The city was quieter than normal, thanks to a heavy blanket of snow that had fallen overnight. But Rachel was more than happy to brave the weather (she'd always loved snow) to meet her best friends for brunch before her shows. Kurt had just returned from his sunny vacation in Mexico with Drew and she definitely didn't want to miss his reaction when Quinn told him the news about the baby.

So she trudged along the snowy sidewalk on Amsterdam Avenue, pulling her hat down further over her ears when the wind picked up and whipped her hair around wildly. It was bitterly cold out and while she adored snow, the frigid temperature left a lot to be desired. Her teeth were starting to chatter when she blissfully spotted the familiar navy blue awning outside Sarabeth's. This was, without a doubt, their favorite brunch spot in the city and they met there a couple times a month.

Walking through the door, Rachel breathed deeply as the warmth enveloped her body and the heavenly smells of pancakes and omelets hit her nose. The restaurant, normally always crowded, was surprisingly sparse today and she easily spotted Quinn's familiar blonde head at a table in the back reading something on her phone.

"Hey, mama," Rachel greeted when she reached the table, dropping her bags down into a vacant chair.

Quinn glanced up and a smile broke out across her pretty face. "Hi, doll," she replied warmly as Rachel slid into the booth beside her.

"How're you feeling?"

The blonde scrunched up her nose. "So far okay, but just reading the words coddled eggs on the menu made my stomach roil. I think I'll pass on my usual omelet today."

"Probably a very good idea," Rachel agreed, shrugging out of her red coat. "I really can't wait for you to tell Kurt. He may very well stroke out in the middle of his frittata." They traded amused looks and giggled loudly.

"I have brunch on the line that says he'll want to be called Aunt Kurt," Quinn said laughingly, holding out her hand.

Rachel snickered and shook Quinn's hand. "You're on, because there's no way Drew would let that happen."

"Doesn't matter," she grinned wryly. "All he has to do is suggest it and I win." She picked up her orange juice and sipped.

"Fair enough," Rachel conceded with a laugh. She looked down at her menu and asked, "Do you know when Finn plans on telling Noah about the baby?"

"I'm not sure. Why?"

"I forgot to tell you when you called the other day. Well, that's not actually true. I didn't forget, but I couldn't tell you because Noah was in the room with me and—"

"Spit it out," Quinn snapped, making Rachel's eyebrows shoot up. "I'm sorry, Rach," she sighed. "I've already become so moody and I'm barely eight weeks. This is going to be such a long pregnancy. I fucking cried over a commercial for fabric softener the other day. Fabric softener. Ridiculous."

"Aw, honey," Rachel cooed, smoothing a hand over the blonde's head. "It's perfectly normal. Besides, it's not like this is the first time I've been Fabrayed," she teased, referring to the term she and Kurt came up with years ago for being on the receiving end of one of Quinn's bitchy moods.

Quinn shrugged lightly and laughed. "Good point. As you were saying," she motioned for her friend to continue her story.

"Okay, please don't get mad at me," Rachel began slowly, "but I had to tell Noah about the baby." She bit her lip and gave her friend a guilty look.

The blonde's lips twitched at her overly dramatic friend. "Well, obviously I hate you now," she said dryly. "He's going to find out soon enough anyway, but why did you have to tell him?"

"Okay…see, after I left your apartment Wednesday, I went shopping and because I was so excited, I ended up buying you, Finn and the baby some gifts—"

Quinn's eyes lit up. "Gifts?" She curved her hands down like paws and began panting like an excited puppy. Giggling, Rachel reached for a bag she'd brought with her and handed it to Quinn, smiling as her friend tore into the gift bag. "Cute top!" she exclaimed, studying the purple shirt. "Awwwwww!" She held up the little plush elephant as tears stung her eyes. "This is so sweet, Rachel. Oh, God," she sniffled. "I can't believe I'm crying again." She threw her arms around Rachel and hugged her tight. "Thank you."

Rachel stifled a laugh and hugged her back. She suspected that this was only the first of many emotional outbursts to come in the next eight months. "You're welcome. There's something in there for Finn, too."

Pulling back, Quinn swiped at her eyes, feeling foolish for all the crying. She reached into the bag and pulled out the book, barking out a laugh when she read the title. "He'll love this."

"That book is the whole reason I had to tell my boyfriend about the baby."

