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Let's start from what happened yesterday…

The bell rang and it told all of the students that it's time to go home. Ichigo kurosaki woke up from his peaceful slumber. He remembered that he fell asleep in the middle of his history lesson. He packed his book and went home. He went home with his friends, Keigo and Mizuiro.

"Good bye Ichigo." Keigo and Mizuiro waved their hands to Ichigo. Ichigo waved his hand for them to, but he didn't want to go home immediately that time so he decided to visit a park near his house.

Ichigo arrived at the park and walked inside the park alone. The park was really quite when suddenly he heard someone cried which made him really shocked, so he rushed of to find where was the voice came from. He stunned when he looked a girl bleeding and three boys held a knife around her. Without thinking twice, he rushed toward the boys and he grabbed the boy's wrist then took the knife from his hand. The boys was shocked when they looked at him and They tried to kick and smack him. But he could dodge all of them. He encounter their attack and he smacked one of the boy. The boy fell to the ground. The other two boys tried to finish Ichigo. But fortunately, Ichigo dodged them and kicked them. One at his head and the other one at his butt. Both of them fell to ground. Ichigo smiled to see what he had done with the three.

After that, Ichigo walked to the girl who had been saved by him. He kneeled in front of her to saw if she was alright. She was really shocked and Ichigo could see there was a fear in her beautiful violet eyes. Ichigo smiled to her and tried to make her calmer.

'Damn! She looks really cute!' thought Ichigo. He shook his head and tried to get rid of it.

"Hey, are you alright?" asked Ichigo. "Let's go to my house, I'll help you to stop your bleeding". Without bothering to get an answer he took the girl's arm and dragged her from the ground. But suddenly . . .


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Ichigo was angry when the girl suddenly smacked his head.

"THAT'S MY WORD YOU MORON! YOU HAVE RUINED EVERYTHING!!" replied the girl who was angry too.

"I tried to help you to get away from that bastards! Is this the way you thanked to me?"Ichigo said.

"OH GOD! Why don't you look around and see how hopeless and speechless we are to see what you have done!" the girl tried to control her emotion.

"What the . . . ?". Ichigo became speechless after he looked around. He saw a lot of people looked at them. Some of them looked at him with their jaw dropped. Ichigo then realized there was a camera there. Right! There was a camera which recorded everything that had happened. Ichigo felt ashamed and he looked a guy walked toward him. The guy wore a hat and beside him was a purple haired women with tanned skin.

"My my. . . Look at the disaster you have caused to us.." said the guy after he arrived in front of Ichigo.

"Yeah! He has made a really big disaster and ruined all of our schedule shooting for today. He also knocked the three actors. I guess we won't be able to continue this shooting anymore for today." the purple haired woman said. She looked around her and saw that all of the crews were happy and tried to leave the shooting location, so she decided to continue her words. "But it also means that we have many works to do tomorrow." she added it quickly and she also saw all of the crews became sad all of sudden and came back to their position before.

"Uuuh… I'm so sorry sir. I don't know if there is a film shooting here." Said Ichigo who felt that his cheek became red just like a tomato. "Umm…I think I should go now". With that, Ichigo ran away from the shooting location and he tried to ignore all protests from the crews.

"HEY COME BACK!" Ichigo turned his head and he saw the girl who had been saved by him ran toward him. He couldn't help it, so he decided to ran faster then before and after he got out from the park he looked around once more and he didn't see the girl anymore. He tought that he was safe now and finally he decided to go home immediately to avoided any problems that might happen again for today.

He arrived at his house and opened the door. But, he closed the door as soon as possible after he opened it because that he heard a loud sound from the other side of the door. As soon as he closed the door, a loud sound of someone crashed to the door could be heard. Thirty seconds later, he opened the door again and walked in, passing his father's unconcious body(his father tried to kick Ichigo's face!). He walked to his room and tried to forget everything that happened at the park. He closed the door of his bedroom and walked straight to his bed. He lied on his bed and stared at the roof. He hopped that he would never meet everyone at the park this evening and he swore to never visit the park for awhile. He even skipped his dinner that Yuzu had served for him that night, he just didn't want to meet anyone that night and he tried his best to forget everything at the park.

But live wasn't that easy anyway.


The next day.

Ichigo woke up from his slumber. He looked at the clock beside his bed.

'SHIT! I overslept!' Ichigo woke up and changed to his uniform immediately. He ran downstair to the kitchen and grabbed some toast. He almost hit Karin. He ran toward the door and wore his school shoes. He ran as fast as he could to karakura senior high school. Fortunately, he could make it in time.

"Good morning, Ichigo! What's wrong? It's not like you to come late" Keigo greeted Ichigo.

"Uh-huh... I couldn't sleep well last night. I guess I'll just try to sleep at Japanesse class" replied Ichigo. He admitted it, he still felt sleepy because he couldn't sleep last night. He tried to forget too hard maybe.

Ichigo sat in his chair in the class when his teacher came.

"Good morning everyone. We have a new friend here. Please introduce yourself miss Kuchiki" said the teacher.

"My name is Rukia Kuchiki. I'll study here for several months because of my shooting schedule. Nice to meet you all." the new student said clearly.

Rukia looked around her new classmates and a certain orange haired boy caught her eyes. She suddenly screamed. "YOU! YOU ARE THE STUPID BOY WHO RUINED MY SHOOTING YESTERDAY!!". Rukia pointed out her finger toward Ichigo.

'Perfect!' thought Ichigo.

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