Chapter One

There Here :)

I'd spent all morning being Alice's dress up doll. I tried on so many clothes it hurt. Right now my day from hell was getting worse.

It was thundering. That meant baseball.

Alive had designed new uniforms. They all looked like super models while I looked ridiculous.

My loose v-neck tee shirt had black and white ref stripes. My jeans hugged my calves, my thighs, and my butt. They were tight, yet basic black skinnies with destroyed holes.

The shoes were bearable. The thin soled converses were zebra print, black and white just like the rest of my outfit.

Carlisle was working, so I was calling the entire game all by myself without any help from Esme.

Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett paraded into the foyer. They're normal baseball greys were now a light pink.

Jasper, Alice and Edward followed suit, in pastel green. I felt more like I was watching a fashion show rather than teams going to play baseball.

"Pink?? Emmett? I told you, you didn't wear the pants." Edward egged... Even I knew what he was up too. The more Emmett got fired up the more his control and attention span left.

"Only real men wear pink." Emmett's reply was oddly controlled.

"So Rosalie's a man. That makes totally sense. She wears the pants and she kind of looks like a man too." before the last word was out of his mouth both Rosalie and Emmett were balls of fire tearing after Edward.

I watched as blurs ran around the yard and one finally said something.

"At least my girl isn't dressed like a tasty snack." Emmett's not so sly comment turned him from the hunter to the hunted.

Esme quietly handed me a small sliver whistle. "Don't be afraid to use it dear"

After a moment I finally blew into the whistle.

It didn't work, not a sound came out. But in a flash Esme, Alice, and Jasper cringed next to me, and Emmett, Rose, and Edward halted in the front yard.

"What the fuck??" Emmett looked scared and Rose looked pissed.

Esme quickly stepped in front of me.
"I told her too and if you three would act like the adults you are then she wouldn't need to use it."

Everyone came back on the porch and went to leave.

Everyone but Edward and I took off before I had settled on Edwards back.

The sliver whistle pressed into my stomach as I clung to Edward.

Soon enough we reached the clearing. Everyone was throwing balls around warming up. Edward set me down and went to join warm up's.

They played the first couple of innings without any controversy. Just at the beginning of the fourth the thunder stopped. With glum faces the Cullen's and I retreated back to their house.

"I think I'm going to wash the Vanquish." Edward seemed bored without any exciting prospects.

"Bella" Alice's voice rang in my ears "would you like to hang out with me some more?"

I internally groaned.

"Alice stop trying to steal Bella, it's not fair." Edwards voice gained that all too familiar protective quality.

"Sorry, just figured she'd rather play Barbie, then wash a sports car" Alice retaliated.

Thoughts flew around my mind, mostly pertaining too the fact that I'd rather wash any car then play Barbie.

As Edward and I reached the side door, the door bell rang.

"Ding dong, Ding dong"

Edward instinctively backed me into a corner shielding me from sight of the door.

Alice's soprano rang threw out the house.

"It's the Volturi Guard!"

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