Quinn's eyes sparkled with recognition. "Hell, he thought that book was for him, didn't he?"

Rachel nodded her head and, laughing, recounted that night in her bathroom where he'd mistakenly thought he was about to become a father and that was how she'd chosen to tell him. "…so it'll be really great when Finn finally tells him because I know that Noah's having a hard time not calling him up and asking him about it even though he'd vehemently deny that."

"Their bromance is adorable," Quinn giggled, placing the gifts back in the bag.

"It really is," Rachel nodded, a smile in place. Seeing Kurt walk in the door, she nudged Quinn with her elbow. "Kurt's here."

"Buenos Dias, mi amigas!" Kurt greeted smoothly when he reached the table. He slipped off his stylish coat and removed his hat before easing down into the seat across from his friends.

Quinn's eyebrow arched slowly. "Are you still drunk from Mexico?"

Kurt gingerly ran a hand over his hair to quell any fly-aways and playfully glared across the table. "Missed you, too, Fabs."

"Divalicious," he grinned, turning his focus to the brunette.

"How was Mexico?" Rachel asked excitedly, wanting to hear all about his trip with Drew.

His eyes glinted happily and a teasing grin pulled across his lips. "Engaging."

Rachel felt Quinn's hand grasp her wrist and they both leaned forward in their seats. "Are you—"

"Betrothed?" Kurt interrupted, folding his hands dramatically on the table. "Yes, yes I am."

The three friends let out a collective squeal that drew stares from the diners around them.

"Oh, my God, Kurt! I'm so happy for you!" Rachel gushed, sliding out of her seat so she could hug him.

Quinn followed suit and kissed his cheeks, feeling her eyes well up again. "How'd he propose?" she asked, slipping back into the booth.

Kurt placed a hand on his chest and sighed, recounting the story of the beach at sunrise where Drew asked him if he'd spend the rest of his life with him. When he was finished, the two girls beamed at him with tears in their eyes.

"Okay, that's my news. What's been going on in NYC with you two? Rach, how's it going with your boyfriend?"

She gave him a dimpled smile; she loved that Noah had that title now. "Things are going really well, though he has been a bit grouchy lately because of his injuries and the fact that he can't workout the way he wants to or go back to work at the station. He starts back next week, but he's on desk duty and to say he's not thrilled about that would be quite the understatement. But we're good."

"He's probably just grouchy because you two aren't able to hump like bunnies," Quinn provided casually over the top of her juice.

"When you two are allowed at it again, he'll probably reinjure himself," Kurt added, making Quinn laugh wickedly.

"God, you two, would be quiet?" Rachel hissed. "We're in public." She looked around to make sure no one else was listening and leaned in closer to the table and lowered her voice. "But he's not complaining that much, thank you." She smiled a little smugly at her friends, hoping to shut them up.

"Doing a lot of this, huh?" Quinn asked, making a very obscene gesture with her mouth and hand.

Rachel's cheeks flamed crimson while Kurt brayed with laughter. The waitress mercifully chose that moment to come and take their orders so she at least didn't have to give the embarrassing answer her friends already knew anyway.

Once the waitress walked away with their orders, Kurt turned his attention to Quinn. "Q—any news?"

Quinn studied her manicure and lifted a shoulder. "Had a meeting with the Bergdorf's people, checked on our new collection, sketched a few things, found out I was pregnant."

Kurt choked on his water and began coughing. His eyes watered and he hit his chest with a fist a few times to try and curb this fit. "What?" he managed, coughing again.

"It was just a meeting with Bergdorf's, Kurt," Quinn said understatedly. "Everything is fine." She felt Rachel kick her under the table and she bit her cheek to keep from laughing when his eyes went round and pleading.

"Not that!" he snapped. "You're pregnant?"

"Oh! That!" she said, a sneaky grin forming on her pretty face. "Yes, I am. Shocked? So was I."

"Oh my god! Oh my god! OH MY GOD!" he very nearly screeched, once again earning annoyed stares from the handful of diners in the eatery. "I—I can honestly say that you've rendered me incapable of forming coherent thoughts."

"I know," Quinn nodded. "That was me when I found out, but I'm really so excited—Finn, too. He's going to be the best daddy." Her eyes welled up again and she groaned in frustration.

