Don't forget me

Summary: Calliope couldn't be happier. But life isn't always giving you the things you want and continuing like that. Most of the time Happy Times are followed by dark times. Will Calliope be able to get through this with her love for Arizona?

Chapter 1

Her breath goes steady and her breath caresses my naked skin. Her head is lying right on my belly while I'm stroking her head. Our bodies still hot and flustered of making love for hours. I love this feeling, I love her body pressed on mine, I love her scent and her breath, her lips, her face. I love everything about her, that's what I realize at 4 o'clock in the morning, while she is sleeping and I'm still awake. All because of her. All because I don't want to look away, because I can't take my eyes of off her. Oh god… I'm so much in love with her. It's not just her body and her beautiful curls. It's also her soul I fell in love with so fast.

But… Love…

What is Love?

I ask myself that all the time.

A long time ago I thought love was the need to be loved, to share your life with someone you respect, you care for, even it's not perfect, and just be with someone you really like, maybe even love, just not being alone.

George. It was like that with George.

Afterwards I thought Love is respect, having fun, being loved by someone who actually cared for you. But then it was like that again, like it was with George. I thought love could be that, because I was 'satisfied' with nothing. I realize now that love was nothing and I get treated badly, and I was left, not believing in the thing people called Love. I never asked myself if there could be something better out there.

I just learned to keep my head over the water and to swim, because I couldn't let myself be drowned in my own tears.

I told myself after Erica left me to stay alone, to never fall for someone again.

After a rough day I was going into this bathroom, being sure I was done with life. I was living, but not a life I hoped it to be. I was back to my natural mood and selfish and cynical character.

But she made me change, her voice, her face with her big smile, but at most it was her soft red lips pressed on mine for a brief moment.

I was falling so fast and so madly for her, losing myself in the love she gave to me.

For the first time I knew the meaning of pure and passionate love. It's more than respect and hoping not to be hurt. With her I don't have to be scared or strong all the time. She is giving me so much, I feel like I can't give her anything back. I even go crazy by one glance, by one simple touch of her body.

Moments of the hours are filling my mind and I can't stop smiling. Yes, I am one of the "Life is so wonderful, I am so completely in love" – thinker. Now.

I think about her body pressed on mine, while our body is moving in the same rhythm. She is kissing me hard and soft at the same time. Her lips are swollen from our love making session, but we can't stop. We can't have enough of each other; I can't have enough of her hands, of her lips, of her whole body. Every part is electric and words of love and passion are escaping my lips. She was looking straight at me; I could feel her eyes on me while I was gasping for air. What she was doing to me wasn't anything I could describe with any words. "I… love… you…" escaped my eyes, right before my moaning filled the room. Her lips caressed my neck and left dark marks. She was giving me so much and didn't expect anything. She settled down on my body and kissed me so soft on my lips I almost started to cry.

"I love you too…" she whispered as sleep claimed both of us, me stroking her hair.

One hour after that I was still awake just thinking how happy she made me, how she was able to make me feel.

Suddenly without even realizing because I was too lost in my thoughts, she finally raised her voice. "Baby…" she whispered smiling, without even opening her eyes.

I smiled hearing her husky voice in my ears. I loved her voice after making love to her like that.

"Yes…?" I replied, not stopping stroking her hair.

"It's early in the morning, Calliope… You have to stay up in a few hours… Why don't you sleep?" She exactly knew why, but I guess she always likes to hear it from me.

"You really think I could sleep after that?" She is laughing out loud, now raising her head, opening her eyes to look straight into my eyes. Her naked body is still pressed on mine and her lips kissing my belly, using her tongue to pleasuring me with wet circles, finally reaching my breasts. I can't stop myself; straighten my grasp on her hair, moaning out loud.

As she is reaching my lips, kissing me passionate and wanting, I can feel her lips are still swollen, and I love the feeling.

"Want another round?" She is whispering into my ear, slurring the words, because she knows how I react to that.

A short "my god…" is escaping my lips, "Haven't you said I should get some sleep?"

I am closing my eyes, smiling.

"I changed my mind…" She is whispering, her hand reaching the place where I need her the most now. "You really think I could resist?"

Hours are passing by with her head resting right under my cheek. I have her in my arms the rest of the night, until my pager is waking us both at the same time.

The hospital needs me while she can stay another few hours in bed and I am a little bit jealous. It's shit weather outside, raining like hell, and that means a lot of accidents, which means a lot of work for me now when I loved to stay with her in bed. But I can't and she knows that.

She is kissing me a last time right before I have to leave.

"On call room 6 at 6?" She is calling after mean and I come back into the room where she is lying naked in my bed, grinning.

"Damn yes!" I m replying with a big fat smile on my face.

A Last "Take care… It's damn dangerous outside…" She is smiling and nodding.

"Of course I do…" She's promising.

"And… Calliope…"


"I love you with all my heart…"

One sentence that leaves me of with my heart melting. I realized what Erica meant months ago. I wasn't able to see them then. But now, they are so clearly in front of my eyes.

I can see leaves...

I… can… see leaves.

I'm continuing this I you want, just tell me what you think of it ;-)