Hot Fudge


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Leah stared up at the ceiling. It was three in the morning and her will power was breaking down. Slowly she turned to her side and looked at the sleeping figure beside her. Poor thing hasn't had any sleep for the past week.

"Jake?" she whispered, shaking his shoulders. The action did not wake him.

"Jacob...Jake wake up." Leah said a little louder. Shaking him harder but still Jacob continued to slumber. This was beginning to piss her off: here she was trying to wake him up and yet he didn't even seem fazed.

"Jacob Black." She snarled and shoved him off the bed. He landed on the floor and in seconds was on his feet.

"Leah!" He screamed looking around the room frantically.

"Leah, are you okay?" Jacob asked worriedly as he sat on the bed in front of a Leah who was sitting Indian style. She rolled her eyes.

"Jake..." She whispered.

"Yes Leah?" Jacob asked while rubbing his face with his big hands, he was exhausted.

For Leah being shy was not normally a possibility – but tonight she was. Jacob looked at Leah and he knew right away why he was again being woken up at three in the morning. He smiled a goofy grin and pulled her in to his side.

"Come on baby, you can tell me what you want." Jacob whispered and kissed her temple trying to coax it out of her. Leah blushed and whispered:

"Ice-cream… Cookie dough with brownies …and hot fudge, lots of hot fudge."

Jacob chuckled and rubbed Leah's swollen belly, he kissed her cheek before bending down to kiss her tummy, he felt a kick and laughed. He got his tired ass up and grabbed his keys, praying that somewhere was open at three in the morning.