Title: dig it to the jugular
Rating: Mature
Character(s): Naoto Fuyumine, Magato
Prompt(s): blood
Word Count: 371

It's not the first she's made him bleed.

The last time was after he had killed Fuyumine, and strictly out of rage and desperation -- he had deprived her of the last thing tying her to the past; aside from her scar and from Fuyumine, she had nothing -- and seeing him be so sickeningly proud of it had made her snap. Looking back at it, she had fought like a caged beast gripping at the bars of its cage and yowling until she was set free. It was by pure luck that she had survived, in the end.

The second time she made him bleed was their reunion.

He trapped her by a wall -- not a sink like the last time -- but unlike the first time, she was ready for his special kind of crazy. Throughout the years of working with Heine, Naoto had learned to prefer herself not to be touched by anyone -- something that the DOG had contanged her with -- and she wasted no time in flicking her wrist and relishing at the feel of the blade in her hand. She pressed it tightly against his jugular -- Heine's words kept taunting her, but she could not kill him for some reason -- and hissed that he let go.

The third time, she didn't even know how it happened.

She'd been cornered again, and aside from her skills with a sword she was relatively defenseless; this time she had no hidden blade to nick him with. This time he didn't taunt or tease, he just leaped and took her; predator to prey. She only had her nails, and they bit into his skin until she made him bleed -- at the beginning it was to get him off her, towards the middle it was uncertain, and near the end it was because it was too much and she hated not knowing if she wanted more or nothing at all.

He confused her, and when he made the promise of repeating it until he got tired of her or she got tired of him, she realized that it would only end one way. The next time she made sure she had a knife on her.