It had always been Edwards shoulder. Always and Forever.

I ran as fast and as hard as I could and after a few hours, which seemed almost like days. Light was just peeking over the horizon, as I reached the out skirts of Forks.

I pushed my speed as fast as I could to the Cullen's. I had never felt so happy that lactic acid couldn't build up in my muscles or I'd be so sore. I knocked on the door and waited. I think I waited for all of five seconds before I busted in the door.

The living and dining room were deserted but I ran to Edward's bedroom and only caught a glimpse of Emmett as I ran up the steps. Finding Edwards door, I didn't bother to knock I just ran through it. Edward was lying on the black leather couch and as his eyes met mine I just launched myself from where I was standing.

I landed on top of him and pressed my lips to his. It took a second but he started to reciprocate the kiss and eventually flicked his tongue to my inner lip begging for entrance. I quickly allowed him and our tongues danced as his hands roamed my body.

That night turned into the greatest night of our lives. It was amazing, and that's the only thing to it.

The rest of our lives were spent accepting some of the Volturi's directions, but overall ignoring them. The war never happened, and Espen's remains were found burned deep in a forest of Russia. Turns out Edward had spent a couple days hunting in Russia around the same time.

But who knows, this was all a silly adventure.

AN: I totally lost the plot for this story so I figured I'd just end it. Hope you enjoyed the ride. And thanks for all the Reviews.