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"Do you see him?" A girl squealed, looking out the main doors of the school that overlooked the parking lot. "He's still HOT!"

"They say he's staying at the Funbari Onsen, his best friend is the owner. You know, the Asakura's?" Another girl replied giddily, there were a lot of them gathering by the door now.

"What the hell is he doing back here?" Usui Pirika's mind screamed, but she tried to calm herself, to no avail. Her cheeks were heating up and her ears were turning red, a reaction her body does when she's angry. Slamming her locker door close, she pushed past the hoard of girls that were blocking the main entrance.

"I heard he's been waiting for someone for an hour now!" She heard another girl screech with delight, obviously wishing she were the one that "he" was waiting for.

Once she got passed the crowd, she took a better look at the parking lot. There at Area P4, she saw him, leaning against the latest silver Stingray Corvett Concept. Narrowing her blue eyes, she stomped towards him.

That's when he saw her, he stood up straight and plastered on his trademark smirk that would melt any girl to her knees, he prepared to greet her. Imagine Tao Ren's surprise when she stepped up in front of him and reeled her hand back to slap him soundly across his face. Gasps filled the air and a few reacting to what she did.

"How dare you!?" Blue eyes flared furiously as she hissed. "Just showing up here as if nothing happened!"

"What exactly did happen, Pirika?" Ren asked her, completely unfazed by the slap, damnable smirk back in place.

"You left without a word, you creep!" she screamed, her hands gesticulating wildly. "And you haven't even tried to call or mail me for two freaking years!"

"I'm here now." Golden eyes softened when he felt her distress.

"That's not the point!" she hissed, crossing her arms.

"What IS the point?"

"You left me." With that, she turned on her heels and began to walk away.

"I'll take you home." Ren said as he grabbed her hand and started to lead her to the passenger side of his car.

"I'm not going home yet. And I can go by myself, thank you very much." She stated firmly, snatching her hand from his grasp. "Go away, Ren-NIISAN."

"I told you," Ren growled as he grabbed her upper arm firmly and whipped her around so she faced him. "Never to call me that."

"Well, Ren-NIISAN," she challenged. "You're not the boss of me. I can call you whatever I want!"

"Maybe I have to remind you why you stopped calling me 'NIISAN' three years ago."

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