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Chapter 5

It's their second day at the beach. After the 'accident' yesterday, they started their shooting schedule this morning. The shooting location took place at the coastal. It's a very hot day and every crew looked a little tired because of it. But, everything went smoothly so far.

Rukia still tried her best to act as a princess who must saved her country from the chaos. Well, it's an action movie after all.

"This is my country! And this is my fate to protect it from the chaos!" Rukia shouted to an actor who played as an enemy.

Ichigo stared at Rukia in awesome. 'I never thought she could act this good…' he thought. Ichigo kept staring at Rukia like that, he even didn't realize that his cheek blushed slightly. 'She looks so … beautiful…'. Ichigo shook his head after he thought about it. 'Hey! What did I say before? I don't want to think about her that way and I won't!'. His face became redder and he looked around to avoid his gaze from Rukia. He looked at Renji, who grinned at him widely, beside him. "What was that for?" whispered Ichigo.

"Aa … nothing… I just think that you looked fascinated when you stared at Rukia a minute ago…" replied Renji, who tried to hold his laugh, in low voice.

"I WHAT?!" shouted Ichigo. Everyone in the shooting location stared at him.

"Ichigo… can't you keep your voice low? We are still in the middle of our shooting…" said Kaien.

"I'm sorry … It's just that …. Ah forget it…" said Ichigo. "Renji, I need to talk about this problem with you…" Ichigo grabbed Renji's wrist and dragged him to the beach café not so far from the location shooting. They walked in and sat in the chair on the balcony on 2nd floor. They ordered two cup of coffee there.

"Hehehe… I wanna ask you about something…" said Renji

"What the hell is it?" said Ichigo sarcastically. He was so annoyed by Renji.

"Hey ... don't mad at me.. oh well… I just wanna ask this." Renji sipped his coffee and started to talk again. "What do you think about Rukia? I want you to answer it honestly….".

"Why do you ask me this question? Well, I just think that… even if she is really stubborn, she also has good sides of her…" replied Ichigo. He avoided Renji's gaze and looked at the sea.

"Yeah, everyone have their own good sides…" said Renji. "Do you still remember that I told you about Rukia who has the difficult times as a child?" asked Renji and Ichigo just replied it with a nod. "Do you wanna hear the story about it?"

"Uh… yeah…" said Ichigo, he wasn't really sure.

"She was an orphan ever since she was … oh well, I'm not sure about her age that time. She and I met at an orphanage. When we were 13, we went to an elite academy in Tokyo. All of the students there came from a wealthy family and we were the poorest children there. They liked to humiliate us because of it. We tried our best to prove that even if we didn't come from a wealthy family, we weren't idiot. We did and a wealthy family, Kuchiki, decided to adopt Rukia. What I know from Rukia was that she wasn't really happy at Kuchiki family. That family had a big problem and it made Rukia depressed. I never saw her smiling again… until she met Kaien Shiba. Kaien made her life brighter. He could make her smiled and felt happy. He was the reason why Rukia became an actress" told Renji.

Ichigo nodded and she said, "And…?"

"Yeah that's it… I wanna tell you that if you have a feeling toward her-" Renji haven't finished his word when Ichigo spilt his coffee to Renji's shirt. "HEY! IT'S A NEW BRAND SHIRT, Y' KNOW!!! AND IT'S HOT TOO." Renji yelled.

"Uhh… sorry… BUT THAT'S YOUR FAULT TO START IT FIRST!!" shouted Ichigo.

"But you don't have to spill your coffee to me… I just wanna say that if you have a feeling toward her you better try to know her better. And I just wanna tell you that Kaien was her first love.." pouted Renji who tried to clean his shirt. "People said that First Love can't be forgotten right?" Renji said. "I wanna go to the toilet now.". Renji left Ichigo who still froze at his chair.

'What… ?' he looked a little jealous. He turned around to look at the shooting location. He saw Rukia smiled at Kaien brightly and Kaien handed a towel to her. 'I know… She always … blushing when she looks at him…'. Ichigo bowed his head. 'Why I feel jealous about it?'.


"CUT!!" said Urahara. They had just finished their shooting for today and all the crew started to clean up the shooting location. Ichigo looked really tired, not because of the job but that was because of the conversation he had with Renji lately.

'Why do I really concern about it. Well, it's not my business if Kaien was her first love or even if she still loves him…' Ichigo's mind was interrupted by a towel in front of him.