"Get used to the waterworks," Rachel told him, handing Quinn a napkin. "This isn't the first cry she's had in twenty minutes."

"Well, Finn may be the best daddy, but I'm going to be the best uncle there is."

"Ha!" Rachel blurted loudly, slapping her hand on the table. "You owe me breakfast," she said to Quinn.

"Dammit," Quinn frowned. "How could you let me down like that?" At his inquisitive look, she added, "You were supposed to be Aunt Kurt."

His brow arched nearly to his hairline and he pursed his lips. "That's too gay even for me, Q." Rachel snorted and giggled behind her hand while Quinn just shook her head, fighting the urge to grin at him.

"God, look at the three of us," Quinn said. "Rachel's got a hot boyfriend she's serious about, you and Drew are getting married, I'm makin' babies…Face it, we're growing up, kids." Her eyes welled for what felt like the hundredth time that day.

"Quinn, I swear to god," Kurt interrupted, holding up his hand. "I love you, but the tears are freaking me out. Take your pregnancy hormones and Fabray them into submission."

Rachel laughed.

Quinn frowned and cried again.

Kurt smirked and sipped his juice.

… … …

It had been a few days since Puck found out that his best friend was going to be a father. Of course his girlfriend had let that cat out of the bag and he was supposed to pretend he didn't know anything at all about it. It hadn't been that hard to do. Finn had been working and they had only texted a couple times throughout the week.

So when his buddy called him up and invited him out for pizza and beer, he was pretty sure the news was gonna drop then.

They were sitting in their favorite pizza joint and Finn was acting shifty, which was his tell that something big was going on. Puck had just taken a huge bite when Finn blurted "Quinn's pregnant." He was slightly thankful he already knew that bit of info, otherwise the choking he could have experienced would have fucking sucked. "Hey, man—congrats!" he mumbled with a mouthful.

Finn cocked his head to the side and regarded his friend. "Dude, Rachel told you, didn't she?"

Puck nodded, swallowing his pizza. "Yep. In her defense, I thought I was the one having a kid and she told me before I had a goddamn heart attack." Finn chuckled and Puck smirked, taking a swig of his beer. "How d'you feel about all this? Pretty heavy stuff, bro."

The taller man shrugged as a smile stole across his face. "I was shocked at first, but now that it's sunk in, I'm excited, man. A little freaked, but mostly just excited."

Puck still couldn't believe that his best friend was reproducing and happy about it. But whatever. He could be happy for him. "S'weird. You're gonna be someone's dad." That word hung heavily in the air around them.

Finn took a pull from his beer and nodded slightly. "Yeah."

It dawned on him then that Finn would get a chance to be something neither of them had growing up. He knew then that Finn would kick ass and take names in fatherhood because he would never want his child to go through what either of them did. "Think of all the cool shit we can teach your kid, dude."

Finn laughed and the two knocked their beer bottles together. That was the best endorsement Finn could have imagined from his best friend. He hoped that Puck would take his other piece of news as well as he had the baby, but he wasn't holding his breath. "I have some other news," Finn said slowly.

Puck grabbed another slice and took a huge bite, lifting a questioning brow.

"Remember how I told you about the fight Quinn and I had about my job?"

He swallowed his food and tried to ignore the weird feeling he had in his gut he knew had nothing to do with the pizza. "Yeah…"

"I'm quitting the department," Finn told him, dropping his eyes to the label on the beer bottle.

"Fuck you, man, don't joke about that. It's not funny."

"It's not a joke, Puck," Finn said seriously.

His brows pinched together and he glowered across the table at his idiot best friend. "So Quinn flips her shit about the job and you're quitting? You gonna chop off your balls and hand them over to her, too?" A baby was one thing, but Finn quitting a job he loves because of a woman was unacceptable to him. And yeah, he'd asked Rachel if she had a problem with his job, but that wasn't code for "if you do, I'll quit" thank you very much. Fuck that noise. He'd never quit something he loved for pussy. No way. No how.

"C'mon, dude, don't be like that," Finn sighed, running a hand over his jaw. "It's different now—we're having a baby."

"I fucking know that," Puck said, pouting a little as he toyed with a coaster on the table.

"Besides, you were asking me the other day when Q and I got into that fight whether I loved her enough to choose her over the department. I told you yes. Why are you acting so surprised?"

