DISCLAIMER: This work of fiction is a non-profit, amateur effort and is not intended in anyway to infringe on the rights of Stephanie Meyer who created the wonderful Twilight Saga.

Stop The Merry-Go-Round

Chapter One: All the Fun of the Fair

Alice's Point of View

The night drew slowly in bringing with it the dampness of the early autumn. The breeze was still gentle and wafted the smell of greasy burgers, hot dogs, popcorn and sickly sweet cotton candy into my dilapidated trailer. I knew most people loved these smells. For adults it brought back fond memories of happier, more carefree times before they had become over-burdened with the pressures of everyday life as a "grown up". For the kids in a small town like this it meant an unusual opportunity to cut loose a little, to eat too much, flirt with the bad boys from the other side of the tracks and party too loud. For me it was a constant reminder of a way of life I had been sold into and that I hated with an ever growing intensity. I watched as a handful of giggling teens wandered around the park. I envied them so much it hurt, an actual physical pain at their easy friendship, their freedom. They strolled around aimlessly, arm in arm, chattering animatedly each conversation interspersed with small shrieks and squeals as they batted mascara coated lashes at the brawny boys manning the rides and earned catcalls and winks for their trouble. I wondered if they knew how lucky they were, I very much doubted it.

James and Laurent suddenly loomed large in the door of my cramped living quarters blocking out the meagre light afforded me by the sprinkling of stars already in the evening sky. My heart leapt in fear. Dammit I hadn't even heard them approach. I was glad that I hadn't switched on the small lamp that rested on my bedside cabinet , hopefully they wouldn't be able to see my half naked body. My eyes darted around my small home desperately searching for something to cover myself with and I sighed with relief as I snatched a threadbare coverlet from off of the back of the only chair. Raising my chin defiantly, yet not quite looking either one of them in the eye, I prayed they wouldn't see the trembling that was beginning to wrack my frame,

"I'm not dressed yet gentlemen."

I drew out the last word distastefully but then my breath caught in my throat as I realised my stupidity, sometimes I just didn't think. Shit! That could prove to be costly later on tonight. I dared to look at Laurent and his dark, dark eyes had narrowed in anger. They were jet black pools of evil as he glowered at me, a cruel snarl curling his lips and accentuating the gruesome scar that ran from his hairline to his jaw. Menacing. I wasn't sure who terrified me more. Laurent with his air of constant, barely suppressed rage or James with his steely calm that never wavered, even if he was putting a bullet in your brain. As James trailed his fingers up and down Laurent's arm the tension in him seemed to ease. They stared deeply into one another's eyes and without even glancing in my direction James said softly,

"Get that pretty little ass of yours into costume and get down to your tent, Victoria needs to do a sound check before you can work your mojo!"

I bit back the sigh that threatened to escape from between my clenched teeth, great, just great, now I had the bitch from hell to cope with as well.

I dropped the blanket hastily to the floor and bent down to retrieve my battered suitcase from under the battered bed. God was there anything in this damn place that wasn't old, broken or breaking down? I laughed harshly but with no real humour, that was a pretty apt description of how I viewed myself, old before my time, battered and broken. I scrubbed my hand across my face to stem any tears, self pity would get me absolutely nowhere, and grabbed the first outfit that lay on top of the pile in the case. I grimaced knowing that the gaudy outfit and over-the-top makeup I would be expected to wear would make me look like a hooker. That was what James and Laurent aimed for and I hated it. I had been on the circuit for four years and word had gotten round about my act, I didn't need to do this. I had regulars now, good people who shouldn't be fooled by the shit we pulled. I tried to tell them things when I could, but really I had no choice but be a part of this fraud. James and Laurent were bad, bad men the type only a fool would get tangled up with which kind of described my dad to a T.