"Here! Take this! You look so tired, y' know?" said Rukia and she handed Ichigo a towel.

"Thank you…" replied Ichigo simply. He wiped his sweat with the towel and put it on his shoulder.

"Hey, Rukia! Come here! I wanna show you something!" shouted Kaien.

"I'm coming!" replied Rukia cheerfully. She turned her head to Ichigo and said, "See you soon Ichigo.". Rukia ran toward Kaien and he showed her something shining. Rukia gasped to look at it and she closed her mouth with her hand. It was a necklace, a beautiful necklace.

"Here! I want you to keep this one. Hope you like it!" said Kaien cheerfully and he gave the necklace to Rukia. "Do you like it?"

"Yes, I do Kaien-dono… It's a beautiful necklace… Are you sure you want to give this necklace for me?" asked Rukia.

"Of course… do you want me to put the necklace on you?" asked Kaien.

Rukia blushed and she just nodded. Kaien took the necklace and put it around Rukia's neck. "It looks good on you…" Kaien said it and he smiled.

Rukia's face became redder than before and she smiled sweetly to Kaien. "Thank you… Kaien-dono…".

Ichigo looked very shocked and he clenched his fits. He couldn't help it. He was really jealous to look at them. He turned around and he started to walk home. 'It's not my business'.


Ichigo was still in the middle of his way to go home when suddenly he heard someone called his name. "Hoi, Ichigo! Hold on!". Ichigo realized whose voice that was and he turned his head. Kaien ran toward him. "Let's go home together." said Kaien. Ichigo actually was annoyed by Kaien's existence around him.

"Hey Ichigo, are you alright?" asked Kaien.

Ichigo looked at Kaien and he frowned, he never expected that Kaien would ask him something like that. "Uuh.. Yeah, I'm alright… Do I look sick?" asked Ichigo.

Kaien laughed at his question. "Haha… No, it's not like you look sick… I mean that you look depressed."

"Oh…" Ichigo nodded and he turned his head again. "Yeah… maybe…".

"Hey Ichigo… I know that we haven't known each other that long… but, if you have any problem, I'll listen to whatever your problem is." Kaien smiled at him. "Sometimes it's good to have a friend to talk with… and you can talk with me or Renji if you want…".

Ichigo was busy with his own mind, so he decided to ask Kaien, "Hey, do you always act like this? I mean … being friendly with everyone even if you have just known them for several days?" asked Ichigo not sure. He never thought that Kaien would be this kind to him.

Kaien shrugged and said, "Well… I'm just trying to be friendly with everyone… and if I see them happy, that'll make me happier…".

'I feel bad to be jealous of him…' said Ichigo. Suddenly, Ichigo's face turned sad, 'No wonder Rukia loves him'.

"Hoi Ichigo." Kaien waved his hand in front of Ichigo's face. Ichigo looked surprised.

"What is it?" Ichigo asked.

"We've arrived at home… I ask you whether you want to go in but you don't give me any answer." explained Kaien.

"Ooh… I'm sorry." Ichigo walked in and he said good bye to Kaien. Ichigo walked upstairs then he opened his door. He walked in and closed the door, he went straight to his bed and lied on it. 'Why do I feel so … jealous of him?' he asked to himself. He tried to sleep but failed, his mind was full of Rukia. 'Am I… in love with her?' he asked himself. 'No, it can't be…'. He couldn't help it. 'I need to talk with her…'. Ichigo got up and he walked out from his room, he went to Rukia's bedroom. He almost knocked at the door when he heard someone giggled behind the door.

"Hey Rukia, I know that you have loved Kaien-san ever since you're 14…" said Rangiku.

Rukia coughed and she glared at Rangiku. "Uh… Why do you ask it?" she asked suspiciously.

"Hahaha… you don't have to be that surprised, y' know?" said Rangiku playfully. "Everybody can see it. You look so happy and always blushing around him…".

Ichigo gulped hard and he decided to listen some more.

"Uuh.. yeah, I loved him when I was 14 years old." said Rukia and she was blushing. Ichigo felt hurt when he heard her and he clenched his fists tightly.

"Wow! Really?" Momo asked enthusiastically. "What bout now? Do you still love him?"

Ichigo couldn't hold it anymore. He decided to leave Rukia's room and went back to his own room. He closed the door behind him and sat down. He leaned to the door behind him. He felt like his heart was torn in two. He finally realized what kind of felling that was. 'Yeah, I'm actually in love with her…'.

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