He frowned, not appreciating that his previous advice was coming back to bite him in the ass. "Because it was all hypothetical or whatever that shit is. I didn't think she'd actually force you to choose. The hell's that about?" He pulled another frown when he lifted the bottle to his mouth and discovered it was empty.

Finn sighed again. "She didn't. This is my choice and it's a choice I made for my family." Puck's brows shot up briefly before a scowl broke out on his face. "Quinn insisted that I didn't need to quit—"

"So don't!" Puck bit out.

"But I get it now," Finn said quietly. "Our job is dangerous and I don't want something to happen leaving my kid to grow up without a dad. We both know what that's like."

Yes, they both knew what that was like and it fucking sucked. Finn had a point and Puck couldn't deny it. That didn't mean he had to like it though. "So what're you gonna do? Isn't Q rich or some shit? You could be a kept man and—well, on second thought never having to work again sounds pretty fucking awesome." He was only half teasing.

"Shut up, asshole," Finn said laughingly. "I'm going to see about becoming an EMT. Got experience already and maybe I'll take the classes to become a paramedic."

Puck shook his head disappointedly. "Those guys are pussies, dude." At Finn's warning look, he sighed. "But hey, man, whatever's clever, I guess."

Finn rolled his eyes. "Thanks, dickhead."

"No sweat off my balls," Puck shrugged. And as far as he was concerned, that was the end of that conversation. "So, pool or darts?"

… … …

His first week back at work had been total bullshit. Fucking desk duty—just another name for station bitch. Calls came in and everyone rushed to get in their gear while he basically sat around with his thumb up his ass. Then he cleaned up after everyone and answered the goddamn phone. He was less than amused with the whole situation.

As if desk duty wasn't bad enough, Finn had spoken with their Captain about wanting to leave the department to become an EMT. Puck was honestly surprised that conversation went over the way it had. He'd fully expected yelling followed by a fuckload of teasing, but when the boss man learned it was for a baby on the way, he'd clapped Finn on the back, wished him congratulations and told him he'd do whatever he could to help him out. Part of him had hoped Finn wasn't actually serious about quitting, but once the news hit the station, reality sunk in.

He couldn't imagine going on a job without Finn by his side (and fuck you, it's not as gay as it sounds). It's just that they'd worked together for so long and been best friends even longer that having to adjust to a new member on their rig was going to be completely fucked up for a while.

As for his relationship, he still wasn't allowed to have sex, and his girlfriend was strict about that (he had the blue balls to prove it). Though the other night things had gotten a little carried away on his couch and he thought for sure Rachel was about to give in and blissfully fuck him silly. But, at the last second she pushed him away, gritted her teeth and reminded him (like he'd fucking forgotten) they couldn't do it yet with an apology on her lips. And yeah, they did some other stuff to relieve some tension, but that was getting old. Because honestly? There was only so much mutual masturbation you could do before you went a little crazy.

So now he sat impatiently in the waiting room for his follow up appointment with the doctor. If the doc didn't give him the green light to get his dick wet today, he was pretty sure he'd end up throwing fists or something in protest. (He found it a little funny that this was his second doctor visit in the span of a few months where results determined whether or not he'd get to fuck Rachel Berry. Whatever. Totally worth it.) It'd really be great timing, too, getting the green light, because he and Rachel both had the whole next day off and he'd like nothing more than to spend it banging headboards with her. She didn't even know about this appointment, so provided he got the news he wanted, he planned to surprise her after her show tonight.

"Puckerman?" a nurse called into the waiting room, snapping him from his thoughts. He stood up and went to find out his fate.

… … …

Puck walked down main aisle until he found the row where his seat was located. He apparently hadn't gotten the memo to get there so goddamn early, so he had to practically crawl over the elitist theater dicks that moved exactly an inch for him to pass by. Fuckers. So not only did he show up here to watch Chicago alone, he was now seated between two elderly women whose idea of smelling nice was spraying the entire goddamn bottle of perfume on before they went out on the town.

He sat back in his seat and flipped open the Playbill and read Rachel's bio just as the lights went down and the music began.

… … …

He liked the show a lot. You know, once he paid attention to the story and not just the chicks in tasteful lingerie. And Rachel's voice gave him goose bumps. (Shut up!) But seriously, his girl was so good it was insane. She'd talked a little about how she was getting bored with the show, but you'd never know it with the way she performed. Everyone in the place went crazy for her, jumping to their feet when she walked out on stage at the end and he was right there with them, clapping and whistling for her.

