Total Drama Mutants


Chapter 8

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"Okay. Running for my life. Friends and family captured. Got nothing to help me. Not to mention, I have no mutant powers." Gwen told herself while hiding behind a tree.

She had been running for quiet sometime now and was now out in the middle of the woods. She had just barely escaped the sentinal's that looked just like her friends and family. They even had the same powers, moves, skills, and talent like them. Getting away from those robots was one thing, but not having a plan on how to save her friends and family was a problem. Sliding down the tree trunk and onto the ground, Gwen put her hands on her head, and tried to think.

"Come on Gwen. You gotta come up with a plan of some sort, and rescue everyone. But how am I suppose to do that, when the place is heavily guarded? Not to mention the fact that Justin has gone mad with power and is gonna some how drain my Uncle and friend's powers. Don't know how yet, but he's gotta have something, and I know I gotta do something." Gwen told herself.

Tears started to fall down from her eyes at the very thought that everybody she knew and loved would probably lose their lives if she didn't do something about it soon.

"What am I going to do? If I go back there then I could get killed, but if I don't then everybody else will get killed. But I can't just sit around while they suffer. I have to go back there nd do something." Gwen told herself as she stood up from the ground and leaned against the tree.

She gazed up at the stars and began to wonder.

How was she going to do it?

What could she possibly do?

Taking a deep breathe, Gwen looked back at the way she came.

There was probably gonna be no turning back if she went back there, and probably no return.

"There might be no coming back, and Justin won't go easy on me. But I've gotta try at least." She said to herself and looked down at the necklase that Trent gave to her.

A few more tears came down her eyes.

She knew what she had to do.

Even if she didn't like what she was about to do, Gwen was going back there anyway.

"Hang on everybody. Im coming." She said before running back the way she came to save her loved ones.

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