted.

"IKUUUUTO" I screamed and searched everywhere.

"Ikuto?" I looked behind the door.

"Ikutooo??" I looked in the closet.

"Ikuto??" I searched and searched.

"IKUTOOOO" I shouted loud and my voice echoed until it went low.

I sighed.

'Ikuto where are you?' I thought.

Then I decided to go to a different place and search.

Then I found a place I didn't look in I opened the door and it was dark.

I closed my eyes and gulped.

'ok I have to go in' I thought.

I took a few steps when I was in the door closed by its self I screamed.

But someone stopped me.

"Shhh" A husky voice said.

I turned around just to see a glimpse of midnight blue I sighed in relief.

"Thank god I found you, I've-"

"I know" he said putting his finger on my mouth I blushed at that and what I was just saying.

"Come with me I want to show you something." He said and I followed him until he told me to stop.

When I did something and everything no wair not everything in the sky well wall their were stars that lit up.

"Wahh, soo pretty" I said looking up. He smirked.

Then he hugged my waist.

"Sooo, My Amu was trying to find me?" he teased I blushed.

"Huh!!! No,"I said in my cool and spicy tone" Who would and anyway AM NOT YOURS."

"You are for today" he whispered in my ear I blushed more.

"Entrtain me Amu." He said.

I blushed more if possible." Y-YOU PERVRT" I yelled."And stop joking around" I said still looking at the lit up stars.

He smirked."But, Amu am not joking" He said in a childish voice.

"Your such a kid" I said trying to keep my cool.

"Aww, Amu your no fuuun!~~" He said hugging me tighter.

"Let go of me" I said blushing.

"Never" he whispered in my ear and I blushed more.


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