And while he knew she couldn't see him (she had no idea he was even there), she looked right over in his direction when he whistled and he smirked just in case.

… … …

Puck didn't wait for the retirement community in his row to clear out before he bolted out of the theater. His lungs were really in need of fresh air after spending two hours next to the excessively perfumed.

People were already lined up outside the stage door when he got there, discussing the show and the performances and hoping they'd get autographs. He knew they would. Rachel told him once that she and the other cast members always greeted the fans after the show. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he walked away from the majority of the crowd and leaned back against the brick of the building to wait for her.

It wasn't long before the crowd perked up, so he looked over just as she stepped out the door with a smile on her face. Seeing her in Broadway celebrity mode was kind of weird since he really hadn't before, but it was also totally hot knowing that his girlfriend was such a big deal. Of course that wasn't why he was with her, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy it, right?

Ten minutes passed before he started getting antsy. On a regular night, he wouldn't care how long she took because he'd just be at home or at work and she could sign autographs until her hand cramped.

But tonight? He had important business to share with her. (That business being fucking her. Repeatedly.) The doc had given him the all clear (finally) and he'd asked for that shit in writing. Rachel would want proof (because a couple weeks ago he lied and said the doc okay'd it when he really hadn't…whatever, desperate times, desperate measures) and he currently had that proof tucked safely into his back pocket. Instead of autographing his Playbill, maybe he'd have her sign that and then jump on his dick.

Okay, seriously. These theater fans needed to get lost. He thought he could be patient, but six weeks without sex left him fresh out. The only thing he would possibly stop for on the way back to his place was food and that was only so they would had plenty of energy for this marathon they were about to start. God, he couldn't take it anymore, so he walked closer and waited for her to notice him.

Rachel signed her name on the Playbill and handed it back to the woman standing in front of her, glancing up to quickly smile at her and move to the next person. She did a double take when she saw him standing away from the dwindling crowd, hands tucked into his pockets and watching her with that lazy, half smile-half smirk on his lips. Smiling back at him, she held up her finger indicating she just needed another minute.

She quickly signed the last few autographs and thanked them for coming to the show before walking over to where he was waiting for her. Tilting her head to the side, she smiled brightly up at him. "Hi."

God, she looked so fucking cute with her freshly scrubbed face, hair in a ponytail, all bright eyes and big smiles. "Hey," he grinned back.

"What are you doing here?"

"Had a present to give ya." His grin grew wicked and he reached into his pocket and fished out the piece of paper that was the equivalent of a golden ticket. He handed it to her and waited for her to read. Her brow quirked up skeptically, but she unfolded the slip of paper and read. It took approximately five seconds before her face lit up.

"Oh, thank you God," she all but growled. She looked up excitedly and hooked her hand around his arm, tugging impatiently. "Let's go."

He laughed as he followed after her. She was practically marching down the damn street. It was hilarious how worked up she was. "You wanna stop first? Get some food?"

Rachel whirled around and gave him an incredulous look. "Absolutely not, Noah," she scoffed.

"Why not? Figured you'd be hungry after your show." He bit the inside of his lip to keep from laughing outwardly at the wild look in her eyes.

"Because we can eat in bed. You can't fuck me in a restaurant. Let's go."

Puck cast his eyes towards the sky and offered a little thanks to the big guy upstairs because he knew tonight was going to be one for the ages. She was half a block ahead of him already. "Wait up, baby, damn!" he chuckled, running after her.

… … …

Once again, Rachel found herself leaned back against the door to his apartment, eagerly anticipating the moment they were alone on the other side. She looked up at him and smiled coyly, slipping her hands into jacket to rest on his stomach while he undid the locks. Sliding a hand down and tucking it into the front pocket of his jeans, she arched her hips forward a little to brush against him. He was already hard. "This is familiar," she breathed out. Her smile grew wider when he shot her a warning look and growled lowly in the back of his throat. "What?" she asked innocently, catching her bottom lip between her teeth.

