Title: change of perspective
Rating: Mature
Character(s): Naoto Fuyumine, Badou Nails
Prompt(s): dress
Word Count: 422

He makes the comment of 'holy fuck, tranny, you're not that bad' the first time he catches her in a dress, and her first reaction is to prick him viciously with a needle. Her bad luck is that this happens in the middle of mass, and the way Badou screams like a little girl at that makes half the church turn to glare at them.

Bishop doesn't really say anything, but Naoto knows that she's been designated to take care that the redhead's mouth is now and forever kept shut during mass, as divine punishment of sorts. It teaches her not to try learning how to sew during mass, nor let Badou sit next to her. It doesn't work.

She wears the new dress that grandma Liza has commissioned especially for her during their mission. Between bickering -- Naoto bites back as much as Badou does -- and taunting and tension, somehow they end up hiding together in a crammed closet.

And he's pushing his hands up her legs, and she's letting him. She leans back against the wall of the closet and props a foot against the wall behind him, which only bestens the position for him to draw closer -- grin in place and taunt on the tip of his tongue as he snaps his hips against her -- and from then on they have no idea what's up and what's done.

He pushes her up the wall and she makes a quick work of unbuttoning his pants. He shoves her panties aside unceremoniously and slams up inside her, muffling the ensuing moan against her neck. She wraps her legs around his waist and bites his shoulder to keep herself quiet, and laughs slightly when he makes an off-hand comment about her stupid fucking awesome long legs.

It's not about love, or feelings, or friendship; they have not reached that stage yet, if they ever will. But he still fucks her hard because he wants her so badly, and she lets him because it's mutual and it feels so amazingly good, even if there's a hanger digging into her back sort of. When it's over, he lets her down gently and adjusts her dress with something akin to softness and reverence, and mumbles something about how this doesn't make her any less of a tranny.

She has a feeling that if she countered his taunt, it would only end up the same way as right now. So maybe she'll have to consider doing it, once they're in a larger place.