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Chapter One – History of the Namikaze

If one were to look at the Namikaze family history, they would find bravery, tragedy. Tales of greatness and sorrow. It has the good to remind them of what they have done for the world and also the bad to remind them that they are still human and not to be arrogant.

You can spend days going through information from this clan, but it is one part that I want to tell you today. For it was a day that Fire country still talks about. The day the dreaded Kyuubi – Greatest of all Bijuu attacked. It could be classed as the greatest or worst of the clans past. For it was also the time of the first thing for them. The creation of a Jinchuriki.........................

Jinchuriki - (人柱力, lit. "Power of Human Sacrifice", English "Spiritualist Medium"), or simply hosts, are those who have had a tailed beast sealed into their bodies. The first one to perform this was the Sage of the Six Paths when he needed to subdue the Ten-Tailed Beast. They are created by ninja villages so they would have an advantage over their rivals. In most instances, they are actually stronger than the tailed beast they contain, as they have the knowledge to effectively control the tailed beast's strength.

For that was what 5th generation Namikaze, Misoshi became. His father sacrificed the life of his own wife to seal the mightiest of Bijuu into his own son. As for most Jinchuriki he was seen as an abomination and a great weapon. The Damyo of Fire wished for the child to be turned into a weapon to protect his country. But most knew it was to protect him. But Misoshi's father – Shinji – and the rest of his family decreed that he would be brought up as a normal child. He lived 5 years before his family was slaughtered by the Damyo's forces and he was brought to the Fire lord.

Raised with beatings, assassination attempts and no love, he escaped at the age of 14 and found the remains of his home. Deciding to journey around the Ninja world he learned skills to survive, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and mostly Kenjutsu. Years later he led an uprising against the Damyo due to his dictatorship. Declining the position of new Damyo, he left back to his homeland and married and had a family.

In his later years, he struck a deal with his captive, Kyuubi, as he wished not for another person to deal with the hatred. In exchange for its freedom it would create a contract to allow the Namikaze clan (by blood) to call forth its power in need. Both in physical form or his chakra power.

On Misoshi's death bed after a long and mostly good life with his wife and children he passed on the contract to his oldest son. He passed on to join his friends, comrades and family, while Kyuubi returned to the Daemon plain swearing on his Kitsune honour to protect the Namikaze descendants.

And for centuries the Namikaze clan prospered with heroes and joining the new village Konoha as a few founding clan. But one of the greatest of them all after his ancestor, Misoshi, is about to be born. For this tale is about the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze………………………………..Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.