"You're a tease," he bit out, a smirk on his lips as he remembered the first time he had her pressed up against his door. He thought it seemed rather fitting for them to be here just like this again after weeks and weeks of anticipation. He wasn't sure which was worse: the time before he knew what it was like to fuck her and they danced around each other in a haze of ridiculous sexual tension or these last six weeks, where he knew all too well what she was like in bed and he couldn't have her the way he wanted her. Okay, so he knew exactly which time was worse and he was glad it was about to end soon.

Rachel shook her head and pressed a kiss to his neck. "I'm in no mood for teasing tonight," she murmured against his skin.

Puck turned the final lock and opened the door. "Good," he grinned, pushing her gently into the apartment, closing the door behind them and locking it. Rachel turned away from him and peeled off her leather jacket, dropping it carelessly to the floor. Walking purposefully towards his room, she started stripping off her clothes, first her sweater, then the little tank top underneath, leaving a trail in her wake. "In a hurry, babe?" he asked smugly.

Spinning around to face him, she pulled the elastic band from her hair and let it spill over her shoulders. "Six weeks, Noah," she needlessly remind him, frantically unbuttoning her jeans. Hooking her fingers at the waistband, she shoved the denim over her hips and, with little grace, stepped free of the material. When she looked up at him again, his face cracked into a grin just before he tugged his shirt over his head and added it to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Her eyes raked over his bare chest and she felt her heart knock hard against her ribs. He looked so amazing and it was an incredible feeling knowing they weren't going to have to stop tonight.

"Oh, I fucking know how long it's been," he replied, reaching for his belt. She looked so goddamn gorgeous walking backwards into his bedroom, a wicked gleam in her eyes and a kittenish smile on her lips, wearing nothing but a white bra and little red panties. He unbuttoned his jeans and followed her, laughing a little when the backs of her thighs hit the mattress and she tumbled back on the bed. "Your eagerness is hot, Smalls," he teased.

He barely had one knee on the bed before she grabbed his wrist and pulled him forward, toppling him in the process. "Jesus, Rach," he said laughingly, shifting his weight so it wasn't all pushed down on her tiny frame.

"Noah," she began, already a little breathless, "six weeks is a long time to abstain from sex with you. I thought I was going to die." She arched up a little and reached back to unfasten her bra, pulling it quickly off her body, tossing it over his shoulder.

"Now who's being dramatic?" he said lowly with a wicked grin, his eyes dropping to her naked tits. He felt the same way though and had made his feelings on the whole sex ban crystal clear multiple times over the last forty-three days. Yeah. Forty-three days. Why the fuck he was still thinking and not doing was beyond him. Rachel helped him out. Clapping her hand over the nape of his neck, she pulled his mouth down to hers and pressed her lips roughly to his.

Sometime between her tongue curling around his and her hands reaching down to shove at his jeans (seriously a matter of seconds) it dawned on him that this was the first time they were doing it since she became his girlfriend. And part of him figured she'd want it to be less frantic and more romantic or something, but she didn't show any signs of slowing down. He broke the kiss and bit back a smile when she whined. Her eyes were dark and heavy and full of lust as she peered up at him. "Baby, slow down a little," he told her.

Her eyes cleared and she stared at him with a concerned look on her face. "What's wrong? Are you in pain?" she asked.

"What—no," he said, his brow furrowing. "No, that's not it." And just as quickly as she'd turned off, she turned right back on again, drawing her knees up and pushing his pants down his legs with her feet. "Rach," he chuckled, grabbing her arms and pinning them over her head, securing them with one of his hands. She smirked winningly. Puck dropped his head and kissed her lazily despite her grinding her hips against his. "Know what I just realized?" he asked softly against her mouth.

"That you're teasing the hell out of me right now?" she asked, one brow arced.

Puck rolled his eyes and smoothed the hair out of her eyes before smiling down at her. "This is our first time since being in a relationship," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. Once the words were out, he sort of felt like a giant pussy. But her eyes went soft and the smile she gave him in return made him feel really fucking good, so he decided that was the exact right thing to say.

"Noah," she whispered, grinning when embarrassment flooded his face and he averted his eyes. "That's sweet." The grimace on his face made her laugh; she knew he hated the term. "You can be sweet all you want later, but right now," she said, waiting until he met her eyes again, "I need you to not be sweet at all and fuck me. Okay?"

His brows shot up and a rakish smirk twisted on his lips. "Goddamn, you're the best woman ever!" he told her.

