Second Chance

Story: Sarah Jane Adventures

Summary: The trickster does a good turn for a heartbroken girl. But, wait. The trickster being good? Something is not all it seems... It's up to Clyde, Luke, Rani, and even Maria, to solve the riddle. With their new found friend, they once again attempt to save the world.

Rated: T

Prologue: I Love You

Leave me alone,
Don't need your loving.
Get out my life,
And I'll stay out yours.
Only kidding.
I Love You

Memories. Washed away like so much rubbish.
Once happened, now never will again.
Summertime's are forgotten once winter comes in.
But of a loved one, things are never the same.
If only one had the power to forget.
But no one does.

My love for him still remains. His love for me... doesn't.

I love him.

He hates me.

Love. Hate.


Like always, please review. The poems were a slow flow, but, I think they turned out pretty well.