Hot Fudge 2

Her tiny caramel fingers dig into the damp sand. Her laugh fills the air, making the wind sing along with her. Her black curls dancing carelessly with the wind.

She got up and starts running around the bare beach. Jumping and giggling with delight. The little girl ran to the water, and stood frozen at the edge of the sea. She slowly turns around, staring straight ahead. Her chocolate eyes, so welcoming and loving. The little girl kept staring as her peachy pink lips turned upwards, creating a dazzling smile. The sun was shining on her and she looked like an angel.

She opens her small mouth to speak, and says cheerfully:

"Mommy, I want hot fudge!"


Leah woke up with a smile that would make a man fall to their knees. She holds her husband tighter, as she snuggles deeper into his warm body. She presses her lips lightly to his neck, as her smile grows. She closes her eyes and sees that little girl, dancing and yelling joyfully for hot fudge.

Leah let a chuckle excess her red lips.

"What's so funny?" Jacob asks, sleep evident in his voice.

Leah lifts her head to look into his eyes.

"I saw her Jake." She whispers, her eyes watering with bliss.

Jake brings his forehead to hers, looking into her eyes with amazement.

"Tell me about her." He whispers back.

Leah brings her hand to stroke his cheek.

"She's beautiful," she smiles. "She has your eyes," she laughs. "And my hair." Leah continues to explain the angel she saw, as Jake rubs her swollen belly.

"And you know what she told me." Leah said, smiling widely.

"What did she say?" Jake asks curiously.

"She said she wanted hot fudge." And as Leah finishes her sentence, she receives a strong kick to her stomach. The two future parents-to-be laugh.

"I guess she wants it now." Leah whispers, as the laughter dies down.

Slowly Jake got out of bed, he grabs his keys, and like always around this time every night, he made his way to his car.

Thanks for all the reviews! I will be posting Leah and Jake, husband and wife, and future parents to be moments here WHEN I HAVE THE TIME.

I'm so used to writing angst, so this is kinda weird.