"Then I guess you'd better give me what I want, huh?" she asked, biting her lip.

"Oh, I'll give it to you alright," he said lecherously, wagging his brows. He released her arms and sat back on his haunches so he could slide her panties down her legs. She looked up at him and in the sexiest voice she'd ever used on him said, "Actions speak louder than words, Puck."


He could fall in love with her if she kept that up.

… … …

"Noah, give it to me," she ordered.

"Baby, I've been givin' it to you all night."

Rachel laughed and swung her leg out from her place on top of the counter to kick him playfully in the thigh. "Not that," she said. "Though, yes, you have, and it's been amazing. But I swear if you don't hand me that carton of spicy noodles, I'm not having sex with you anymore tonight."

He met her eyes, smirked. "Liar," he said, shoveling noodles into his mouth. They didn't have sex for six goddamn weeks, so after they refueled a little, they were going to fuck until they literally passed out. (Her idea, by the way, and he was game) "I offered to take you out to eat after your show, but someone was in a big hurry to get on this," he mumbled with his mouth full, gesturing to his body. "Ring a bell?"

"Please?" she asked softly, angling her head just enough for her hair to fall over one eye. She leaned forward and rested her hands on the edge of the counter and the button down shirt of his she was wearing slipped off one shoulder.

His eyes glazed over a little and he swallowed his food before he choked on it. "You're beggin' to get fucked again, Smalls," he told her seriously. "Right on the counter."

She groaned and bit her lip. "Noah—food first, please."

He walked over slowly and stood between her legs, picking up some noodles with the chopsticks in his hand and holding them up to her mouth. Rachel lifted her brow and gave him this sexy little smile before leaning forward and accepting the bite of food. She could feed herself, sure, but this was hot and he wanted to. He accidentally got some sauce on her chin, so he reached out and brushed it away with the pad of his thumb and licked it clean.

Rachel laid her palms on his chest and smoothed one up to brush over his jaw. "I'm going to starve if you keep up this seduction, Noah," she teased softly. He smirked back and handed over the carton of noodles. "Thank you."

Puck shrugged and squeezed her knee playfully, making her giggle. "No sweat." He grabbed a beer from the fridge for them to share and also made himself a sandwich. (What? All that sex made him hungry.) After he inhaled that, he polished off the last of the noodles when she declared she couldn't eat another bite.

"Noah, you're going to make yourself sick," she said, bringing the beer to her lips. She took a sip then set it on the counter.

"M'good," he told her, mouth full again, reaching for the beer and draining the rest of it.

She rolled her eyes and laughed quietly, hooking her feet around his waist so she could pull him closer. His hands instantly sneaked under the hem of the shirt and splayed over her hips as he nipped softly at her lips. Sighing, she wrapped her arms around him and dropped her forehead to his. So far, this was the best night they'd ever had.

They stayed that way for a while, slowly trading kisses and smiles (or smirks), fingers gently skimming over exposed skin, enjoying the quiet sound of their breathing. His lips were on her ear when he finally broke the silence.

"You really blew me away tonight," he told her. "Your show. You're amazing, babe."

Rachel tipped her head back slightly so she could look at him. She couldn't keep the surprise out of her eyes or stop the happy smile that lit up her face. "You came to my show?" she asked in a voice much smaller than the smile she wore. He swallowed thickly and nodded, slipping his hands into her hair and brushing it out of her eyes. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

Puck lifted a shoulder carelessly and dropped his hands to her shoulders. "Dunno. Just wanted to see you perform. I realized that I'd only been to your show the once and I spent most of that night drooling over your legs." He cracked a grin, but he was only half kidding.

Why her heart chose that moment to completely flip over in her chest, she had no clue. She suspected it was because he was constantly surprising her in different ways. Just when she thought she had him pegged, he'd do something completely sweet (or something totally ridiculous) and she was back on her toes. But she found that she really enjoyed being on her toes and she was a little bit in awe over just how happy she was and how happy he made her.

Their relationship was still so new, but it was so, so good.

She had this smile on her face again, but it was one that he'd never seen before and her eyes were all warm and sparkly when she looked into his. He didn't have time to even entertain what that look could mean before she laid her lips over his and whispered take me to bed into his mouth.

And what kind of boyfriend would he be to argue that?

... ... ...

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